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How to Add Yourself on Google People Cards

You might want to see your profile appear when you search for your name on Google. The way to go about it is by adding yourself to Google people cards. This is a feature launched by Google that allows people to upload themselves into their server and appear when searched. But how can you add yourself on Google People Cards and what should you bear in mind when doing so? Find out in this read.

How to Add Yourself on Google People Cards

What Are Google People Cards?

Google People Cards is a knowledge store used by Google to improve their search results with information gathered on people. It is simply a virtual card business card that appears when your name is searched for on Google.

Advantages of Adding Yourself to Google People Cards

Let's talk about the upsides of adding yourself to Google people cards. They include –

1. Enhancement of visibility

This card appears on the search engine once your name or related keywords are searched for. It provides users with basic information about you. Adding yourself to Google people cards will help you catch users' attention easily.

2. Control over reputation on the Internet

Having yourself on Google People Cards will help you have a level of control over your online reputation. This information is easily accessible to users as long as your name or relevant keywords are searched for, so claiming your card will help you control what information is available to the public.

3. Improved user experience

This benefits both you and Google. When you add yourself on Google People Cards, you will be found quite easily by people who search for you, thereby increasing your popularity or purchases of your product. On Google's side, users will prefer them as they eradicate the need to skim through loads of search results before finding who or what they are looking for.

4. Upper handover competition

Branding is essential for maintaining the online presence of your business in this digital age. Adding yourself to Google people cards will help you become distinctive and memorable to users who search for you. This gives you an upper hand over those who have not optimized their presence on the net to this extent.

5. Creation of opportunities

When you have added yourself to Google People Cards and optimized your card, it will make you and/or your brand more noticeable to potential clients or business associates.

Things to Know before Adding Yourself to Google People Cards

You may be eager to use this feature but there are some things you need to know before deciding whether or not to add yourself on Google people cards. These include –

  • This feature is not available to all countries or regions. It is available in a few countries including India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. However, even without this, it is available to Google users with their languages set to Hindu or English.

  • When adding yourself on Google People Cards, you need to provide some essential information. Some of these are your full legal name, a clear profile picture representing your brand properly, work title, address of business if applicable, and links to your online profiles such as X, Instagram, TikTok, and others.

  • While adding yourself to Google People cards, remember that whatever information you upload will be public and accessible to anyone who searches for your name or keywords associated with you. In other words, this information represents you. To maintain a good reputation, make sure that the information provided is appropriate and will not be damaging to you or make you seem unprofessional.

  • Creating your Google card is not where it ends. You will have to maintain this card. To do this first ensure that your Google account is active and you are signed in.

  • Remember that this feature is not available to all regions and, though the time frame varies, it can take several weeks to add yourself to Google people cards.

Requirements for Adding Yourself on Google People Cards

There are some requirements for adding yourself on Google People cards, some of which are:

  • Make sure you have the Google search app or any other internet browser installed on your device.

  • You should have an active Google account. Either a Gmail or a G Suite account.

  • Ensure your web & app activity is turned on before you begin.

  • Provide your full name and/or a bio that includes highlights about you. This can make your Google people card more captivating.

  • Use a clear picture of you or your business which will show off your professionalism.

  • You will need to attach your work title as this specification will make it easier for others to find you.

  • Adding your location is also essential as this will help you connect to people within your geographical location.

  • You will also need to provide information about your expertise.

  • Add links to your social media accounts.

Guidelines for Adding Yourself on Google People Cards

As you add yourself to Google People Cards, follow these guidelines –

  • Be true to yourself.

  • Personalize your card with suggestions or your input.

  • Update your information on your card.

  • Comply with the terms and conditions of adding yourself to Google People Cards.

  • Avoid advertisement and/or subjective terms.

  • Make use of respectful and positive words.

  • Promote lawful behavior.

  • Respect the rights of others.

Steps to Add Yourself on Google People Cards

Having known what Google People Cards are and how they work, you are ready to add yourself to it. So, let's talk about the exact steps to take –

Step 1

On your preferred web browser open the Google website and search for "add me to search" or "add me to Google".

Step 2

Fill in your information. You will have to fill in the information you want to go public. Some of the requested information is mandatory and others optional. But the more information you provide, the easier it will be for you to be listed among the top when a research is conducted. The mandatory information includes your name, profession, contact information, and a brief bio. Adding links to social media accounts could also improve your online presence.

Step 3

Preview and then submit the card. Take a moment to preview the information on the preview tab, if you're satisfied with what you see there and it portrays the image you want it to, then take the final step and submit.

How to Edit Your Google People Card

  1. First, open Google on your preferred search engine or open the Google app.

  2. Second, ensure that you are signed into your Google account before you start with the editing. This is a crucial step to maintain control over your online profile.

  3. Third, search for "edit my people card". Here, you'll be able to make whatever changes you wish to make. Google will then fetch relevant results for you.

  4. Lastly, tap edit on your people card. Once you tap on this, you will be able to unleash your creativity in editing your card.

Note: Celebrity Dilemma

It takes a while for your Google card to appear along with the information you filled in. But if you share the same name as a celebrity, you need to fill in a piece of distinctive information so that you can be found easily in search results.

Remember that the more information you provide the easier it will be for you to be on top of the search results.


The Google people card is an essential tool for personal brand and business brand image. It helps you become accessible to Google users and makes your profile more accessible to the public with relevant information. This could help you gain control over your online reputation. In this article, we have talked about the steps to adding yourself to Google people cards. This guide will help you easily add yourself and will help you know the things necessary before adding yourself on Google People cards.

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