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List of PDF Editors For MAC [2023]

A PDF editor software allows a PDF file to be edited. The PDF format is widely used and it is important to be able to work optimally with this format, regardless of the device you use. For Mac devices, you can either use an online PDF editor or a Mac PDF editor.

The difference between these two sets of editors is that the online editors are mostly free but not reliable due to poor networks. In this article, we shall consider several PDF editors suitable for Mac in 2023.

PDF Editors For MAC

PDF Editors for 2023

Soda PDF editor

best PDF editors 1

The first we shall consider is the Soda PDF editor software. One remarkable thing about it is that this Soda editor works well with different operating systems. It is not specifically designed for only the Mac. To edit with this editor, you can decide to download the application or use its web version. Whichever you chose, the editor still works the same way.

The editor gives you the options of editing text, adding text, deleting text, and more. It even allows you to merge and convert. To use the Soda editor software, follow these simple steps listed below:

  • Download the Soda PDF application or open the website

  • Sign into your account if you have an existing account or you can simply create one. Registration is free

  • Find the online tools button and click on it

  • Select the PDF editor

  • Select a chosen file

  • Then upload the file you wish to edit

  • Click on edit

  • Begin to edit

The Soda PDF editor also allows you to fill out forms in PDF format and sign documents in the same format.


Acrobat DC

best PDF editors 2

Adobe Acrobat is one of the best PDF editors for Mac. This editor helps to create, edit, review PDFs, e-sign documents, and collect signatures. It also helps you to work together with your team.

Over 5 million organizations globally use Adobe Acrobat to edit PDFs or create them. They use Adobe Acrobat to convert PDFs to the formats supported by Microsoft office and more.

It is one of the editing software to consider whenever one is working remotely and requires tools that facilitate collaboration. Unlike some other PDF editors, Adobe Acrobat is a paid software. Adobe Acrobat offers two packages:

The Acrobat standard package and the acrobat pro package.

The Acrobat standard goes for the price of US$13.96 per month and offers basic features such as edit, e-sign, convert, and protect.

The Acrobat pro goes for US$21.49 per month and offers many features. These include full editing packages, advanced protection, full converting capability, and more.

To edit files using Adobe Acrobat DC,

  • Select and click on the file on the finder

  • Click to open a mini option bar

  • Select open with option

  • Chose and click on Adobe Acrobat DC

  • Click “edit PDF”

  • The tools in the toolbar are used to edit text, add text, insert images, resize images, watermark, change the font, or annotate. Chose the feature you want and apply it to your PDF file

  • Save after editing



best PDF editors 3

Preview usually comes in-built with the Mac OS. It is easy to use and is the best PDF editor for Mac. It allows the user to execute different functions and does not require an externally downloaded application. To use the preview, do the following –

  • There is an icon that has a pen tip. Click on it to pop up the markup toolbar

  • To add text, click on the T icon. Write your text and drag the text box to wherever you wish across the edited file

  • Click on the blackened square icon to remove a text permanently. This icon is known as redact selection option

  • Use shapes to add shapes to your edited file

  • Select sign to add a signature to a document

  • Save the document


best PDF editors 4

Quicklook also allows the editing of documents on Mac. Users were given this ability in 2018. Around this time, Mac just updated to Mojave. Here are the steps to edit using Quicklook –

  • Select the desired file

  • Press the spacebar to bring up the preview of the selected file

  • Click on the pencil icon found on the top right side of the preview pop-up

  • Clicking on that pencil icon to start up the editing too. To get the text tool, click on the tool that has an A-icon

  • A text box will appear. Write your words on the text box and drag them to wherever you chose on your document

  • To select formatting options, click the icon beside text icon A. This icon is the drop-down box

  • Click the signature menu to sign documents

  • After editing click on done to save the document



best PDF editors 5

This editor easily allows the modification of text in PDF format. Follow these steps to use this editing software –

  • Open Inkscape

  • Look for the “Files” option, click it

  • Select “open”

  • Choose the desired PDF file

  • Click on the “open” option to select it

  • The box titled “import text as text handling” should then be checked

  • The uploaded text is placed in a box where you can make changes. Double-click on the parts you want to change

  • Go back to the “files” option and save the newly edited document



best PDF editors 6

Skim can be described as an editor that is capable of performing functions beyond what the Preview editor can. It was designed to view and notate scientific papers. It still performs that primary function and today it is well-known for that.

Unlike preview or Quicklook, skim is not an in-built application on Mac. Still, you can edit PDFs comfortably on Mac using Skim. To use the Skim software, take the following steps –

  • Download Skim. Install it

  • Start the application

  • Look for the “files” option and click it

  • Select the “open” option under the sub-display board

  • Select the desired PDF file

  • Click on open

  • To add text to the PDF file, click on the pencil icon

  • Write your text and drag the text box to wherever you wish across the edited file

  • When you’ve finished edited a text, save it

Skim is capable of highlighting and underlining a section in the edited file.



best PDF editors 7

Libre office can edit PDFs on Mac in the libre office suite. Thesz are the steps for editing using Libre office –

  • Download and start Libre office

  • Go to the “files” option and select if

  • Select “open” under files

  • Select the desired document

  • Open it

  • Click on the place you desire to make changes and begin typing

  • Right-click on the left pane to add a new page

  • Go under “insert” and add whatever you want

  • To save after editing, click “file”, export as” chose export as PDF


PDF Expert

best PDF editors 8

PDF Expert is one of the best and the simplest PDF editor to use and it is well-detailed. This editor software detects the font used, its opacity, and its size when reading an original text. To edit using PDF expert, these steps will help –

  • Open PDF expert editor software.

