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Citation Builder Pro

Local citations ensure that you get an edge over your competitors in the local market. These references that include your business name, address, and contact information get you more reviews and improve your online visibility.

Thus, to make the most of local SEO on Google, the best course of action would be to create an optimised Google Business Profile as well as get local citations from authoritative sites. But getting these citations yourself can be a challenge.

Citation Builder Pro

In this regard, citation building services can help. One of such services which offers your business citations for local SEO is Citation Builder Pro. How does it work and should you get to using their services? This review will help you find out.

What Is Citation Builder Pro?

Citation Builder Pro is a directory that helps individuals and organisations with targeted local advertising. They offer diverse services in over 50 countries. Their services range from local citation building to GMB optimization, map citations and press releases, among others.

The local citation building process by Citation Builder Pro has six steps, which are –

  • Auditing local citation

  • Finding and correcting inconsistent NAP

  • Analysing competitors’ citations

  • Preparing a citation list

  • Providing rich media citation

  • Offering white label reporting

Citation Builder Pro offers their services to multiple countries but primarily the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India, UAE, and the UK.

Features of Citation Builder Pro

The following are noteworthy features of Citation Builder Pro –

1. Local citation finder

Citation Builder Pro offers a few free tools, including their local citation finder. This tool lets you find the citations of your competitors. You can also find your existing citations including those that are inconsistent, as well as possible citation sources for you to add new listings. This way, you can improve your citations to increase your traffic and revenue.

2. Detailed listing

The citations provided are often very detailed, based on the information you give. These information include your site address, relevant keywords and description, founding date, working hours, number of employees, and even the name of the business owner.

3. Rich media citation

Media content boosts the quality of citations. Citation Builder Pro thus gives citations with relevant media. Some of these media are your business logo, images, social links, and even descriptive videos. You can easily upload these media for submission when initiating the citation building process.

4. Indexed directories

The directories where Citation Builder Pro lists their clients’ citations are handpicked high DA sites. They include general top directories, GEO and niche directories, as well as unstructured citation sources. All of these are confirmed to be indexed and trusted before listing.

5. White label reporting

Citation Builder Pro renders reports at the end of its citation building to show information about your ranking on local SERPs. This report is professional, detailed, easy-to-understand, and can be customised by you to include your logo and profile. The reports are available in PDF, XLS, and HTML formats.

6. User-customized list of directories

Along with your business information, you can provide a list of local directories in which you would want your citation to appear.

Citation Builder Pro Pricing

Citation Builder Pro services come at a one-time cost with no recurring payments. They offer three packages for local citation building, as highlighted below –


At $35, Citation Builder Pro offers 50 citations in top sites and takes five days. They spin your provided description, conduct a citation audit, upload media (logo and images), offer indexing and give detailed reports.


This package goes for $65 and provides 100 citations in top sites. It contains the same offerings as the Pro package, only double the number of citations and takes seven days of delivery time.


With $135 on the Elite package, you get 200 citations in top, niche, geo, and web 2.0 sites. In the listings, Citation Builder will also offer audit, spun descriptions, media upload, indexing, and reporting. This package has 10 work days as its turnaround time.

Discounts only apply to “hefty” purchases. You can contact them via email at to find out more.

Advantages of Using Citation Builder Pro

Using Citation Builder Pro for local citations has a number of benefits, including –

Rich media citation: Better than their competitors, they maximise all relevant information and include them in the listing. These involve images, logo, description, links to Google Business Profile and socials, etc. that you provide.

Quick turnaround time: Citation Builder Pro strives to meet agreed deadlines, ensuring faster results.

Competitive pricing: You get Citation Builder Pro’s services at a competitively fair one-time price. There are no recurring payments.

Disadvantages of Using Citation Builder Pro

Amidst its advantages, there are downsides to using Citation Builder Pro's services. These include –

➔ As with most online citation builders, Citation Builder Pro may not always provide consistent or correct citations.

➔ They may not offer listings on user-recommended sites.

➔ Despite the money back guarantee, Citation Builder Pro does not offer a free trial.

➔ Payment options are limited to only PayPal.

➔ Citation Builder Pro does not integrate with Analytics for Google or social media such as Facebook and X, as some of its competitors do.

FAQs about Citation Builder Pro

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Citation Builder Pro and their services –

What is Citation Builder Pro's average turnaround time?

On average, it takes five working days to deliver 50 citations, seven working days to offer 100 citations, and 10 working days for 200 citations.

Is the service white hat?

How do I pruchase a service?

How do i get more information about Citation Builder Pro?

Citation Builder Pro Alternatives

If, for some reason, Citation Builder Pro simply doesn't work for you, you can try out any of its alternatives listed below

Bottom Line

Using local citation services is a pro-SEO strategy. Done right, local citations can help businesses get visible right before their target audience. While there are many local citation building services around, Citation Builder Pro promises to get you increased traffic, improved visibility and rankings, as well as more revenue. As seen in this article, it delivers on those fronts. However, because of its few shortcomings, you would do well to consider all relevant factors before deciding whether to use their services or go for an alternative. Either way, your business would benefit much from being listed in citation websites.


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