Google People Card

Most times when you make queries on search engines, you find the answers you desire. Other times, the results that pop up are partly related to what you search for. However, there are times when you find unrelated results to your search. All this depends on the amount of information regarding certain topics available on Google's database. All information on search engines including Google comes from what individuals upload.

Following this, when you search for popular people online, some data appears because Google has information on them. However, the story would not be the same if you were searching for someone who is not famous. Considering this, Google LLC brought an innovative solution to light. A virtual business card by name the People Card. This article will give an in-depth review of this somewhat new release by Google.

Google People Card

About the People Card by Google

Noticing how difficult it was for the not-so-famous people to be found online, Google developed and released the People Card feature in August 2020. If you are new to the internet scene that is already flowing with a pool of sites and individuals, your online presence would be considerably minute. However, the advent of the people card provided a substitute for business cards. Creating a profile for yourself on the Google People Card requires you to provide your details like your name, website, and whatnot.

The people cards act as a knowledge-base for Google that stores the personal information of individuals. However, the information that is available for public viewing depends solely on the data provided by each individual. With data amassed in India, the people cards have become available not only in this Asian country but also in some African countries. The African countries with this service are Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. To use this service, your system language must be English or Hindi.

Creating Personal People Cards On Google

Google People's Card

Before you set out to create your people card profile, note the following;

  • This service is only available to mobile devices so you can start with an iOS or Android but not a desktop.

  • The people card feature is only available to mobile devices whose system language is set to either English or Hindi

  • Your location also matters. Although the people cards are said to have reached some African countries like Nigeria, those in India have the best chances at this feature. However, if you are in India and you still cannot access the service, send feedback to Google.

  • Lastly, your web activity needs to be on. If you are not certain about this, visit your Google account settings and check the current status of your web activity under the tab data & privacy.

Google People Card1

With these requirements met, you can proceed to set up your profile. Following these 6 steps, you can complete your profile on the virtual card.

  1. Launch Google's search app or visit on your browser.

  2. Make a search using your name as the search query. Alternatively, input the phrase “add me to Google” in the search bar. You can input “edit my people card” as another search option.

  3. The first result of your search will be the “add yourself to Google” option. This is the result you should click on, precisely the Get started button.

  4. Here is the part where you get to tell other people what you want them to know about you. You are required to fill the fields Summary