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How to Verify Google Business Profile

Business owners know the importance of visibility. Both physical and virtual businesses need online visibility to bring in their target audience and customers. To help business owners boost their online visibility, Google continuously develops tools to create exposure for businesses.

One of those tools by Google aimed at helping businesses to find clients is Google Business Profile. Google Business Profile is a simple-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their presence online and circulate the globe.

It enables potential clients to find your business and patronize your brand. But to reap its benefits, you need a verified profile. This article will highlight steps to create a verified Google Business Profile for your brand to appear in Google's search result pages.

How to Verify Google Business Profile

4 Methods to Verify Google Business Profile

There are different ways to verify your Google Business Profile. They include through email, phone, post, video. Let's take a closer look at each of these methods –

Method #1: Verify Google Business Profile by Email

Not all businesses can verify via their profile with email. If this option is available to you on your Google Business Profile, here are the steps to get it done –

  • Sign with your Email address

  • Choose the business you want to get verified

  • Tap verify now

  • Select 'Email' on the list of verification options

  • Open your Gmail inbox and find your email from Google Business Profile. The email contains a verification code and a link to Google Business Profile site where you can activate your profile

  • Click the link, enter the code, and tap the 'Verify' button

Method #2: Verify Google Business Profile through Phone / SMS

Only businesses in the US, Canada, and a few other select countries are able to verify their profiles through phone or SMS. If you live in any of the eligible countries, take the following steps to get verified –

  • Sign in to Google Business Profile

  • Click the "Get Verified" button

  • Choose the option for "Phone or SMS" method

  • Cross check the number you've provided and ensure that it is correct and receive a text message containing a verification code to the number provided

  • Copy the code into your Google Business Profile site

  • Get verified

Endeavor to pay attention to online safety practices when using this method since scammers may try to take advantage of this verification method. Do not give out personal information or passwords to anyone over the phone.

Method #3: Verify Google Business Profile via Postcard

Using postcards is the most common method of Google Business Profile verification. To use this method, do the following –

  • Visit the Google Business Profile site and sign in

  • Choose the 'Postcard' method after clicking on the "Get verified" button

  • Google will send a postcard to your address with a verification code

  • Dial the code into your Google Business Page to complete the verification steps

This process takes longer than the others, as most times, postcards from Google Business arrive between 14 or 21 days. Before receiving your postcard, avoid editing any details of your Business Profile. This includes not requesting for a new verification code, since this may lead to delay in receiving your code.

After you receive your postcard and your verification code, do these –

  • If you have different locations for your business, select the location you would like to manage

  • Enter your verification code indicated in your postcard

  • Click on the "Submit" button

Method #4: Verify Google Business Profile using Video

This is another process of getting verified on Google Business Profile. It takes about five days to be reviewed with this method. Here's how to do it –

  • Create a video tour to verify your brand's location, your equipment, and show proof to show your management

  • Go to the Google Business Profile webpage

  • Click "Get Verified", then "Capture Video"

  • Submit video and wait for review

If you are verified you will get a notification from Google. On the other hand, if you did not get any notification but the "Get Verified" still shows up on the page, then delete the video from your Business Profile and try another method to get verified.

Why Should You Verify Your Google Business Profile?

Why does taking any of these steps to verify your profile matter? Take a look at these advantages that come with verifying your Google Business Profile –

  1. Your Business shows up on Google's map Search Engine: People use Google maps to locate businesses. And Google Business Profile works with Maps to put you in front of your target customers and boost sales.

  2. Build Trust with Clients: Having a verified profile on Google Business, being a trusted platform, strengthens your reputation and allows clients to have a measure of trust in your brand.

  3. Higher Ranks in SERPs: Google is pro businesses. That's why Google Business results show up before results from other webpages. The more Google knows more about your brand, the higher your business rank will be in the result pages. Verifying your Google Business Profile is a good way to inform Google about your consistent, quality product, so it can meet your clients search needs.

  4. Increase Brand Engagement: Google Business Profile generates a lot of opportunities for engagement. Potential clients can gain access to your website with a click. It also provides the ability to book appointments through your listing, which is highly beneficial.

  5. Boost Your Appeal with Ratings: Most people read reviews before purchasing any product from any brand. With Google My Business listing rate, client will be able to check your site and review your business and leave feedback about your business to others. You will be able to get star rating system right next to your business Profile.

Bottom Line

If you've ever wondered how to get your Google Business Profile verified, then the steps highlighted in this article are sure to help. Bearing in mind that some verification methods are not available to all businesses in every country, it is important to focus on the method that is available to your location. Providing the right information – phone and/or contact address address – would ensure that your profile verification process is seamless. And for methods that require a number of days, being patient and on the lookout would help you obtain verification so you can maximize your Google Business profile.


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