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List Of Top Local SEO Agency

It is now commonplace to use the line 'near me' when looking for something online. And that is the backbone of local searches, which have experienced quite an explosion in recent times. A recent study that 'Think With Google' conducted reveals the massive rise of searches with the query 'near me' when compared with other local search indicators. This research observed this term performs at 150 percent compared to its counterpart. This gives insight into why you shouldn't take your local searches lightly. Your customers are likely looking for you and you must put your brand in a more visible spot to get found.

To improve user experience and help users achieve search intent seamlessly, Google–search engine giants–has introduced 'micro moment'. This is the point whereby an individual employs the services of a device to solve the quest to know, get something done, or make purchases. As a business owner, you have no choice other than to develop your strategy to fully use these moments to reach your customers. That said, you need professional services to help you realize this. And this is where the services of local SEO companies come in.

For optimal results, you need a top SEO agency for your local SEO marketing. Finding reputable ones can be a hard task. As you have to consider their strengths, track record, and budget among other metrics. Well, you are in the right as this article discusses all that. Here, you will find the top local SEO experts to get your business marketing to the next level. Also, this article highlights the benefits of employing SEO experts for your local marketing. It is a 360 guide to getting professional services to expand your local reach. But first, what does a local SEO company bring to the table?

Local SEO Agency

What Can You Expect From A Local SEO Company?

A local SEO company or local SEO agency is charged with the task of providing SEO services to a business. These firms help your business function in several ways, but solely to help you edge your competition locally. Still, some essential metrics define what local SEO companies have on their plate to offer. These are the four key areas or group of users that a standard local SEO marketing company would naturally address:


Not all users possess buying intent when they utilize the web. Sometimes, they are simply on research and would love to canvass a lot of information online. Such users depend on a wide scope of educative search queries as they are not in for a precise item. In such instances, great local SEO companies align with the needs of their audience by creating a wide net to tap from.


Users in this category seek a product or service close to them. They employ the use of transactional queries or generic keywords to determine where to resolve their search intent. Transactional queries involve the use of specific keywords to find items online. This can be in form of using generic terms like 'near me,' the mention of specific locations, or even an activity. Users in this phase have a good idea of what they seek regardless of using a broad or specific keyword.


Some users are online to get the best help they can to complete a task or explore a new process. These users are similar to the location-intent users and are not likely to explore further on finding more information. They are closer to the purchasing stage and also employ the use of transactional keywords with great ideas about the activities they seek.


The top local SEO firms know how to interact with users with purchasing intent and lead them through your sales funnel. Users in this moment are prepared to make purchases but may seek assistance on how to buy or what option to go for. As they have a pretty good idea of what they seek, they employ more navigation keywords.

A top local SEO marketing firm can identify the different types of search users in their moments. They have the tools, people, as well as process to position your brand well for searchers in your locality to find you with ease. As they combine several resources to give you an edge over the competition, they develop a winning strategy that is forged on the ranking signals of local searches. These signals include:

  • On-Page: your business' address, name, contact details, domain authority, and use of keywords in titles.

  • Socials: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube page appearance and engagement.

  • Google My Business Signals—Using the right categories, description, and proximity. Also, it includes using keywords the right way in the business title.

  • Citation Signals—Ensuring citations are consistent, clear, and accurate. Citations sources should be niche, generic, and from hyper-local sources.

  • Reviews- Great social proof hints at a credible portfolio. This signal has to be recent, diverse, come in the right influx and speed.

With these signals, one can expect a local SEO expert to cover critical aspects of local SEO marketing. That said, here are the top local SEO agencies in the world.

The Top Local SEO Agency

Here, we outline five top local SEO agencies from around the world for the best local SEO services.

Top Local SEO agency - Logic Inbound

SEO focus: 100 percent local search

Average Hourly Rate: $150 - $199 per hour

User Review Rating: 5.0

Located in Seattle, Logic Inbound has a phenomenal record and is seen as one of the top local SEO experts around. With an employee size under 50, it places much of its focus on creating business solutions with its local SEO services. Its services are not limited to Seattle, but it is worth your consideration if you are located there.