  • Select and open the desired file.

  • Select and click on the text

  • Select the piece of work you wish to adjust or where you wish to add text

  • If you wish to hide information, select redact option

  • If you wish to add a link, click open the link icon and select the part of the text in which you want to input a link in.


ABBYY Finereader

best PDF editors 9

Finereader is another editing software to use on a Mac. Finereader allows you to edit, convert, and share. It gives users in the digital workspace, the capability to optimize efficiency to the highest point. It uses an AI-based OCR tech to carry out editing functions and help users to focus less on administrative tasks.

Finereader has an estimated count of over 10 million users globally. 200 corporate users and recognized in 198 languages. Existing for 29 years in the market, Finereader offers these features:

  • The creation, editing, and ability to organize PDF files.

  • Create editable PDF forms.

  • Collaborate and compare documents in several different formats.

  • Sign PDFs and mitigate risks by protecting them.

  • Optimize digitization.

The Finereader PDF standard payment plan costs $199 one-time payment. Its corporate payment plan costs a $299 one-time payment. And the PDF Mac payment plan costs $129.99 one-time payment. Below are the steps to use the Finereader PDF editor –

  • Open the PDF editor by right-clicking on the desired file and selecting Finereader under the “open with” option

  • Look for PDF tools

  • Find “edit” and click on it

  • Your PDF will then be prepared for editing and you can select the paragraph to begin

  • Select the desired text you wish to format and click on the text formatting tools

  • Adjust square marks at the corners of images to resize or reshape

  • Save after editing. You can share too if you decide



best PDF editors 10

PDFpen is editing software that has a lot of features.

PDFpen allows you to highlight documents, underscore them, and strikethrough. Text and image insertion including signatures is another feature. Other features include

1. Copying, resizing, and the deletion of images in PDF.

2. Correction of texts, font, and format retention when copying.

3. Insertion and extraction of additional files and annotations.

4. The addition of age numbers, headers, watermarks, footers, etc.

This app allows you to carry out OCR on documents that are already scanned and edit OCR texts from scanned pages. It makes it possible for a user to tweak the resolution, color contrast, and size of an image scanned from Image capture or a Mac scanner. The compression of PDF documents is also a feature.

PDFpen will delete any form of text, protect a document with a 256-bit AES encryption password, and edit permissions to restrict copying, saving, printing, etc. It enables you to sign PDF forms and create fillable forms. The PDFpen is not a free app. It costs $129.95.

The steps to use this app are as follows –

  • Select “open” from the Files option

  • Search for the desired PDF file then select it and click open

  • Search for view and click the show editing bar

  • Click the select tool and select the words you wish to edit

  • Click on the redact text button under the format in the Menu to redact text

  • Use the replace option to replace a text in the document

  • The Draw tools option in the toolbar insert shapes. Click on it if you wish to insert it

  • The Insert button in the toolbar helps to add an image to the text. Click Insert

  • Save the document when finished



best PDF editors 11

Sejda is an online PDF editing website and probably the most efficient. It is also one of the easiest to use. Sejda uploads file over an encrypted connection and delete them permanently after processing and you can also select files from Google Drive or Dropbox and edit them.

Sejda is a paid online tool. It costs $5 for 7 days, 7.5 for the monthly plan and $5.25 for desktop + web annually which is paid monthly. To use Sedja, do these –

  • Upload the PDF file to the website

  • Add text by clicking on the text and selecting where you want to edit

  • Click the links option to insert links

  • To insert images, click the image icon

  • Select sign to add signatures

  • Click on whiteout to redact texts

  • Click annotate to underline, highlight, etc.

  • Click on apply changes after editing

  • Download the edited format



best PDF editors 12

EasePDF is another web editing tool that offers quite the same features as other editing tools. It works well with all browsers. This means that you can edit your PDF files at any time and from anywhere. Here is how to use EasePDF –

  • Go to the website

  • Select tools. The display menu will then pop out

  • On that display menu, click on “edit PDF”. Uploading files from cloud services is allowed

  • Select the area you wish to make changes to and move the textbox there. You can insert images or shapes to bring out important texts

  • You can create your signature if you want

  • Save the document

Bottom Line

It is not a difficult or complex task to edit PDFs. Various tools have been created and they are made easy to access. These tools can be free or paid applications or websites.

Mac OS in-built editors are the best to use but this does not nullify the fact that other applications and websites are also very efficient and they can help you get the job done without a hitch.


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