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The Ultimate List Of SEO Auditing Tools ( Free Check Up ) [2021]

Ask anyone, and they will say the same thing - auditing a website can be tough. Imagine working day in and day out, spending a lot of time and resources, and thoroughly going over hundreds of pages. In Search Engine Optimization, particularly, auditing demands for patience and a keen eye for details. SEO Auditing is one of the first and most crucial steps to make when developing a digital marketing campaign. After all, you first need to determine a site’s search engine friendliness so that you will know exactly which areas you can improve on.

For this reason, you need the best SEO auditing tools to help ease the process. We’re here to help. In this article, we’ve made the ultimate list of the best SEO auditing tools out there right now.

8 SEO Auditing Tools

1. Ahrefs

seo tools for auditing

If you are serious at creating a formidable SEO campaign, Ahrefs has to be one of the first tools you should use. With Ahrefs you get an overall tool to help you create a high-performing SEO campaign. Ahrefs’ Site Audit is the best when examining a site’s SEO health. It can recognize more than a hundred technical issues, including critical errors like broken links and redirects, to some less-pressing matters before they can do harm to your site’s SERP ranking. Ahrefs can also conveniently tell you what’s wrong with your site and how to fix it, which you can see on its dashboard. The greatest feature of Ahrefs is the site explorer which you can check the:

  • Ahrefs Ranks

  • Url Rating

  • Domain Rating

  • Backlinks

  • Referring Domains

  • Organic Keywords

  • Organic Traffic

  • Traffic Value


Ahrefs offer 7 days free trial for $7. They have both monthly billing and annual billing (with 2 months free).

Monthly Billing

  • Lite - $99 / M

  • Standard - $179 / M

  • Advanced - $399 / M

  • Agency - $999 / M

Annually Billing

  • Lite - $990 / year

  • Standard - $1,790 / year

  • Advanced - $3,990 / year

  • Agency - $9,990 / year

Official site:


2. Woorank

seo tools audit

If you want a less-technical user experience, you should go for Woorank. Like Ahrefs, Woorank provides a detailed analysis of your site’s On-Page and Off-Page SEO, broken links, and help you locate defective landing pages. However, Woorank’s reports are easy to understand, and they can provide additional help through their capable SEO consultants.


Woorank offers 14 days free trial and they only have monthly subscriptions.

Monthly Billing

  • Pro - $59 / M

  • Premium - $179 / M

  • Enterprise - $249 / M


3. Screaming Frog

seo audit tools

Screaming Frog is not completely an SEO auditing tool per se. However, it works by crawling a site and presenting you with all the possible SEO problems in it. So basically, it acts much like a complete SEO auditing tool by analyzing 30+ specific parameters like outlinks, response times, meta descriptions and so much more.


They do have free version, but you can only use a limited feature while the paid version can almost do anything. They don't have any monthly or annual payment but they offer 1 year licence. After that you will be required to renew your licence.

Yearly licence

  • Paid version - £149 / year


4. Raventools

tools for audit site

Raventools is a must-have if you’re keen on creating detailed and technical digital marketing campaigns. With Raventools, you can get quality reports with ever SEO technical issues and their subsequent recommendations. It can also suggest solutions in optimizing your site’s design, page speed, social media reputation, and backlinks.


Raventools offer 14 days trial with no credit card required to test drive their SEO tools. They both offer monthly and annual subscriptions.

Monthly Billing

  • Start - $109 / M

  • Grow - $199 / M

  • Thrive - $299 / M

  • Lead - $479 / M

Annually Billing ( billed monthly)

  • Lite - $99 / M

  • Standard - $169 / M

  • Advanced - $249 / M

  • Agency - $399 / M

Official site:


5. SEMRush

list of SEO tools for audit

Overall, SEMRush is the best one-stop-shop SEO tools out there, auditing included. SEMrush runs extensive analysis over a website’s competitor research, backlinks, and PPC keywords. However, SEMRush is an excellent tool for those who want to be competitive in SEO. It can aggressively track your competitor’s data so that you know which aspects you can focus more on and what you can implement to compete against them. SEMRush also has an excellent and complete website audit and position tracking.


Semrush offers montly and annual plans and you can get higher package account in their enterprise or you'll need to contact them.

Monthly Billing

  • Pro- $99.95 / M

  • Guru - $199.95 / M

  • Business - $399.95 / M

  • Enterprise - Contact support

Annually Billing

  • Pro- $999.40 / year

  • Guru - $1999.40 / year

  • Business - $3999.40 / year

  • Enterprise - Contact support


6. Seomator

list seo audit tool

If you want a fast and instant analysis for your site, then Seomator is for you. Seomator is an online SEO auditing tool that will crawl a website and provide a quick, comprehensive analysis report that can be exported to a PDF with details on your site’s problems, scores, and overall SEO performance.


SEOmator offer 7 days trial and they only have monthly subscription.

Monthly Billing

  • Pay as you go - $5 / once

  • Small business - $19 / M

  • Professional - $49 / M

  • Unlimited - $179 / M

Official site:


7. Majestic SEO

They are the largest link index database, you can check the site's backlinks, competitors backlinks and the founder of trust flow and citation flow checker. It will measure the links TF and CF. The highest the trust flow the more it will become your site's can be trusted. It has also the feature to check the anchor text per page or root of the domain. This tool is good for checking competitors backlinks, doing guest post links, measure your domain trust flow.


Majestic offer both monthly and annual subscription.

Monthly Billing

  • Lite - $49.99 / M

  • Pro - $99.99 / M

  • API - $399 / M

Annually Billing

  • Lite - $500 / year

  • Pro - $996 / year

  • API - $3,996 / year

Official site:


8. MOz

Moz is the founder of domain authority and page authority checker, they are also well know for spam score SEO checker. The have released a new feature which is the link explorer that will check the % of DA, PA, linking domains, anchor text, top pages, spam score. The newest and greatest feature is the link intersect which it will find sites link to your competitors, but not to you. Next is the link tracking lists which you can manage your link building progress , analyze and track.


Moz Offers monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Monthly Billing

  • Standard - $99 / M

  • Medium - $179 / M

  • Large - $249 / M

  • Premium - $999 / M

Annually Billing

  • Standard - $950 / year

  • Medium - $1,719 / year

  • Large - $2,390 / year

  • Premium - $9,590 / year

Official site:


The Takeaway

Using one, or even having two or more as a combination of these tools will give you more comprehensive reports of your site’s SEO health. Performing a regular SEO audit to your website is crucial in ensuring your SEO campaigns are performing well. As you know, SEO is an ongoing process. Using the right tools can save you the time and extensive effort in doing so.

Video Explanation

We offer free site audit check up.

We do offer Ahrefs Check up, Moz metrics check up and Majestic SEO check up. You can contact us on chat support or email us the list of sites that you want to update or check and will send it you back with the report ;) you can download the template below and add your site list to be audit, you can send us back the excel to our email.

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