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List of Free Instagram Caption Generators

Nearly 78% of small businesses rely on Instagram for their marketing strategies and a vast number of individuals use the app to build their personal brands. To tap into the available resources of the social media platform, you need to employ Instagram marketing metrics the right way. One of these metrics is follower engagement.

The likes, shares, and comments your posts receive are a result of follower engagement. And a proper use of captions is a sure way to boost your follower engagement. But how can you create captions that are alluring enough to engage your followers? While several individuals struggle to find a solution to this, caption generators for Instagram are a great way around it.

Instagram Caption Generator

How does one go about finding an efficient Instagram caption generator? Do you have to try all existing caption generators for Instagram before settling for one? In the course of this article, we will be reviewing a list of free Instagram caption generators that would be a good start for those seeking to generate optimal content for their posts on the social platform at no charge.

List of Free Instagram Caption Generators

While there are both free and paid IG caption generators available online, we will focus on reviewing only those that are free. The 4 Instagram caption generators reviewed in this article are –



Mention has several social media tools including an Instagram caption generator and hashtag generator. The caption generation tool employs the GPT-3 algorithm, an algorithm key to machine learning that enables Mention to spawn unique caption ideas.

While some of the services they offer come at a fee, you can use Mention’s Instagram caption generator at no charge. To use this caption-generating tool, take the following steps:

  1. Render details of your IG post – For the Mention algorithm to generate captions that are relevant to your niche and post, the tool requires that you provide your post details.

  2. Set your tone – Considering the niche you are in and the nature of your target audience would help determine what your tone should be like. Although, with Mention, you can try out a range of tones till you find one that rightly portrays your brand personality.

  3. Generate a caption – Having provided the above information, Mention automatically provides a caption.

Pros & Cons of the Mention IG caption generator


  • In rendering post details, the algorithm indicates when your description is too short. When you have written enough for an apt caption to be generated, a button appears for you to submit this description.

  • Setting a tone on Mention is made simplified with the use of emojis. The use of emojis to represent each tone is visually appealing and allows users to decide on a tone faster.

  • When Mention generates a caption, it considers demographics like the optimal caption length and how much engagement it can yield.

  • The ‘more results’ button allows you to request different captions as much as you would like.

  • The tool is easy to navigate and straightforward.


  • The captions rendered by Mention when using a tone like friendly sound too formal for an IG write-up. This, however, is not the case with every niche.




The Instagram caption generator tool by AISEO is one out of the platform's several free tools. AISEO features an extensive range of templates and generators, from entire blog articles to social media posts.

Based on its mission, the caption generator from AISEO is mainly designed for brand owners or content creators who care about their SEO ranking. If you fall into that category, the following are the steps you should take to use this tool:

  1. In the provided space, input a description of the product/service you would like to market.

  2. Select keywords you would like to generate a caption around. Using the box below this, you can search for a number of SEO-related keywords in your niche.

  3. In the variant filter, choose the number of caption suggestions you would like to receive. From the default of 1 variant, you can choose a maximum of two.

  4. Choose the language you would like to generate captions in from the bar next to ’generate’ and then click the ‘Generate’ button.

Pros & Cons of AISEO


  • Unlike most other tools, AISEO renders a wide array of languages to choose from. Having over 20 language options eliminates the worries of having to translate captions from English to the language of the audience in certain demographics.

  • A gear icon beside the variant bar allows you to decide how creative you would like the result to be on a scale of 0 to 10 and how long it should be, whether short, medium, or long.


  • At times, caption suggestions take a while to appear.

  • Compared to the other tools, AISEO has a more extensive filter. Thus, inputting details in the right way to generate desired results may prove difficult.




InCopy, unfortunately, cannot be used online like the above-mentioned tools. This, however, has its advantage as an app would be more accessible. The InCopy app can function across various devices - Android, Mac, and Windows version 7 or higher. To use InCopy:

  1. On your browser, search for ‘InCopy captions and hashtags.’ While the app put up for download by some sites has bugs and does not work, Apkcombo does a relatively decent job.

  2. With the app downloaded, proceed to installation.

  3. Launch the InCopy app on your device and avail yourself of its caption-generating features.

Pros & Cons of InCopy


  • InCopy is user intuitive and flexible. The app provides options for users to generate captions based on keywords or to generate these captions using an attached image.

  • Using this tool, you do not need an extra app or software to generate hashtags to go with your posts. InCopy, by default, renders suggestions containing both hashtags and captions in whatever field(s) you search for.

  • When you do not find desired caption ideas on the first result page, you can return to the home page and initiate a search using the same keyword(s) as before. In such scenario, InCopy will render a different set of results.

  • If you find a caption suggestion that you would like to use but wish some words were used differently, you can easily edit it. Each caption suggestion on InCopy has the edit option next to the copy button.


  • If InCopy is unable to correctly detect objects that you would like to generate captions for in an image, the suggested captions would not be related to the image you provide.

  • Although the InCopy app was once on the Google PlayStore, it has been taken down. This means interested individuals have to visit third-party platforms to get the app.




Pallyy prides itself in offering feature-rich social media management tools at no cost. The Instagram caption generator developed by the team is one of their free, easy-to-access services. Using Pallyy, one can be assured of relevant and timely caption suggestions. You can easily generate and even schedule your caption content with Pallyy. For convenience, Pallyy is available as an online tool. Below are the steps for using Pallyy’s caption generator:

  • Input a description of what you would like your caption to look like, or provide a string of keywords you would like to base the caption off.

  • Among the options beneath the bar for a description, you will find a range of filters. First, adjust the length of your caption either settling for a lengthy caption or something short.

  • Select from the available template options. This filter is where you get to categorise your intended post. If your post would be related to sales offers, click on the relevant option.

  • Next, select the tone you would want your post’s caption to bear. You can choose a professional, casual, or friendly tone among other available options.

  • If you would equally want hashtag suggestions, you can adjust the filter from no hashtags to the number of hashtags you require.

  • With these fields filled, tap on the option to generate captions.

Pros & Cons of Pallyy


  • With an account on Pallyy, individuals can create and save lists containing their brand on IG. With this saved list, it becomes easier for brand owners to generate captions following one organised niche/folder.

  • Suggestions on Pallyy are quickly relayed and concise.

  • Pallyy is a tool that offers services in a range of aspects. Using Pallyy, you do not need to outsource other social media management tools to perform functions like IG post-scheduling and analytics.

  • Anyone who has access to a browser can utilise Pallyy across a range of devices.


  • Although Pallyy offers paid plans, its IG caption generator stands among the free tools on the platform. However, this free tool limits users to a total of two caption suggestions. To get around this, one would have to sign in or create an account on Pally.

  • Due to bearing more features, Pallyy is nearly more difficult to get around when individuals sign in compared to the default appearance of the free tool.

  • For some reason, Pally only allows users to initiate searches 5 times monthly in the name of monthly credits.

Bottom Line

Coming up with a caption for your posts on Instagram and harnessing the benefits of well-written captions does not have to be a chore. By allowing caption generators to do the bulk of the work, you can receive a number of suggestions fitting into the criteria you set. The four tools mentioned in this article are free for all and are visibly good at what they do. However, if you would like to enjoy increased features and a different interface and you do not mind the thought of paying a fee, then you might want to try paid alternatives.


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