PDF Drive

There are several perks of having books in digital versions (PDF, ePUB, MOBI, and so on). They are portable and easy to access, which means reading anywhere is possible. Plus, there is plenty of room to make notes, as opposed to the limited margin space you get with hard copies. With all the perks, it is easy to see why a good number of book lovers in today’s digital age have a preference for eBooks. However, finding a digital copy of a book you love or would like to read can be challenging due to cost, authenticity, or even availability. With PDF Drive, many have found it easy to get eBooks without these challenges. But what is PDF Drive and is it any good? We find out in this review of the popular pdf search engine.

PDF drive

What is PDF Drive?

Simply. PDF Drive is a search engine for files in .pdf format. It allows users to search and even preview PDF files before downloading for free. The site prides itself on having almost 80 million eBooks available for free download. And these eBooks include journals, articles, magazines and books in PDF. This makes PDF Drive one of the largest PDF collections on the web.

How does PDF Drive Work?

The millions of PDFs that are accessible on PDF Drive are grouped into collections. These collections, which can be seen on the homepage include Art, Business and Career, Biography, Fiction and Literature, Health and Fitness, and so on. There are also more general categories such as Editor’s Picks and Most Popular, from which you can select recommended books.

The intuitive site allows you to perform a manual search if you have a book in mind to download. For mobile users, the search icon is located on the top right of the homepage, while users of the desktop version will find a search bar at the top center of the page. You may search for an author, a book title, or a genre.

Search results could run into hundreds but the process is quick and results often load in less than a second. Included in the search results are information about when the eBook was uploaded, the number of pages, how many downloads the item had had, and an excerpt from the book. When you select any of the search results, the page that loads shows you the file size and language and it gives you the option to preview the PDF or download it.

A menu beside the Download button allows you to choose whether to convert the file to EPUB or MOBI, to send to email or Kindle, or to report the search result. After clicking on Download, the site first checks for remote file health and when this is done, the download button appears. While the default format is usually PDF, you may switch to MOBI or EPUB. However, as they warn, the converted file can differ from the original PDF format so they recommend downloading in the original file format.

PDF Drive is also available as a free-to-download mobile application that is just as easy to use as the site.

Features of PDF Drive

1.) Simple interface

Searching for files and performing other tasks such as file p