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Complete List Of High Authority Backlinks

In the mind of every business owner and digital marketer lies thoughts of increasing their web rank on Google in their respective niches. Putting your webpage on the top of Google Search Engine means you are likely to appear to a larger audience, thereby increasing your potential to convert. There are several strategies to optimize your position on a search engine result page. And one renowned method is the use of backlinks.

Backlinking is one key signal Google uses in determining rank position. It involves linking a website to another. Google believes that a webpage or site linking to another point on the web is a sign of relevance. And they give such sites with backlinks higher priority to feature on the search engine result page. Google also gives extra attention to sites with a certain quality of backlinks–High Authority Backlinks. We'd get back to what high-authority backlinks are later on. Right now, you can expect that the competition is actively doing its best to get above others in ranking. Hence the need to make the most of High Authority Backlinks to get Google's attention.

So, how do you get to use backlinks that are of high authority to improve your rank on Google's search engine result pages? This article answers this. It also provides a complete list of high-authority backlinks. Before looking into the question raised above, it is best we provide a background on how high authority backlinks work.

High Authority Backlinks – What are they?

High Authority Backlinks

One of the most effective advertising methods with a massive result over the ages is the referral mode of advertising. We all know how comfortable we feel when we purchase from someone we trust, or someone a family or friend introduces. That is because of the credibility and assurance that we are getting something of value from this person. Think of backlinks of high authority similarly. A link to your website serves as a vote of confidence to Google. Now, when such a vote of confidence comes from a reputable source, it only raises your stakes. And when this happens, your reputation grows.

It is quite important to note that Google views such votes of credibility in terms of quality. What this means is that a link indicates that you have quality content with much promise. But that is not enough to rank. Other SEO factors like the PageRank help validate the signal from the backlink.

Just as being in a terrible company taints one's reputation, backlinks from websites with low ranks or spammy sites adversely affect your SEO. And we know the implication of having a bad SEO—it leads to poor traffic and reduces conversion potential. This is one key reason you must look out for high-authority backlinks.

The Complete List of High Authority Backlinks

Now that we have seen the importance of high-authority backlinks, we will consider the complete list of high-authority backlinks. Having this complete list of high-authority backlinks will help ease your search for what sites to link your page or content. It is even more important as finding a properly curated, up-to-date list online can be daunting. With it, you can save time and effort, which you can use in other areas of your business. That said, here is the complete list of high-authority backlinks:


You can download all file links here:

Authority Backlinks List
Download XLSX • 32KB

How many links: 978 Links

Attribute: Mix Do follow/ No Follow

Platform: Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking, URL Shortener, Articles, Profile Link, Business listing


What you should know about this list of High Authority Backlinks

Making the most of the complete list of high-authority backlinks starts with understanding what the list covers. Apart from the domains listed there, several metrics form the basis of the rank of each domain. These are:

DA and PA

DA simply stands for domain authority. It measures how well a website will perform on the search engine result page. As seen on the list, this metric scores between one and hundred, with a higher score indicating more chances to feature higher on the SERP.

PA is like the DA but measures the chances of a webpage to rank on Google's SERP. The higher the PA, the higher the chances of ranking a page on the SERP. Hence the need to know the PA of the page you want to backlink.

The DA and PA both play a pivotal role in giving relevance to a link. Yet Google does not use them independently. The major difference between both is that PA relates to a page while DA measures the entire website. It is not out of place to see the DA and PA of certain websites in stark contrast with each other. And it is for a wide range of reasons as Moz considers up to 40 different criteria in determining a score. Also, it is worth mentioning that there is no exact score to determine whether a DA or PA is bad or good, as each website has different goals. Still, aiming to backlink to sites with higher DA or PA remains a preferable option.


The do-follow section indicates whether backlinking to a certain site will affect your page rank. Do-follows are what Google robots crawl to know the interactions between websites and further determine their authority. What this means is that Google pays no attention to a backlink of a website having 'no' under the do-follow section. This is because it does not follow such links. Basically, no-follows add no rank to your site.

You must note that a no-follow does not indicate that you should totally ignore such websites. No-follows are still useful as they still offer increased brand exposure and a gateway for more traffic to your website. For instance, very high traffic sites are often set as no-follows, thereby not affecting your website's rank directly but they can offer more traffic to you. These include social media sites and news websites. They can still help you attain more do-follows. As more traffic comes to your websites, it is natural for more persons to link to you, especially when you feature high-quality content on your website. Hence, you need to find a blend of the do-follow and no-follow links you use in your backlinking strategy.


In the link section, several categories feature including profile links, social bookmarking, web 2.0, forum posts, and article submission. The link type helps you understand what sort of link you should use for a certain website. This is quite important as it helps Google know what your site is all about, adding relevance and helping you feature at the right spot.

Wrapping Up

Ranking on Google's first page is no small feat. However, with a great SEO strategy, you can find your webpage in that space in no time. A good SEO strategy features good backlinking techniques as well as other on-page, off-page, and technical practices.

Here, we have discussed the complete list of high authority backlinks and how to make the most of this list. A lot has been said about the authority of backlinks and how Google interprets them. Still, it is worth pointing out that quality backlinks have their challenges as they can be quite difficult to obtain. This is not the case with backlinks of lesser quality, even though using such links can affect your SEO adversely. Backlinking with lower-quality links should not be written off, as they are easier to get and can boost your credibility. But, you must weigh between quality and quantity all the same. Although you should always seek quality backlinks, having the right blend might not be entirely off the mark.


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