Smartsite Local Agency

SEO focus: 90 percent local search

Average Hourly Rate: $100 - $149 per hour

User Review Rating: 5.0

Smartsites–another local SEO expert–is another great option to rank locally in your industry. With their online marketing services, you can expect to easily outsmart competitors in your industry with their proven track record. It is one of the fastest local SEO companies and a Premier partner with Google and Facebook.


social Media Local Agency SEO

SEO focus: 70 percent local search

Average Hourly Rate: $100 - $149 per hour

User Review Rating: 5.0

For a credible local SEO service, Social Media 55 is a top alternative to turn to. Priced between 100 to 149 bucks for an hour, its pricing is quite fair for a local SEO expert. Social Media 55 is a Montreal-based company in Canada. It provides innovative solutions with nano-targeting to increase solutions for its clients. It has created a superb marketing tool, which allows for real-time communication with target audiences. With customized local SEO services and web design options, you might find this a suitable route to convert targeted leads.


oyova local SEO agency

SEO focus: 50 percent local search

Average Hourly Rate: $100 - $149 per hour

User Review Rating: 4.9

From Jacksonville Beach, Oyova is a local SEO expert that creates tailored services for its client. Its service scope ranges from top to bottom-line covering marketing, custom software, development, as well as IT consult services. Oyova is solution-centric and focuses on edging its clients past every competitor. For outranking, outselling, and outperforming in any industry, this is one local SEO expert one would want to consider.


Pronto SEO agency

SEO focus: 50 percent local search

Average Hourly Rate: $100 - $149 per hour

User Review Rating: 4.9

Pronto is a web management solution that ensures businesses stand out with their local SEO services. With a large emphasis on web design, this Seattle-based company makes WordPress websites for small and medium-scale businesses. Besides helping you rank locally, Pronto incorporates Google Ads, Google My Business, and other SEO link-building techniques to help businesses excel in the search engine.

These 5 top local SEO agencies form just part of the numerous agencies you will find online. But these are some of the few with local SEO services to help their clients rank on the local domain. These local SEO experts offer varying SEO services and incorporate diverse techniques to get results. But how do you know what agency is the best fit for you?

How To Choose The Right Local SEO Expert For You

There are tons of agencies that offer local SEO services, which makes the decision process tough. Yes, the agency is reputed as a top brand but how can you be certain that they fit your business profile? Well, the top local SEO agency possesses certain similar traits that make them stand out with what they do. The following characteristics will help you determine the right local SEO expert to consult:

  • Reputation:

Before becoming a top brand, an amazing local SEO company should have a track record of providing solutions with amazing results in the best way possible for their clients. One way to know is by checking them out on Google or looking at what others have to say about them on Clutch reviews. Positive reviews reveal trustworthiness and it tells you that you can count on them to perform consistently.

  • Ethics:

You should not subscribe to anything short of a local company with ironclad ethics. They are professionals who base their process on white hat practices and would not take unnecessary grey-hat risks.

  • Strong employee base:

Human resources cannot be neglected when seeking the top local SEO agency for your local SEO marketing. Without personnel with the right amount of experience and years of carrying out several marketing campaigns in their portfolio, there really will be no point in using a local SEO campaign. Ultimately, leaving your local SEO marketing for agencies with newbies or poorly trained employees will cost you time and money.

Wrapping Up

SEO is integral to the existence of any business that finds itself online. Regardless of the industry, it ensures strategic positioning as an entry point for both local and foreign customers under the target zone. Finding the top SEO agency can pose a challenge as a result of the high number of agencies available and not knowing what the selection process should be. This article answers all that.

The best local SEO company will put you through all you need to succeed. This local SEO expert will not only outline the process but will ensure clarity on the objectives and result of every step. Whether or not you have sufficient experience will be less of an issue as they have adequate know-how to scale your local SEO marketing. Whatever they do, you can rest assured that revenue generation is at the forefront of their minds and will go a great length to avoid loss.


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