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Strategies To Better Manage Your Time As A SEO Writer

There are certain strategies for managing time as an SEO writer. Being a SEO writer you need to set realistic deadlines. You can manage time by splitting a project into interrelated activities. Time managing tools and software are good ways to assign time to each activity. Try to be realistic in setting the priorities of each task. Assign the optimal time required for each activity. The time calculator can calculate the optimal time for each activity. You can rest assured how much time is required to complete a task.

SEO Writer

Here are some of the strategies to manage your time and SEO content writer.

Set SMART Deadline:

The SMART deadline is necessary for meeting customers' expectations. A SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) goal assists in avoiding stress. Over-commitment may result in the form of stress and depression. The calculator online assists content writers in formulating SEO strategies to avoid stress. Stress and depression may reduce your working capability, better to set a target with the assistance of a time calculator. First, check the realistic period for your work. Then discuss it with clients before choosing the time frame for a project. It is better to take extra time to provide quality work to your client. 

How to Develop a SMART Deadline?

Try to follow the tips to develop a SMART deadline for project completion

Understand the Scope: Understand the scope and difficulty of the project. You can access the time frame for the project with the time calculator. It would assist to become realistic while coating any deadline to clients.

Goal and Resource Assessment: The goal and resource assessment is necessary for meeting the deadline. Figure out which goal is realistic to achieve in a certain time.

Breakdown Activities:

Break down the activities into different interrelated work activities. Similar work activities should be placed in a batch of activities.

Communicate Deadline:

Communicate deadlines with the clients according to the scope of work. This reflects a professional attitude of yours while deciding the terms with the clients.

The Tools and Templates:

Save time by applying online tools and templates. For example, choose a keyword search tool like Google Analytics to target a market. If you need proper training in an online tool or template. Then go through the training session, and use the YouTube video session for effective utilization of a template. This would assist in improving the quality of your content. The other thing is the research paradigm would become more targeted. Try to develop all the infographics and video animation according to your keyword search. A holistic strategy is required for protruding effective content for your Niche. 

How to Choose A Tool?

The different project management tools are developed for a specific purpose. You can select a project management tool by deciding on the following features:

Purpose: The most basic thing is the purpose of the project management tool. Figure out the purpose and how it can be useful for your specific requirements.

Number of Users: 

Take a look at users of a specific tool and their reviews. User reviews provide a real-time picture of project management software's effectiveness.

Pricing Structure: Some tools are just too costly to use. Search for an open resource tool that serves your purpose. 

The interface of Software: Choose a tool that has the most interactive interface and is easy to use without any difficulty. 

Set Priorities of Batch:

Make a group of similar tasks and activities. Place similar activities in batch, the batch creation assists in project completion. Do not try to target different tasks separately, as batch creation is the way forward. The time calculator minutes and hours do assist in calculating the time required to complete a batch of activities. 

The interrelated activities completion does assist in saving time. For example, you can place the Research task in a batch. The other batch of activities can be writing content and organizing it. Choose an appropriate time for each batch of activities, then set the deadline for completion.

How to Set Priorities of Batch?

The priorities of the batch of activities necessary for project completion. The methods of setting a priority list are:

Set the Importance Framework:

Set the importance of a set of interrelated activities. The reality check of importance does assist in figuring out the priority list.

The urgency of Each Activity: Make a checklist of the urgency of activities. Some activities need to be completed urgently than others.

Use Prioritization Framework: A framework of priority assists in figuring out the importance of an activity for the whole project.

Track and Examine Your Progress:

Tracking and examining your progress is necessary for the on-time completion of projects. You need to make appropriate adjustments to figure out what is working in your favor and What is not working in the right direction. Time tracking and project management tools like the Gantt chart are the right way forward.

A simple Google Planner can be a great chart for tracking your activities. For example, if You can reassign time for an activity according to its practical difficulty. Keep your clients on board if there is a problem occurring in your progression. Be humble and realistic to answer all possible queries. Rely on facts and figures not on a rare wave of rage while dealing with respective clients.

How to Track and Examine Your Progress?

There is a certain set of activities to track and examine your progress:

Be Realistic: You need to become realistic to track your progress. Examine how much work is completed and what is lacking. Track the time taken for each activity and compare it with the optimal time.

Seek For Feedback: Seek feedback and reviews from others to judge your progression. You can check the speed of the work with the time calculator as you have a list of optimal work activities.

Be Motivated: Motivation is one of the essences in competition of tasks and activities. Try to motivate yourself by examining how much work is completed not left.

Create Lead Magnet

You may wonder! What is the lead magnet? It is best to generate a higher ranking in SERP. Lead magnet content usually carries great value for people. Such content may be content like a case study, a research paper about a topic, etc. This piece of information carries importance even for your client's business. 

When people use your content on their web page, they have to link you back for references. Lead magnet content is great for your SERP ranking. It can do wonders for your client's SERP ranking.  Businesses usually strive to publish research papers on their blogs or websites. Professional content writing skills are required to attract more traffic to your blog. Specify the time for creating an effective lead magnet with the time adder. Examples of the Lead Magnet are Ebooks, Case Studies, Webinars, Research Papers, etc.

How to Create a Lead Magnet?

There are certain ways to create a lead magnet for effective content writing and attracting organic traffic to your clients.

Identify the Target Audience: You can only create an effective lead magnet if you can analyze the needs and wants of your target audience. Figure out the preferences of your target market, then create the lead magnet accordingly.

Select a Relevant Topic: Choose topics relevant to your target audience. In this regard, the most searched keywords for your target audience can be the way forward.

Create Valuable Lead Magnet: Your lead magnet should contain quality, valued stuff for target information. Your lead magnet should contain a value for the target audience. So they are willing to provide their personal contact information.

Take Breaks And Avoid Burnout

You can't sit on a chair for a whole day. Take breaks regularly and avoid burnout. You can take breaks to refresh your nerves for better condition of nerves. A break of 10 to 15 minutes is appropriate after every 100 minutes of workout. The break would clear your nerves and you would feel fresh throughout the day. The hour calculator does assist in making a schedule for taking breaks. Remember that your nerves are not made for regular workouts for hours. You need to rest after regular intervals to avoid headaches and sight-soring. 

How to Take Breaks and Avoid Burnout?

There are certain strategies to take breaks and avoid burnout:

Schedule Time: Try to adjust breaks to your working routine. Take breaks as a part of your working routine not a waste of time. You can adjust the frequency of the breaks with the time calculator.

Exercise and Healthy Diet: A routine of exercise and a healthy diet is a way forward. You can relieve stress through healthy habits and can improve your mood. 


SEO content writing can create stress on nerves. Meditation is a good way to relieve your nerves for the time being.


SEO content writing is a creative skill and it needs a strategy. A content writer needs to devise a strategy and implement it. Divide the whole project into interrelated activities and batches of similar activities. Then apply the time calculator to decide the optimal time for completion of each batch of activities. Then decide the time frame or deadline with the clients. These strategies do assist in becoming professional while dealing with a client. 


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