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ChatGPT– Does It Replace Human Writers?

Sometime between early to mid-2022, solely depending on human writers to generate content was the norm as it had been for decades. However, towards the end of 2022, AI services began making waves across the internet. Services like graphic designing, transcription, video creation, coding, and, of course, content writing continue to gain new AI solutions.

With several individuals occupying freelancing roles in the content writing niche, this AI uprise raises serious concerns for many. Even a few months after the spontaneous uproar that followed the emergence of Chat GPT, the question stands – “Does Chat GPT replace human writers?”. In the course of this article, we will consider Chat GPT’s alluring features, how to make use of the platform, its advantages, and most importantly, compare the services of this AI with those of human writers. But for starters, what is ChatGPT?


What Is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is a product of OpenAI that came into light sometime in November 2022. Following its launch, the platform gained the interest of a vast majority for clear reasons. As opposed to most other AI content writing services or spin writers online, Chat GPT adopts a conversational manner in its writeups. What does this translate to?

Essentially, Chat GPT renders human-like sentence structures and natural responses to queries. The most recent version of Chat GPT, the GPT-3 currently stands as the largest language model boasting over 175 billion metrics.

Features of Chat GPT


User-intuitive layout

The Chat GPT interface is much similar to messaging platforms that individuals are familiar with. Without the need for prior training, anyone familiar with messaging platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp can easily obtain responses from the chatbot.

NLG (Natural Language Generation)

Thanks to this inbuilt feature of Chat GPT, individuals receive human-sounding write-ups in response to queries. In contrast to the glaring AI nature of certain AI-generated content, content obtained from Chat GPT is entirely structured in natural human interaction.

Contextual Consciousness

Owing to the contextual awareness and natural language understanding (NLU) of Chat GPT, the chatbot understands words in context rather than individually. This guarantees better understood and meaningful content.

Constant Learning

The massive dataset on which Chat GPT runs enables it to analyze and understand language patterns. Through the analysis of language structure and pattern, the algorithm responds to queries from seemingly new contexts in unique ways.

Multilingual support

Chat GPT is capable of communication in a wide range of languages ranging from global languages like Spanish, Italian, and French, to lesser-known languages like Haitian Creole, the West African Urhobo, and Yoruba languages.

Chat GPT Plus

At the cost of $20, members of this paid plan can access the platform when it is supposedly at its peak time. In addition, quicker response times and new-feature priority access are promised.

Massive Vocabulary

The chatbot is not trained to recognize only words in English but also non-conventional colloquialisms, slang, and jargon.

How to Use Chat GPT

Chat GPT is largely easy to use. Once you get past the signup phase, obtaining responses from the chatbot becomes as easy as chatting over any messaging platform. Below is the process to get started on Chat GPT:

  • Visit

  • Click on the signup option

  • To create an account, you only require your email and a password. For verification, a code will be sent to your provided number via SMS or WhatsApp.

  • Once this is done, the Chat GPT chat screen pops up.

If you have an existing account, on logging in, you will find a list of previous chats you have had with the bot. Of course, this history can be cleared using the “clear conversations” option.

Advantages of Chat GPT


Chat GPT stands as a quick-response solution in various content-demanding niches. Ranging from school work like essays and comprehension passages to formal writeups like emails, and of course, SEO-related content, Chat GPT proves entirely useful.

Detailed responses

As opposed to its sibling, InstructGPT among other AI services, Chat GPT generates detailed responses to queries. This can be seen in areas like the chatbot’s responses to “how to” queries.

Niche relevance

Due to the personalization feature of the Chat GPT algorithm, individuals can obtain content that is tailored to specific niches/target audiences. This makes Chat GPT useful for pitch-related content and the like.

Multiple languages

The multilingual support of this language model nearly eradicates the language barrier in generating written content.

Chat GPT vs Human Writers

Although human-generated content has been around for decades, the new AI-generated trend is causing alterations in conventional content creation. How does Chat GPT compare to human-generated content?

Advantages of Chat GPT Over Human Writers

Clients would likely opt for the services of Chat GPT over human writers for the following added benefits –


Without a doubt, human-generated content can be fine-tuned and fully optimized, however, Chat GPT also offers these prospects in content generation. It becomes a debatable cause when site owners looking to generate content consider how the services of Chat GPT come at no cost. Most individuals would opt for the free service rather than pay human writers. After all, Chat GPT produces data that can be taken for human-written content.


Tardy turn-ins are the ultimate horror of any client. Although this may happen for viable reasons at times, clients realize that with Chat GPT, this fallout is almost entirely eradicated. While human writers would require hours of extensive research, Chat GPT could easily draft write-ups in less time.

Better productivity:

With the AI-powered Chat GPT covering prompts in less time, clients may equate this to mean churning more content in less time.

Advantages of Human Writers over Chat GPT

In the following areas, human writers have an advantage over the AI-powered Chat GPT –

  1. From the standpoint of a search engine like Google, AI-generated content equates to spam content. While human-written content is organic, AI-generated content is auto-generated. Content that is detected as auto-generated content attracts a manual penalty on Google.

  2. In scenarios where a prompt is misunderstood, the chatbot would generate a response in line with its understanding of the rendered prompt.

  3. While human writers go the extra mile to review an array of available material to produce only verified information, Chat GPT admittedly renders incorrect information at times as its responses are based on its training data.

  4. Responses to queries may not be entirely unbiased or in some cases, may be harmful.

  5. Unlike human writers, Chat GPT does not exactly work with word counts. In other words, while you can demand a write-up of over a thousand words from a human, Chat GPT stops creating content on exhausting its resources. A query for 900 words may yield nothing more than 600 words on the chatbot.

  6. As clearly stated on the platform, details on events after 2021 may be inaccurate or unavailable altogether.

  7. Chat GPT is incapable of screening its generated responses for plagiarism. On the other hand, however, a human writer ensures to screen written content and verify the total uniqueness of the content.

Bottom Line

If some other poorly-developed article spinner were the subject of review, it would by all means pale in comparison to human writers. However, considering how effective Chat GPT has proved itself, it is replacing human writers in certain areas at a rather alarming rate.

Yet, considering how content generated by AI like Chat GPT is against the Google Webmaster Guideline, where such content is detected on your site, the Google Webspam team could very well take action. While a percentage of individuals relying on the cost-free services of Chat GPT do not require its content for Google, site owners who understand the implications of adopting AI-generated content on Google do well to stick with human-generated content.

The bottom line is – while Chat GPT does seem to be replacing human writers, to a good degree, human writers get the job done better.



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