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Novel AI: Is it the Best AI Story Generator?

Without doubt, artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an important part of our lives, changing and transforming industries and evolving how we interact with technology. The fascinating part of AI is its ability to self-learn, which has led to the creation of an artificially intelligent system capable of generating novel content and ideas. One tool that uses this system is known as "Novel AI."

How does this tool work and is it the best AI story generator? Let's find out. But first, what exactly is Novel AI?

Novel AI

What Is Novel AI?

Novel AI is an GPT-based system released in 2021 for story creation, storytelling, and even virtual companionship. Its algorithms can create human-like writing that are influenced by literature-trained AI and can be tailored to your unique style. Simply, it allows individuals of all abilities to craft literature of exceptional quality.

How Does Novel AI Work?

Novel AI goes beyond mere replication. It has the ability to create outputs that are not directly derived from the input it has been trained with. This AI can generate novel ideas and content, thus having its most exciting application within the creative industry.

AI systems are being used to expand human creativity and generate unique works of art. For example, In the world of literature, some AI models like Novel AI can craft compelling narratives and even entire novels. How do they do this?

These systems analyze vast libraries of written works, identify different patterns and structures, and then use this knowledge to produce entirely new stories. While the debate about the authenticity of AI-generated art and literature continues, there is no denying the mind-blowing possibilities that Novel AI brings to the creative table.

Features of Novel AI

There are many interesting features of Novel AI. The three below are its foremost –

1. Storywriter

Novel AI offers two distinct AI modes that cater to different expressions of creativity. In the Storyteller mode, you can use a document to write your story while incorporating AI-generated content, providing you with full control over your storytelling process.

On the other hand, the Text Adventure mode is a collaborative story adventure where the AI generates creative scenarios, and you contribute by adding actions or dialogue prompts for the AI to build upon. How can you make use of these features?

Novel AI


To begin, you simply input a prompt of any length and click 'send'. The story is then generated bit by bit, allowing you to review and edit it as it unfolds. This approach ensures that your narrative aligns with your creative vision.

At any point, you can intervene and steer the AI storyteller in the desired direction. The AI writer can mimic your unique writing style, emphasizing the importance of contributing high-quality prompts and input for the creation of a truly compelling story.

Novel AI

Text adventure

Using Text Adventure allows you engage in a game that taps into your imagination and prompts your reactions based on the scenarios presented by the AI. The AI unfolds a continuously evolving story, and your role is to respond to the narrative developments.

Unlike Storyteller mode, Adventure mode focuses on providing entertainment through collaborative, in-the-moment co-creation rather than assisting you in crafting an entire story.

2. Lorebook

The Lorebook is a digital storage space designed to keep your story details readily accessible. This intelligent repository retains the intricacies of your characters, the geography of your settings, and the rules governing your fictional universe. As your story unfolds, the AI draws upon these stored elements to enhance its development.

3. Image AI Generator

This tool creates images by interpreting the descriptions you provide. Whether you're interested in generating anime-style characters or depicting magical creatures to enrich a short story, Novel AI empowers you to bring your visions to life. Using this feature is straightforward. Just type in a brief description of the image you envision and customize the image-generating parameters to match your preferences.

Novel AI Pricing

Novel AI

Novel AI has the following four pricing options –


Price: Free

This basic plan gives you access to the AI storyteller with 100 free text generations.


Price: $10/month

You get unlimited text generations and 1000 Anlas credits that can be used for image generation and training of the AI module. You also get 3072 memory tokens.


Price: $15/month

The Scroll plan gets you everything from the Tablet plan with increased memory tokens up to as many as 6144 tokens.


Price: $25/month

With the Opus plan, you get 8192 memory tokens as well as unlimited text generations and 1000 Anlas credits.

Pros and Cons of Novel AI

Using Novel AI has its perks. Yet some downsides exist. Below are some of the pros and cons of this story generation tool.


  • Novel AI is easy to use

  • It is free

  • The tool can generate images

  • It can help to overcome writer’s block


  • Inconsistent content may be generated by the AI, particularly concerning characters, settings, and props.

  • The free version does not have an image generation feature

  • No guaranteed refund

  • Generated information might be outdated

Alternatives to Novel AI

Due to its shortcomings, you might want to consider using any of the following alternatives to Novel AI –

1. Sudowrite

Sudowrite stands as the preeminent AI story writer in the field, offering a distinctive approach to augmented story writing. If you haven't experienced Sudowrite yet, you're overlooking its innovative tools tailored for writers.

These tools aid in translating ideas into functional manuscripts through a set of defined AI functionalities. Notable features include a character name generator, specialized support for crafting multi-character dialogue, and AI tools for adjusting pacing, advancing the narrative, outlining chapters, and more.

2. Jasper AI

Jasper AI has positioned itself as the go-to AI writing platform. While renowned for its robust capabilities in marketing and business writing, what many may overlook is its built-in functionalities tailored for storytelling.

With features such as AI writing templates designed for business, marketing, and story creation, Jasper proves to be versatile. Its Brand and Voice Knowledge pieces can be tailored to suit the specifics of your narrative, while the long-form editor, akin to Google Docs, facilitates easy creation of stories, chapter by chapter.

3. Plot Factory

Plot Factory distinguishes itself from other AI story generators by focusing on assisting in the creation of story plots and outlines. Whether you're crafting a creative narrative or a novella, Plot Factory serves as the foundation, allowing you to confidently move forward with your writing.

Its key features include a digital locker for storing details about your story universe, characters, and places, along with writing views that enable a focused approach to individual scenes, facilitating easy rearrangement within a chapter.

Additionally, Plot Factory provides AI-powered name and outline generators to overcome writer's block, and it even offers AI story narration. This allows you to listen to your story aloud and catch nuances that may be missed through traditional reading.

4. Shortly AI

Shortly AI initially emerged as an AI story writer but has since evolved into a versatile tool capable of handling various writing tasks. Although acquired by Jasper a couple of years ago, Shortly AI continues to operate independently. Its key features include user-friendly slash commands within the document editor for swift AI-driven writing, a simplified user interface that promotes distraction-free writing and editing, and the capacity for unlimited word generation.

Bottom Line: Is Novel AI The Best AI Story Generator?

For budding fiction writers seeking intricacy and depth in their storytelling, Novel AI proves to be an enjoyable and reasonably priced tool. The platform offers many customization options, allowing users to fine-tune and personalize the AI's functioning. This level of flexibility provides writers who desire total control over every aspect of their story creation process the independence they seek.

As seen, Novel AI stands out as a valuable tool for fiction writers, offering user-friendly interfaces and customizable features. The platform's different modes and additional features like the Lorebook and Image AI Generator contribute to a comprehensive storytelling experience. These definitely make it one of the best AI story generators around. However, while Novel AI's pricing plans provide flexibility and the tool has tremendous perks, users should consider both its strengths and potential drawbacks before signing up.


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