How Does Google Spy On Your Site Or Page?

Google – the world's largest search engine and most visited internet search browser remain a playground and central hub for creatives, digital marketers, and everyday internet users. It connects its users from different corners of the globe with several products that are linked together with a few clicks. YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts, and Gmail are some of its core products that make its services increasingly irresistible. Still, Google receives several sticks on grounds of spying.

There are several contents online indicating how Google spies on users of its products and browsers. And this growing concern is also visible within webmasters, digital marketers, and owners of websites. But the big question remains whether Google is truly spying on your page or site. If yes, how does Google spy on your site or page, and how can you benefit from such data? This article answers core questions surrounding the data that Google collects and how you can make the most of it.

Does google spy on your site or page?

This is one question that many users keep asking. The answer is a simple 'Yes.' Still, Google is not solely responsible for this. Website owners and digital marketers also have a part in this. Ranking on Google requires some common tools to track the performance of keywords and other core metrics. Webmasters and digital marketers integrate such tools as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to get the most of their websites. So, how does spying works with these tools? Here is how.

How does google spy on your site or page?

Google Analytics and Google Search Console give insights into the activities on a website. As they are both Google products, it is easy to point one's fingers at Google. Well, here is how they operate and get website data:

Google Analytics

More than half the websites on the planet have integrated Google Analytics to determine the traffic on a website and understand user behaviors on the site. This free service by Google began in 2006 and has since led the pack of metrics measurement platforms.

Google Analytics allows for the tracking of blogs, social networks, and websites. It provides users with custom reports to make critical decisions concerning the website or business. The insight acquired from using Google Analytics on a website includes the traffic information with respect to the audience classification, acquisition, behavior, and conversions.

Generally, Google Analytics operates on several core processes. This includes data collection, processing, and report generation.

  • Data Collection

In collecting data from websites, Google Analytics employs the use of a Javascript code.