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Haro SEO Strategy

SEO- The core of a successfully driven online presence on search engines like Google. Since its “discovery” in the ’90s till date, several interested individuals have come up with ways to get the most out of it. However, after seven years, it is not as highly spoken of as it was in 2015. Regardless of this, individuals looking to build a serious online presence always have Search Engine Optimization in their top 4 marketing strategies.

Among the several tips and techniques available online to boost your site's SEO, this article will center its attention around one, the HARO SEO Strategy. This SEO strategy is one with small beginnings but with rapid recognition. However, what do you need to know about this SEO Strategy? Is HARO a viable option for your small or enterprise-sized business? These and the benefits of HARO are among our topics of focus to be discussed in this article.

HARO SEO Strategy

HARO– What Is It?

HARO- Help A Reporter Out. This idea came to light sometime in 2008. In its earlier days, it was a forum that provided support to journalists and the like. This forum which grew from a Facebook group helped its members who comprised authors and journalists to receive meaningful insights from the public. Now a platform belonging to Cision, HARO now works to direct writers toward input for content. This yields an extra touch of expertise, thus serving as an outreach platform for quality link-building. However, what is the relationship between HARO and Search Engine Optimization?

What Is the HARO SEO Strategy?

As we regard it, an SEO strategy refers to the steps and processes you implement to optimize your site for the search engine and boost its ranking. With HARO’s current mode of operation, writers/site owners have great chances at the viable link-building opportunities made available by the platform. One could relate these link-building opportunities to a form of guest outreach. And as we know, these are key to boosting one's SERP ranking and SEO. The higher the DA of the page you link to, the more impact it has on your SEO. With HARO, you can make use of tools like the Site Explorer by Shreds to scout pages with a high DA to link to. However, how can one harness the benefits of this SEO strategy? Let us proceed to discuss how HARO works.

How does HARO Work?

The HARO platform has its algorithm designed to aid two groups, Journalists and Sources.

For Journalists;

With HARO, writers can channel more of their energy into creating pitches and relevant content and less into outsourcing opportunities. Here is how HARO works for writers

  1. Create a profile. This requires you to render your name, email address, and a brief description including current media outlets.

  2. Create and submit a “Free Source Proposal”. In drafting this request, ensure to follow the provided HARO guidelines for journalists. Your proposal should include your relevant qualifications, a succinct backstory of yours, and your pitching deadline.

  3. Once this is submitted and reviewed by the editorial team, you will receive media opportunities through email in no time. At this point, you just have to select the right gig for you and reach out to receive additional information that will be required in the story/write-up you have to develop.

For Sources;

As an individual or brand, you probably need media coverage for your site. This could be for SEO reasons or brand awareness. How can you as a source benefit from HARO?

  1. To join the list of businesses/individuals in search of a qualified writer on HARO, you must first register as a source.

  2. HARO sends requests for sources through emails by 5:35 a.m., 12:35 p.m., and 5:35 p.m. ET during the weekdays (Monday-Friday). Be sure to look out for a pitch from a writer that fits your criteria. One that is relevant to your niche, credible, and seems experienced.

  3. The email addresses of writers are masked by HARO. Therefore, after settling on a pitch, create a corresponding proposal with the inserted masked email address. Your proposal should contain answers to questions from the writer (if any), specific requirements of the job, and your bio containing valid contact information. Your proposal should follow the HARO guideline for sources. If the writer in question likes the gig, he/she will reach out.

HARO Subscription Plans

HARO features four plans; its basic version and three paid plans. The basic version is free to all users and offers three media opportunities a day. Email support is also available.


The standard plan costs $19 every month. This package includes the features of the basic plan and the following benefits

  • 1 keyword with which to filter media opportunities. Simply put, you will only receive media opportunities containing the selected keyword.

  • The option to create a profile that you can automatically include in your proposals.

  • Rather than wait till opportunities are sent to your mail, you could opt for them to be sent directly to your phone.

  • Aside from these, you have the option to view all active opportunities simultaneously whenever you please.


The advanced subscription costs $49 monthly. In addition to the benefits that come with the Standard plan, this plan features the

  • 3 keywords to filter media opportunities with.

  • 3 profiles to input in proposals.

  • A head start is also available to members of this plan. This means that each time the editorial team at HARO approves of a media opportunity, you are immediately informed. With this extra time, you can prepare the perfect proposal beforehand.


The premium subscription costs $149 each month. Aside from the features available in the lower plans, the premium plan offers

  • An unlimited number of keywords to filter media opportunities.

  • Unlimited profiles can be inserted in proposals.

  • Both phone and email support are available to individuals under this plan.

How Can HARO Impact Your SEO?

HARO offers the best type of SEO, organic SEO. As mentioned under the heading what HARO as an SEO strategy is, HARO provides link-building opportunities.

By working in hand with a source whose site not only has a decent rating, but also has decent visibility, and traffic from a niche relevant to yours, you stand to gain a shot at relevant organic traffic.

Pros & Cons of working with HARO


  • Direct Expert Outsourcing

The task of sourcing for experts and struggling to maintain these relationships in a bid to broaden the network on the end of writers is now taken care of by HARO. With help from HARO, writers, bloggers, and journalists no longer have to worry about this time-consuming process that was once the norm.

  • Unlike its competition, HARO does not elect a middleman between journalists and Sources that might introduce miscommunication. Rather, both parties relay messages directly to one another.

  • If the basic plan is what you will be settling for, HARO allows you to enjoy its services for as long as you please.


  • Being open to all acts as a double-edged sword for the HARO platform. Everyone including representatives of illegitimate websites can create a profile on HARO. This means such websites have equal opportunities of improving their SERP and SEO.

  • Certain queries on HARO have been screened and found to be outright wacky and questionable. For example, these may include queries that are unrelated to nearly every niche that exists. Picking up pitches of this sort would be unprofitable to the writers in question.

Qs & As

As a registered source on HARO, is there an easy way to find out if my pitch has been accepted?

With pitches sent in reply to the request of writers, you have to monitor your emails to see which of your pitches receives a reply. To make this sorting easier, you can set up a Google Alert. This way, when emails containing your business name come in, you will be duly notified.

Is there a way for writers on HARO to avoid working with fake/illegitimate accounts?

Can I avoid picking up questionable pitches on HARO?

Is HARO a good option to Outsource media coverage for my Enterprise?

Final Thoughts

Looking at the HARO forum from the SEO perspective, in other words, for SEO purposes,

Without a doubt, with HARO providing grounds on which to build relationships between site owners and writers, one also has to put in the effort to maintain these bonds. This would prove beneficial on the end of writers and journalists as they would constantly need a source of hosting. And on the source’s end, they know they have a trusted writer/writers they can turn to.

However, in sending out pitches you should be careful to observe the HARO guidelines as you only get one warning before they strike you out. Indeed, there are several alternatives to HARO out there like LinkedIn and Qwoted. However, the long-standing forum, HARO, could prove to be just what you need.


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