Creating Google Maps For Your Business In 2022

At times, nothing could be as frustrating as losing your way. Years back, this was prevented by landmarks. It was even worse if you tried finding your way past a land with no markers. However, the invention of Google Maps has ushered in a new era when you can hardly lose your way.

Google Maps

Why does your business location need to be put on the map? For starters, here is a little insight into Google Maps. In this article, you will also come to understand the relevance of Google Maps to your business. And of course, this article will guide you through setting your business location up on the map.

Google Maps

Although this C++ desktop program was created by Jens and Lars Rasmussen, Google acquired it in 2004. With several improvements, this new web-based mapping platform was released by Google in February 2005.

Setting your business up on this platform is free of any cost. All you require to get started is a business profile on Google. Why should you give Google's web-mapping platform a shot?

How Relevant are Google Maps

  1. With Google Maps, your business has chances of having a part of the 76% of people searching for “local stores around me” every 24-hours as customers. Following these statistics from Think With Google, your sales face a potential increase as 7 out of 19 people would make a purchase.

  2. By incorporating Google Maps in your business, you are open to ways to boost your business’ online presence. With your business on the map, you can employ the services of Local Pack, another of Google's tools that aid local SEO. The Local Pack crawls your business up among the top three searches for stores near me on the search engine result page. It includes your business details like location, rating, and working hours. However, this extra local SEO boost is only possible once you have your business on Google map.

Setting Your Business Up On The Map

Setting up your business location on Google Maps is possible in two ways. You can do it directly on Google Maps, or you can use Google Business instead. Both methods, however, require business verification by Google. Now, let us consider both methods stepwise.

Using Google Maps

  1. Launch Google Maps on your device and input your business/brand name in the search box. Your business might come up in the results as relatively anyone can add a location. However, there is a high probability that your business does not come up on the map. When this happens, click on the option “add a missing place”.

  2. Add your business. Clicking on the option to add a missing place leads you to a page where you can fill in the details of your business. By sending in the details, you have now set your location on the map. However, you do not get to enjoy the benefits of ranking high on the map or local Pack.

  3. Claim your brand's listing. The next window carries the “claim this business” option. Next, click on “I manage/own this business”. Choosing the means of verification and following the on-screen instructions completes this step. Means of verification could be by email containing a PIN generated for you. Completing the verification makes Google recognize you as the business owner. Now, you can add your contact details, official website, and operating hours among others.

In a couple of weeks, your business is visible on the map while reflecting those details customers want to know.