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Instagram Video Download

As one of the leading social platforms today, Instagram is experiencing a tremendous increase in the number of users. As a result, many brands and celebrities have taken the time to establish a presence on this platform to connect with more people.

The same goes for your average user. With the 'follow' feature, they can stay up-to-date with the latest posts from their favorite celebrities.

But why exactly are people flocking to this platform? What makes Instagram great? Well, that's because of the large number of visual posts present on this site. And when talking about visuals, nothing sticks better than videos.

If you are a regular user, you no doubt understand the significance of IG videos. As a brand, it is best for increasing engagement. And for average users, videos are the epitome of fun.

Hence, there is a need to save these videos, share them or simply enjoy them later. If you've heard of Instagram video downloads, then you know this is possible. As the name implies, these are websites or third-party applications that help users easily save an IG video to their device.

But why make use of them? How do they work? And what downloaders should you opt for? This article provides the answer to those questions.

Instagram video downloaders

Instagram Video Downloads - Why use them?

Well, why not use them? After all, Instagram does not provide an in-built download function. Hence, without video downloaders, users can not access their favorite videos offline at a later time. And what's more, these tools are:

  • Easy to Use. You don't need any technical skills to make use of this tool. Above all, these tools function across all platforms from Android to Windows.

  • Fast. In addition to their simplicity, IG downloaders are extremely fast. In a matter of seconds, you can get access to your favorite videos on your device.

  • Choice of formats. Here's another major significance of this tool. It allows users to download a video in a file format of their choice.

These three benefits plus the ability to download any amount of video anytime are too good to miss out on. And above everything else, you can use these tools at no cost.

How to use the IG downloader

There are various Instagram video downloaders present on the web. Many of which may have different features. However, they all follow the same pattern. To make use of these downloaders, here are six simple steps to follow:

  • Visit the website of the downloader you choose to use. Or better still, you may choose to download the application on an app store.

  • Launch the IG app and find the video you want to download.

  • Tap the three vertical dots present at the top of the video.

  • Click on 'Copy Link.

  • Open the IG downloader then paste the link in the space bar.

  • Tap on download.

As mentioned earlier, some IG downloaders allow users to choose the video formats. In such cases, you only need to select the file format after pasting the link. Then, click 'download.

Instagram video downloaders are very easy to use. However, as seen above, there is a variety of them out there. Therefore, it becomes a problem to decide on which to use. Not to worry, below are six top Instagram video download tools to aid your decision.

The Top Instagram Video Downloaders

Now, we’d delve into each of these tools to see what they are all about.

Instagram downloader

Inflact also called Ingrammer, is an IG automation tool. As such, it comes with a variety of mind-blowing features that gives brands an edge over their competitors. But it does not stop there. It also offers a fast-paced IG downloader for regular users. Here are some of its outstanding features:


  • It allows users to download any form of IG content from stories to videos.

  • It supports all devices.

  • It allows for bulk download.

  • It offers other automation features such as hashtag generators and profile analyzers.


  • It provides users with all three standard benefits of most downloaders (as seen above).

  • It supports multiple platforms including Android and Windows.

  • It is a multi-purpose tool.


  • Though you can get access to a lot of exciting features with its free version, Inflact is better when you opt for premium.


  • Inflact offers its downloader for $3 monthly for only three profiles.

  • For ten profiles, the downloader costs $9 monthly.

  • $49 per month for a hundred profiles.


Instagram video downloader

Regrammer or as it's now called Reposter is yet another popular IG downloader. But this tool goes the extra mile. It also allows you to repost content of other users on the IG platform. If you're interested in sharing content from other people, then you'll find this tool intriguing.


  • It allows you to not only download content but repost them.

  • You don't need to sign in to make use of this tool.


  • It offers all its features for free.

  • You don't need to sign in to use the tool.


  • There are reports of bugs.

  • Since it is a third-party app, you must download it first from an app store. Therefore, it consumes storage space on your device.


  • Free


Instagram video

Are you on the hunt for social media videos? Then the VideoHunter is your ideal tool. It is one of the trending downloaders that helps users save high-quality videos to their devices.

In addition to Instagram, VideoHunter allows you to save videos and audio from hundreds of websites. Some of which include the famous Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Other features of this outstanding tool are as follows:


  • It allows you to select the file format of your video.

  • It provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • It supports batch downloading.


  • It provides users with videos of high quality.

  • It is extremely fast.


  • Its free version is limited to only three downloads per day.


Aside from its freemium plan, VideoHunter has a monthly package of $14.95 for one device. Its yearly plan costs $39.95 for two devices. Both plans offer users an unlimited number of downloads each day.


Instagram downloaders

At first glance, this tool might appear plain in comparison with the others. However, this is exactly why it is present on this list. The DownloadGram tool, unlike many other downloaders, is straightforward. It puts simplicity ahead of flashy designs and colors.

And like the others, it is fast, and supports multiple platforms and devices. DownloadGram may not be the flashiest or most attractive downloader, but it is certainly worth your try.


  • Its user interface is beginner-friendly.

  • It supports multiple platforms including Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows.


  • It is fast and straightforward.

  • It does not contain any ads.

  • It does not require registration.

  • It has no download limits.


  • None found yet.


  • It is free.


Instagram downloader

FastSave is another application that fills the role of a standard IG download tool. As you'd expect, it is super fast with a user-friendly interface. It allows you to download different forms of posts including stories, IGTV, and photos. Furthermore, FastSave also acts as a video reposter.


  • It supports multiple sites.

  • It allows for reposting.


  • It is easily accessible. You can get it on the App and Play stores.

  • No limits on download.


  • It contains spammy ads.


  • Free


Instagram video

4K Stogram might as well be the most versatile downloader on this list. With its outstanding features, this tool offers you a fantastic user experience like no other. Here are some of these features.


  • It supports the Ubuntu, Windows, and Mac platforms.

  • It allows users to download posts by location, hashtag, and even username.

  • 4K Stogram allows you to backup your IG profile by downloading your entire posts, stories, and highlights. It even lets you back up on captions and comments.

  • It allows you to download private IG videos.

  • It enables users to save their posts by date.

  • With this tool, you can download both existing and upcoming posts automatically.


  • It has a wide array of features.

  • Like the others on the list, it is fast and beginner-friendly.


  • Its freemium version contains ads.


  • While it offers a free plan, you can get access to more features for $15 under the personal plan.

  • The pro plan costs $60 which unlocks all features.

  • You can also choose to pay $65 and access the bundle package.

Wrapping Up

Believe it or not, social media videos are an integral part of life today. And that's only natural. It helps users to chill and unwind after a long and busy day. And for businesses, it is the perfect marketing tool. Whatever the reason, saving these videos for offline use is essential and so are video downloaders.

Amongst the top social platforms, Instagram is greatly known for its videos. To an extent where there are different forms of video content on the platform (reels, IGTV, and Livestream). All these forms of content have seen IG become the media giant it is today. But that's not all.

As mentioned earlier, these forms of content have skyrocketed the need for Instagram video download tools. So if you're an IG user with that need, this article is sure to help you. The six different tools discussed here are all fast, simple, and worth your trial.

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