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Why Buying Do-Follow Backlinks is a Bad Idea for Your Website's SEO

Backlinks still are a fundamental factor for improving and increasing the visibility of a website in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) in the ever-changing world of Search Engine Optimization. The reason why Do-follow backlinks are especially valuable is because they transmit “link juice” and they contribute significantly to a website’s visibility and ranking.

Using do-follow backlinks can be effective even though organic link-building is the preferred approach. If you're considering buying these backlinks, this article will be of help as we consider where and how to buy do-follow backlinks.

Buy Do-follow Backlinks

What Are Do-follow Backlinks?

Do-follow backlinks are hyperlinks that instruct search engines to follow the link, subsequently passing on authority and ranking value to the linked page. In construct to Do-follow backlinks, no-follow backlinks do the exact opposite. They contain a rel="no-follow" attribute, signifying to search engines not to follow the link, and hence, not conferring any SEO value.

Advantages of Do-follow Backlinks

Enhanced search engine ranking

Do-follow links are essentially considered "endorsements" for your website, which facilitates a significant increase in search engine rankings.

Augmented website authority

Credible do-follow backlinks improve your website’s overall credibility and authority.

Increased organic traffic

Your website will experience an increase in organic traffic from search engines if the rankings are improved.

Expedited indexing

Search engines tend to crawl and index websites with a higher number of do-follow backlinks more frequently.

5 Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Do-follow Backlink

Careful thinking and proper deliberation are advised before acquiring do-follow backlinks to avoid negative consequences. For example, low-quality backlinks or backlinks from shady websites can cause harm to your website’s reputation and affect your search engine rankings. Before buying any backlink, consider the following factors:

1.Quality over Quantity

Place priority on getting high-quality do-follow backlinks from authoritative websites within your niche. A single high-quality link can hold more value than numerous low-quality ones.

2. Relevance

Ensure that the websites linking to your site are relevant to your niche or industry. Relevance is a critical determinant in SEO.

3. Natural Anchor Text

The anchor text of your backlinks should appear organic and be contextually relevant to the content on the linking page. Avoid over-optimized anchor text that appears forced.

4. Avoid shady websites and link farms

Exercise caution when you come across websites or services promising an excessive number of backlinks at a minimal cost. These often involve low-quality links that can compromise your SEO efforts.

5. Diligent Research

Scrutinize the source of the backlinks rigorously. Verify the credibility and reputation of the websites linking to your site.

How to Buy Do-follow Backlinks

Here are nine essential steps to take if you opt for buying do-follow backlinks –

Set Clear Objectives

Start by defining your specific SEO objectives. Do you aim to augment your website's overall authority, target particular keywords, or enhance your local SEO? Your objectives will provide direction to your backlink acquisition strategy.

Identify Reputable Vendors:

To ensure the legitimacy and quality of your backlinks, carry out research to pinpoint reputable vendors or agencies that specialize in link-building services.

Consult and Express Your Needs:

Once you've identified a suitable vendor, initiate contact to discuss your requirements. Share your objectives, budget, and the type of backlinks you're seeking.

Quality Assessment:

Request a list of websites or sources from which the vendor plans to obtain backlinks for your website. Confirm that these sources are credible, relevant, and possess a good reputation.

Negotiate Terms:

Engage in a discussion regarding pricing, the quantity of backlinks, and the timeline for acquiring them. Be prepared to negotiate, but bear in mind that quality always takes precedence over quantity. As such, negotiated terms should not compromise the former.

Content Creation:

The acquisition of high-quality do-follow backlinks often involves the creation of unique and valuable content on the linking website. Collaborate with the vendor to ensure that the content is relevant and contributes value to the linking page.

Review and Approval:

Before the backlinks are incorporated, conduct a meticulous review of the content and source websites to ensure alignment with your objectives and quality standards.

Monitoring Progress:

After the backlinks have been integrated, maintain vigilance by monitoring their impact on your website's SEO. Leverage tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track improvements in ranking and organic traffic.

Remain Current:

SEO is an ever-changing field. Keep yourself abreast of industry best practices and search engine algorithm updates to ensure the longevity of your link-building strategy's effectiveness.

Where to Get Do-follow Backlinks

There are many ways to obtain high-quality do-follow backlinks, including organizing events, guest posting, or buying a website with a great link profile. Below are some sources from which you can purchase a do-follow backlink.


Buying a do-follow backlink from Fiverr is one of the most common ways to obtain do-follow backlinks. However, do not expect it to be a lasting solution even though you see an increase in traffic. You can hurt your search engine ranking instead of boosting it, and get a Google penalty.

Link Farms

A link farm refers to a website or a network of websites designed with the primary purpose of artificially inflating the number of inbound links to another website. While link farms may appear as typical web pages, the predominant content on these sites comprises a collection of indiscriminate links leading to various other websites. Link farms are frequently promoted as a means to purchase do-follow backlinks.

Event Sponsorships

By sponsoring events, the organizers and all involved can mention you on their platforms, thus giving you backlinks. You won’t be buying in this case but as a result of your sponsorship, you will get them as a reward.

Buying Websites

Individuals purchase websites to acquire their assets, often referred to as PBNs or Private Blog Networks. Some of these domain names are traded at a substantial cost. However, it's important to note that a website's high Domain Rating (DR) doesn't guarantee the acquisition of high-quality links. Nowadays, there is a higher probability of obtaining poor-quality backlinks from PBNs.

Buying off content

The concept is to transfer this content to your site along with all the associated links. However, a potential challenge with this approach is that many of the links are likely to be nonfunctional, carrying small to no authority.

In this approach, your aim is not to purchase a single link but rather to acquire an entire article as a valuable asset for your website. Similar to the process of buying websites, your goal is to identify content that has already achieved a high search engine ranking for pertinent keywords and has garnered numerous links.

Wrapping Up

Buying do-follow backlinks can be a strategic move when properly executed, placing quality and relevance at the forefront. When you acquire do-follow backlinks from reputable sources, it can substantially enhance your website's search engine ranking and overall authority.

SEO is a long-term investment, which requires consistent effort to sustain and improve your website's performance in search engine results. By sticking to the guidelines listed in this guide, you can harness the power of do-follow backlinks to boost your website's online visibility and ensure SEO success.


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