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Free Online Marketing Classes

Marketing is an essential factor that dictates a firm’s success. This is especially true in an age where technology is more prevalent. Nowadays, to reach out to as many people as possible, physical marketing is not enough. You’ll find yourself delving into online marketing, making social media campaigns, building links, and worrying about rankings of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

If you are looking to join the marketing industry, you may be nervous as a beginner. You may be wondering where to start from and what skills to develop. Fortunately, this article discusses a list of top online marketing classes you can take. Are you worried about funds? No worries, these marketing classes are all free. That means you can take them immediately at no cost, from anywhere around the world. With that, what are the best free online marketing classes currently available? Below are courses to help you succeed in digital marketing.

Free Online Marketing Classes

Top Free Online Marketing Classes

These classes will help you develop skills across different aspects of online marketing, from Affiliate and SEO to Email, Social Media, and Content marketing. However, the first course by Great Learning as you'll find below is aimed at beginners in digital marketing as a whole.

Online Free Online Marketing Classes

When it comes to a library of courses, Great Learning does not fall short. This course, in particular, teaches you digital marketing from the basics. It helps you have a firm understanding of how digital marketing works. Then, it goes further to introduce other segments of online marketing. So, if you're looking for a fresh start, this one is for you.


Time: 2 hours

➔ 10 modules

➔ You’ll get a certificate when you complete the quiz after taking the course

Additional Perks

❖ Great Learning certificates are valid around the world

❖ Before diving into various marketing segments, it first treats the basics of online marketing

❖ It has a high rating of 4.44

❖ You can access the course and certificate anytime you want from anywhere.

Free Online Marketing Classes - Hubspot

HubSpot Academy is known for providing several online marketing classes. Among these, their Digital Advertising Certification course is one of the best for early learners who want to develop skills in online advertising. In short, this course will put you through how to create a working advertising strategy. Here are the details of this course:


Time: 3 hours and 15 minutes

➔ 10 lessons across 34 videos

➔ 10 Quizzes

➔ A certificate is available after completing the one-hour exam

Additional Perks

❖ The certificate is globally recognized

❖ The course introduces you to various online advertising segments, including Paid Search, Google Ads, and Social Media.

❖ After completion, HubSpot will recommend other classes to help you further develop your marketing skills.

Free Online Marketing Classes - Udemy

Affiliate is a growing part of digital marketing. Udemy helps beginners develop the right skills for effective affiliate marketing. So, in this course, you’ll learn how to start, set up your site, choose your niche, and start earning. And you’re only required to check out the course.


Time: 2 hours and 18 minutes

➔ 7 lectures across 6 sections

Additional Perks

❖ The course includes a bonus lecture on the secrets of making big profits online

❖ It prepares you for effective affiliate marketing.

Free Online Marketing Classes - Great Learning

You can't fully discuss online marketing without including Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That's because search engines are easily taking the lead on the internet. And to help you market on these search engines, you need SEO. So, Great Learning offers the basic processes and strategies of SEO in this course to help marketing learners.


Time: 1 hour

➔ 8 modules

➔ You’ll get a certificate from Great Learning when you complete the quiz after taking the course

Additional Perks

❖ It has a high rating of 4.56

❖ It treats all the basic SEO strategies that you need to know.

Free Online Marketing Classes - Neil Patel

Do you already know about email marketing? If yes, then Neil Patel's course on Email Marketing will help you further enhance your knowledge. While not too suited to beginners, this course goes right down to how you can gain results from your efforts. The details are as follows:


Time: The course is divided into Weeks 1 and 2.

➔ It consists of 5 videos broken into two sections: Setting Up” and “Optimization”

Additional Perks

❖ The course directly helps learners understand what works for their strategy.

Free Online Marketing Classes - Udemy

Here’s another course by Udemy that made the list. This is helpful if you’re interested in knowing how to turn your social media platforms into a place where your business can thrive in. Here are the details.


Time: 48 minutes

➔ 9 lectures across 2 sections

Additional Perks

❖ It has a high rating of 4.5

❖ It helps you identify what makes a good social marketing strategy and how to create one.

Free Online Marketing Classes - SE Ranking

Content is needed for any form of online marketing you want to carry out. That’s why, to succeed, you should know how to create high-quality SEO content. This course by SE Ranking will help you develop that skill.


Time: 2 hours plus

➔ It consists of 43 lessons across 7 sections

➔ Certificate provided after taking the test questions

Additional Perks

❖ It’s a great course suitable for anyone who needs to improve their content creation skill.

Why Should You Consider These Online Marketing Classes?

Now that we've seen these seven free online marketing classes for you to take, why should you even consider joining any? What benefits does taking online marketing classes offer, and are they worth it? Consider three points:

1. Online Marketing is Diverse

Online marketing (also known as digital marketing) is only a subset of the marketing industry. That's true. However, that "subset" has several other segments under it. Some include Social media, Email, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Some professionals are skilled in multiple online marketing segments, while others decide to focus and specialize on only one.

As a newbie, diving into online marketing presents you with various options to select from. But enrolling for a beginner's course will familiarize you with how the digital marketing world operates. From there, you can decide which specific path to follow.

2. Enhances Your Marketing Skills

Of course, this is one of the primary reasons you should take online marketing classes. If you’re a complete beginner, as seen above, these classes will help you familiarize yourself with online marketing. But what if you already have some knowledge of it?

Know that these marketing classes are not only for beginners. They allow you to enhance any marketing skill you have. But what if you've already taken similar online marketing classes in the past and are, to a degree, an expert in your field? What help can these marketing classes offer?

3. It Refreshes Your Knowledge

Taking online marketing classes is not limited to a particular skill level. Even experts revisit marketing classes they took earlier in their careers to refresh their knowledge and see things from a different perspective. But why is that? Marketing is dynamic.

Online marketing is especially flexible. When consumers get tired of a certain strategy, online marketers try to adapt to their new tastes. What's more, what works for firm A may not affect firm B. That's just how the digital marketing world is. As technology changes, so do consumers. And marketers must adapt to all these changes. That is why taking the latest online marketing classes offers so much value.

At this point, you’ve seen three solid reasons for taking an online marketing class. But one last reason is that the courses on this list are free. So, you just need to try them out and see whether it's worth it. You have nothing to lose.

Wrapping Up

Online marketing is a field that’s expanding. As such, there will be more people getting involved in it. As someone looking to develop digital marketing skills, taking classes and enhancing your knowledge is a great choice. As seen in this article, some of these classes even offer a certificate to prove your skill. But with all these options in front of you, you (as a beginner) might wonder which course to go for.

Well, it all depends on the area of online marketing you're aiming for. Not decided yet? Then taking an overall course like Great Learning's "Introduction to Digital Marketing" for the time being might be what you need. Regardless, these free online marketing classes discussed above are great options to kick-start your marketing career.


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