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Google People Card

Most times when you make queries on search engines, you find the answers you desire. Other times, the results that pop up are partly related to what you search for. However, there are times when you find unrelated results to your search. All this depends on the amount of information regarding certain topics available on Google's database. All information on search engines including Google comes from what individuals upload.

Following this, when you search for popular people online, some data appears because Google has information on them. However, the story would not be the same if you were searching for someone who is not famous. Considering this, Google LLC brought an innovative solution to light. A virtual business card by name the People Card. This article will give an in-depth review of this somewhat new release by Google.

Google People Card

About the People Card by Google

Noticing how difficult it was for the not-so-famous people to be found online, Google developed and released the People Card feature in August 2020. If you are new to the internet scene that is already flowing with a pool of sites and individuals, your online presence would be considerably minute. However, the advent of the people card provided a substitute for business cards. Creating a profile for yourself on the Google People Card requires you to provide your details like your name, website, and whatnot.

The people cards act as a knowledge-base for Google that stores the personal information of individuals. However, the information that is available for public viewing depends solely on the data provided by each individual. With data amassed in India, the people cards have become available not only in this Asian country but also in some African countries. The African countries with this service are Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. To use this service, your system language must be English or Hindi.

Creating Personal People Cards On Google

Google People's Card

Before you set out to create your people card profile, note the following;

  • This service is only available to mobile devices so you can start with an iOS or Android but not a desktop.

  • The people card feature is only available to mobile devices whose system language is set to either English or Hindi

  • Your location also matters. Although the people cards are said to have reached some African countries like Nigeria, those in India have the best chances at this feature. However, if you are in India and you still cannot access the service, send feedback to Google.

  • Lastly, your web activity needs to be on. If you are not certain about this, visit your Google account settings and check the current status of your web activity under the tab data & privacy.

Google People Card1

With these requirements met, you can proceed to set up your profile. Following these 6 steps, you can complete your profile on the virtual card.

  1. Launch Google's search app or visit on your browser.

  2. Make a search using your name as the search query. Alternatively, input the phrase “add me to Google” in the search bar. You can input “edit my people card” as another search option.

  3. The first result of your search will be the “add yourself to Google” option. This is the result you should click on, precisely the Get started button.

  4. Here is the part where you get to tell other people what you want them to know about you. You are required to fill the fields Summary and Profession.

  5. When you are done filling your information in, click the Preview button at the page bottom.

  6. If the card is to your taste then your job is done. Now, select the Submit option.

You need not panic if you do not see your profile on Google Search immediately after clicking on that button as the process may take some hours to complete.

How To Make Changes On The Google People Card

Google People Card2

Several reasons would make one review an already uploaded card. Google may remove a card from its search if it is not verified or updated over time, so change is inevitable. Also, when content that violates Google's Card Content Guideline is found, you will be required to review your card. Following this, here are some easy steps to edit your card information:

  • On your browser, visit or launch the app on your mobile device.

  • Log in to your Google account if you have not already done so and type “edit my people card” into your search bar.

  • Click on the Edit option at the upper right corner of the people card.

From here, you can add/remove any information you no longer want to display to the public, for example, your contact information.

How To Take Your People Card Down

If you no longer want your card on Google Search, you can take it down. How?

  • Log in to your Google account and visit or launch the app.

  • In the search box type the query “edit my people card”.

  • Click the option to remove your Search card from Google.

Once this change takes effect, your card profile will not appear when you search for yourself on the search engine.

Points To Note About Google's People Card

  • Ultimately, your card appearing on Google Search is under probability. Having your Google card appear on the search engine is similar to having your articles appear in the visible ranks of the SERP. Hence, in the same way you would optimize your content for better ranks, your people card needs as much information as possible. This increases the probability that it would show up when searched for.

  • Considering how you might share names with some other Google card profiler, it would be best to personalize your card. In other words, add something that sets you aside from others to your name. It could be something as simple as Cook or pianist (Raya Devgan Pianist), or something lengthy like an alias of yours.

  • Ensure that your card contains up-to-date information. You should also exclude unverified information from your card as this could attract a penalty.

Google People Card3

Requirements For Your People Card Content

Here are a few tips from Google on how you can draft the content for your virtual people card, rather, here are a few rules to abide by;

  • Your content must not contain any form of comparative, negative, or derogatory statements.

  • You must in no way incite, support, or promote hate, unlawful behavior, or violence through your card content.

  • Do not include advertisements or solicitations in your content. By extension, words like best, free, cheapest, only, and the likes are not allowed.

  • Your Google card profile should not be a misrepresentation. It must reflect you and no one else. In other words, the picture on your profile must be yours and not someone else’. The contents of your card must not portray you as a member of an organization you do not belong to.

  • You must not trample on the rights of others by what you include in your card. Respecting the privacy and intellectual property rights of others requires that you do not upload content without due permission to do so.


What are the fields of information required for your card profile?

The necessary information that you are required to fill in are your name, occupation, location, and about yourself. You can also change the default avatar to a picture of you. Although the other fields are not compulsory, you can decide to fill them to make your card comprehensive. These fields are labeled education, website, hometown, email, and phone number. You can also include links to your social media handles in the field labeled social links. If your profile is for your business, you can include this information using the link above the preview button.

How much does a profile on Google Search cost?

A people card profile on the search engine costs nothing. No one has to pay to create a Google card profile. Provided you are in a location where the feature is available and you meet other requirements, you can create your card profile for free.

Of what use is the Card Content Guideline?

The card content guidelines provided by Google function in the same way as Google's Policies regarding every content uploaded. Considering how there are millions of users making search queries on the search engine, the Guidelines ensure that no inappropriate/incentive content is publicized.

Is there a penalty for going against Google's Content Guideline?

In a way, your activities are being watched. With feedback from fellow Google card users and signals from certain algorithms, your card will be flagged down when inappropriate/false information is found on it. If your card is confirmed to be violating any of the user's policies, your card will either be temporarily or permanently disabled. A notice will appear on your card containing steps to edit the content/appeal whatever decision was reached. If no changes are made and your card’s content is still violating some guidelines, your access to this service might be canceled.

Bottom Line

Do you want to see your name come up on the search engine as any other result would? If yes, there is no better way to go about it than setting yourself up with a search card profile. By following the simple steps outlined in the course of this article, you can manage your card at will. At launch, it was available only in India, and with time, is said to have reached some African countries. Perhaps with time, this service will be available in more locations.

Although the people card feature has faced some issues (like the about page not showing for some), considering how it would cost you nothing, it is worth giving a try. With links to your website and social pages, more people finding you on Google Search could reflect on how many people visit these other pages of yours. Remember to regularly update the information on your card to stay relevant and avoid your card from being removed by Google.


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