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EAT Principle and Its Importance in 2024's SEO Landscape

SEO is not merely a technical aspect now. Search engines have become more sophisticated in the last few years. They analyze and interpret the content you post. So, the rankings depend on its quality a lot. That's why the concept of EAT is more important than ever. This principle can help you deliver meaningful and relevant materials to your audience. We want to tell you more about its points. Keep reading and learn how it can change your approach to SEO in 2024!

Eat for SEO

About EAT

EAT is the acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google introduced this concept in 2014. This principle is a standard for assessing the quality and reliability of web content. Below, we explain each point in more detail.


This element highlights the importance of demonstrating expertise in a certain subject matter. You need to provide accurate and insightful information on a particular topic. So your visitors see your site as more reliable. 

The showcase of expertise involves thorough research. The info you post should always be up-to-date. You need to include different perspectives and address potential counterarguments. Also, innovative ideas and unique solutions add to your competence.


This component defines you as a credible source in your niche. It depends a lot on your site's and authors' reputation. It takes some time to build it. You need to deliver useful information consistently. 

Some other points that demonstrate your authority are positive reviews and endorsements from reputable sources. Basically, this element is all about showing you professionalism and confidence.


Last but not least, trustworthiness is the basis of any successful online interaction. The key to building trust is transparency. The information you provide should always be honest. Also, you need to take responsibility for all your creations. It's important to acknowledge your mistakes and stay open to criticism. That way both people and search engines consider your source as a reliable one.

Now, you probably want to know how this principle can influence your SEO strategy in 2024. Here are a few benefits it can bring:

  • Higher rankings;

  • Better user experience;

  • Credibility and social validation;

  • More relevant search results;

  • Protection against algorithm updates;

  • Competitive advantage;

  • Long-term sustainability.

Practical Steps to Cultivate EAT

We can all agree that EAT is vital for the success of your SEO initiatives. However, how can you establish these points? We gathered a few practical strategies to boost your visibility and credibility.

High-Quality Content

The first and probably the most important point is the quality of your materials. Before you start the creation process, you need to identify the needs and interests of your clientele. Then you should gather information from reputable sources and studies.

It's important to offer valuable solutions or entertainment to your readers. You need to address common questions and problems. Yet, try to avoid generic facts that are widely available. Remember that your content should be clear and easy to read. To achieve that you need to 

  • Use simple language;

  • Avoid jargon;

  • Break up the text into digestible chunks;

  • Include bullet points and lists;

  • Use visuals, etc.

Also, you have to proofread your material before publishing. Make sure it's polished and error-free. It can really strengthen your credibility.

Showcase Competence

Another way to cultivate trustworthiness is to highlight expertise. Below, we gathered some points you should include in your creations.

Author Bios and Credentials

Display the credentials and qualifications of your content creators. We recommend including brief author bios at the beginning or end of articles. This gives readers context and proof of the author's authority.


Try to showcase your past work and projects. Highlight successful outcomes or industry recognition you earned through previous works. This evidence can help you build trust with potential clients.

Thought Leadership Content

Also, you can produce thought leadership content. Offer forward-thinking perspectives and innovative ideas. For instance, you can write opinion pieces or research reports that showcase your unique insights. 

Client Testimonials

We recommend featuring client reviews, video testimonials and success stories. Positive feedback from satisfied customers serves as social proof of your capabilities. It strengthens your reputation as an expert in your field.

Build Backlinks from Reputable Sources

A strong backlink profile can also help you improve your EAT. You need to acquire links only from reputable sites. It will help you boost your visibility and gain more referral traffic.  Using HARO (Help A Reporter Out) effectively allows you to provide expert comments that can secure high-quality backlinks from major publications. Also, this sets your site as a reliable source. Some practical techniques to earn those links are

  • Guest blogging;

  • Collaborations with influencers and industry experts;

  • Resource link building;

  • HARO;

  • Broken link building;

  • Connections from industry forums or discussion boards;

  • Social media engagement.

Optimize On-Page Elements

You need to fine-tune different components of your pages. It can improve their relevance and visibility. Here are a few elements you should focus on.

Title Tag

It should accurately describe the content of your page and contain appropriate keywords. Keep it concise (around 50-60 characters).

Meta Description

This part plays a big role in attracting clicks from searchers. It should summarize the purpose of your materials and entice users to visit. Aim for around 150-160 characters.


Use headings to structure your content hierarchically and make it more readable. The H1 tag should contain the primary keyword or topic of the page. The subsequent ones should organize subtopics and sections.

Keyword Optimization

Try to incorporate suitable keywords naturally throughout the text. However, avoid keyword stuffing, as this can harm the user experience. It might also lead to penalties from search engines.

Invest in Reputation Management

This strategy can impact the perception of your brand and its credibility. So, we strongly recommend investing in reputation management.

Try to regularly monitor online mentions and reviews across different platforms. You can use monitoring tools and alerts to keep up with the conversations surrounding your brand. This approach allows you to handle any issues or negative feedback faster. 

Also, you need to constantly interact with your clientele. Try to respond to all the comments and messages. It shows them that you value their opinions. This will help you establish trust and loyalty.

Consider investing in PR strategies to manage your reputation and public image. This may involve 

  • Media outreach;

  • Press releases;

  • Events, etc.

Try to showcase your achievements and positive contributions. We also recommend keeping an eye on your competitors. Analyze their strategies and learn from their wins and failures. It can help you identify opportunities to differentiate yourself.

Secure the Website

This aspect has a huge influence on your trustworthiness. First of all search engines prioritize secure pages. Plus, it can instill confidence in your users. Some of the measures you can take are

  • SSL/TLS encryption;

  • Regular software updates;

  • Strong authentification;

  • Web Application Firewall;

  • Secure passwords;

  • Periodic security audits;

  • Automated data backups;

  • Incident response plan, etc.

Technologies for EAT in SEO

We want to highlight that you need to incorporate new advancements in your SEO to improve the EAT in 2024. These technologies can help you optimize your site to meet the latest standards. Below, we gathered some alternatives you can employ.

Content Management Systems 

You can use CMS platforms like WordPress or Drupal. They offer features that simplify content creation and organization. Also, these platforms often have SEO plugins. You can optimize on-page elements and manage metadata with their help.

Keyword Research Tools

Get familiar with tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs. They can help you identify appropriate keywords and topics with high search volume. That way you can create materials that address user requests precisely.

Natural Language Processing

NLP technology allows browsers to comprehend the context and intent of requests. You can use this development to optimize your creations for semantic relevance and natural language patterns.

Structured Data Markup

Also, we recommend using markup. You can provide additional context to search engines about your materials with it. This increases the chance to appear in rich snippets and knowledge panels.

Link Analysis Instruments

Consider utilizing Moz's Link Explorer and Majestic SEO. You can analyze your backlink profile and determine options for link building. These instruments make the process of getting premium links much easier.


Head of SEO at community monetization platform Whop advised that "EAT is essential to SEO in 2024. EAT is about more than just on-page improvements. At Whop we have been focusing on developing our EAT over the last siz months - rolling out multiple rounds of improvements to our blog, content strategy and editorial team."

The EAT concept has been out there for a decade. However, it still remains extremely important in the context of SEO. In 2024 search engines focus on the authoritativeness and trustworthiness of your site a lot. 

You need to make sure your content is top-notch and your backlinks are proper. Also, you have to constantly demonstrate your expertise. We mentioned some tips for that above. Plus, it's crucial to manage your reputation and strengthen your security.

All these measures demonstrate your reliability and credibility. We hope that our guide was helpful. Try to follow all the methods we mentioned. You'll definitely see some great results!



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