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List Of Local SEO Services

Have you ever needed to find the nearest restaurant? Hotel? Or any other service close to you? In times like these, many users have found Google a lovable tool. Granted, Google has helped users find several kinds of information over the years. But its local search takes it to further heights.

Local SEO Services

And like every other feature of the search engine, brands have discovered the potential it holds for their businesses. By being optimized for local search, your brand gets increased visibility, which can lead to more traffic and sales. But the question is: “How can you optimize for Google’s local search results?” To do that, you can choose to contact top local SEO services, such as:


In this article, we'll delve into the details of these local SEO services. But first, what are the benefits of showing up on local search results, and why consider these services?

Importance of Local SEO

Local SEO is a type of search engine optimization aimed at helping a business rank for local search results. By local search results, we refer to the "local pack" that appears at the top of Google SERP when it detects local intent in a user's query. This feature often includes a map with three business listings in the specified area, as seen below:

List Of Local SEO Services

By clicking "More businesses," you'll discover a different SERP showing several business listings in that area.

Google - Local SEO Services

But that’s not the best part about this SERP feature. The best part is Google’s ability to recognize when a user requires the local SERP. As such, by simply typing “list of SEO agencies near me,” you’ll discover the local results. But what does this mean for businesses?

As mentioned earlier, Local SEO offers the opportunities for brands to:

Drive in More Traffic

When you show up at the top of local SERP results, you can get more clicks to your website, thus increasing traffic. That's because people who need local services will most likely visit the website provided in the business listing to compare brands and decide which suits them most.

Generate Sales

When you have a website, you put in effort to get people to visit. The same is true for your physical stores. With local SEO, you are, in a sense, killing two birds with one stone. While you get a boost in traffic, those impressed by your offers will visit your store and make a purchase.

The benefits of local SEO are undoubtedly clear. But as someone with little or no knowledge in this field, you may wonder where to start. Well, you can choose to contact local SEO services. What are those?

What Are Local SEO Services?

Several agencies offer Local SEO services to clients looking to rank on Google's local pack. These agencies provide tools and services that'll help optimize your brand for local SERPs.

Now that you know what type of services they offer, which agency should you work with? Well, the answer to that ultimately rests on you. However, before making your decision, you no doubt want to compare different agencies, as well as their features and pricing packages.

To that end, let's consider four top local SEO services for your business, starting with BrightLocal.

4 Top Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services - Brightlocal

Speaking of local SEO services, BrightLocal is renowned as one of the most reputable agencies. What makes them outstanding? Well, they pride themselves in their tools, which cater to every aspect of your local SEO, from rank trackers to auditing features.

As such, BrightLocal is the ideal platform if you are skilled in handling your site’s local optimization manually since they provide all the necessary tools. That said, if you can’t handle it yourself, they provide support services, such as their citation builder. And what’s more, they also offer free courses to help you become an expert at BrightLocal Academy. Here are some of its other impressive features:

Features and Services

  • It allows you to compile your SEO reports easily with its reporting tool.

  • Using the reputation manager tool, you can generate more positive reviews for your business to aid your local optimization.

  • In addition to BrighhtLocal Academy, they offer a newsletter that sends insightful local SEO tips and the latest news to help improve your skills.


Local SEO Services - Brightlocal pricing

Along with their fourteen days free trial, BrightLocal offers three pricing packages, which starts at:

  • $39/month under the TRACK package for one location.

  • $49/month under the MANAGE plan for one location.

  • $59/month under the GROW package for one location.


After giving it a trial, if you're not satisfied with BrightLocal's services, consider another agency on the list.

Local SEO Services - Searchbloom

Unlike BrightLocal that focuses solely on local SEO services, Searchbloom offers a wider range of SEO services with local SEO on the list. However, that doesn't stop them from being considered one of the best in the industry.

Searchbloom understands the importance of local SEO in businesses. As a result, they offer a unique strategy that they call the "ART (Authority, Relevance, and Technology) of Local SEO."

Local SEO Services - Searchbloom

Using this strategy, Searchbloom helps improve your site to achieve the primary goal of local SEO - generating sales.

Features and Services

  • They offer a free local SERP tool that lets you quickly jump to and view the local pack of the specified service.

  • Their strategy includes improving your site’s authority through inbound links.

  • Searchbloom also focuses on the technology part of your site, which includes its load times and mobile responsiveness to help you convert more visitors.

  • They help to optimize your Google My Business listing - a crucial factor for local SEO.


Unfortunately, Searchbloom has not provided an official pricing plan to help you compare between agencies. However, you can visit their website and contact them for their pricing options.


Local SEO Services - WebFX

Here's another top local SEO agency that speaks for itself. If you're looking for a thorough and dedicated team to work alongside for your local optimization, WebFX is an ideal choice. They cater to everything that relates to your site's local SEO, from auditing to tracking and reporting. Other services include:

Features and Services

  • They create a custom local SEO strategy based on your industry, goals, and audience.

  • They help with your citation and review management.

  • Their services include improving your site’s on-page local SEO performance to drive the right local traffic.


Local SEO Services - WebFX Pricing

WebFx offers a custom pricing plan to their clients, which begins at $425/month for one location.


Local SEO Services - Highervisibility

As its name implies, this agency aims to provide you with higher visibility on search engines. To that end, they also offer a local SEO service that deserves a spot on this list. If none of the other agencies discussed above sits right with you, consider HigherVisibility.

HigherVisibility offers the essential services necessary to boost rankings on local SERPs. And what's more, it creates a custom strategy unique to your business. Here are its services:

Features and Services

  • It offers on-page local SEO, which includes keyword research, local schema markup, and content optimization.

  • It helps you improve your site’s authority.

  • HigherVisibility helps optimize your Google My Business Profile and implement other off-page local SEO practices.


Local SEO Services - Higher visibility Pricing

HigherVisibility also does not provide an official pricing package. However, you can get access to their paid options when you order their free quote.

Wrapping Up: Do Local SEO Services Worth It?

In short, yes, local SEO services are worth it. And as seen in this article, the reasons are clear. After all, which brand doesn’t want to drive in more sales? Google has indirectly provided a lot of features to help brands achieve that primary goal. And the local pack is just one of those features.

However, it's not easy to take on every aspect of your business alone. These agencies offer to take care of your local optimization through their custom and unique strategies. And in the case of BrightLocal, you get access to a wide range of tools if you decide to do it yourself. So, are you a brand that can benefit from Google's local pack? If so, compare and contact a local SEO service today and get an edge over your competitors.


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