Link Building 2022: Create High-Quality Backlinks

As a brand, ranking high on search engines like Google is no doubt your major priority to beat the competition and make that priceless sale. Hence, it is vital to take adequate measures to improve your SEO. And of course, SEO is not all about optimizing content. You also have to generate tons of high-quality backlinks for your site. To do this, you need to implement an effective link-building strategy. But what exactly is link building?

Simply put, link building refers to the process of generating backlinks for a site to improve SERP ranking. Though it may sound easy, link building takes a considerable amount of effort. As a result, it has posed a challenge for some. Hence, you may be wondering how to go about your link building. Well, you are at the right place. This article discusses some link-building strategies that will help you to easily create high-quality backlinks for free in 2022.

But before delving into that, it is necessary to take a detailed look at the importance of link building. After all, there are other ways to improve one's ranking. As such, you may ask: "why backlinking?" Without any delay, here are three main importance of link building to SEO.

Importance of Link building 2022

It drives in more traffic

Without traffic, it is difficult to survive in the online world. Hence, it is only natural that brands are willing to take the needed efforts to drive traffic to their site. They do this both from within the site and from external web pages. But how? It is pretty simple - through backlinks.

Backlinks are hyperlinks to your site from external web pages. As such, they serve as a great source of referral traffic (occurs whenever a visitor from an external web page clicks on a backlink to learn more about a given topic). As long as traffic is concerned, link building is vital. And of course, as a brand, you don't want to miss out on any opportunity to get more visitors, as this can increase user engagement. And who knows, you may get rewarded by search engines with an increase in rank.

It influences Google's SERP ranking

Authority is yet another main reason for delving into link building. Over the years, Google has taken a keen interest in sites with high domain authority, as this dictates their credibility. And the more credibility a site has, the higher its rankings.

In addition to authority, backlinks help pass on a vote of confidence to your site. In other words, it helps to tell search engines that your site is valuable enough and content-rich for other web pages to link back to it. And this helps to build your website's trustworthiness and credibility. And considering Google's aim to improve user experience, you'll no doubt see an increase in rankings.

Hence, building multiple backlinks is essential for every brand out there. That said, in SEO, generating quality backlinks is much more valuable than having numerous low-quality links. But what exactly do quality backlinks mean?

Quality backlinks refer to those links that come from sites with high DA (domain authority) trusted by both searchers and search engines. Thus, having ten backlinks from credible sites will do you more good than having 100 backlinks from unknown websites.

As one of Google's major ranking factors, it is no wonder that every brand is looking to implement a perfect link-building strategy.

It increases awareness of your brand

Promoting your brand is a major function of backlinks. How? It's pretty simple. As seen above, link building helps to drive traffic to your site. It also helps to pass on authority, thereby improving your SERP ranking. All this helps to strengthen your brand's online presence. In no time, users will memorize your brand's name, logo, and domain address.

As a new brand, establishing a solid online presence is your first goal. Hence, you can't afford any chance to drive in traffic and gain recognition from search engines. Without a doubt, you want to get started on link building. But how? Let's get down to the chase.

How to create high-quality backlinks for free 2022

Link building offers endless benefits. But like every other SEO pract