Group Buy SEO Tools

As search Engine Optimization remains on top of the strategy chart for better online visibility and higher SERP ranking, SEO tools equally become more in demand. By now, everyone with a website knows the big names associated with Search Engine Optimization. Some of these high-end tools include Ahrefs, Adspy, Semrush, Moz, and Grammarly among others.

However, SEO tools vary in cost. While high-end tools are expensive, others are barely affordable. SEO tools that cost much come at that price for various reasons. One such reason is that some tools like Moz have to build their site's algorithm from scratch. In the end, they have to ensure that these algorithms will function properly. This requires both time, manpower, and finance.

The increasing demand for the services of SEO tools led to this novel innovation; Group Buy SEO tools. What has advantages also comes with its disadvantages, this is almost always the case. In this article, we will consider the benefits that come with using the services of Group buy SEO tools if any exists at all. We will also review some guarantees from Group Buy SEO tool providers.

Group Buy SEO tools

What is Group Buy SEO tools all about?

The SEO tools on Group buy are a series of tools offered by certain agencies at a lower cost than is normal. Such agencies like, which has been around since 2016, offer an array of SEO services. They purchase and share tools in various areas that result in individuals creating optimal content for sites.

What do they promise to offer?

  1. Better Prices: Purchasing a basic plan on Moz, Grammarly and Buzzsumo would be taking a $150 (£134.65) billing from your credit card. This is what the standard plans cost altogether and that is a lot. However, with the SEO tools on Group buy, you get these and several others for as low as $66.43 (£50). This is one among several offers available on Group Buy SEO tools.

  2. A wide array of tools: Most Group Buy SEO providers offer a wide set of tools to their subscribers. But they do so to different extents. For instance, provides about 250 SEO tools in their package, covering more than sixty countries.

  3. Usage without limits: Some agencies providing the services of Group buy tools have a limit to how much you can utilize certain tools. For example, how many times a day you run checks on your browser with a tool. However, some Group buy tools providers like give you access to tools with no accompanying limitations.

  4. Payments you can control: You get to purchase tools whenever you want as several providers of Group Buy SEO tools do not practice recurring billing. This way, you do not lose money when you do not want to purchase a pack of tools for Search engine optimization.

  5. Originality: With time, several sites have come up under the guise of Group Buy SEO tools providers. However, some providers have a sign that proves then authentic. For example, the tag the original is found on the home page of

Pros and Cons


  • With several SEO tools at your disposal, you can create content that would get you a good ranking.

  • Aside from their range of SEO tools, several of these service providers offer video courses available on Google Drive. These courses are over 3000GB and are frequently updated.

  • There is a 99 percent uptime on the service of every tool they offer.

  • There are several plans available, this way, you can choose a suitable plan according to budget.

  • Some providers of the service offer an around-the-clock support service for its subscribers. and Pitorr strive to answer your curiosities regarding their service.


  • If you find yourself displeased by the services you receive at some point, there is no backing out. At least not completely. As there is no refund policy offered by most GroupBuySEO service providers, if you decide to drop the services after a short time, you could consider it as losing money.

  • Putting the terms of service of each tool available on Group Buy into perspective, group buying would be an illegal act in most cases.

  • In carrying out operations, some tools might be slower than normal.

  • Users are not allowed to share log-in details with someone else. All activities are monitored round the clock to prevent shared access.