What Is Private Blog Network ( PBN )?

What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)? You may have heard about it, but don’t really understand what is it.

What is PBN?

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a network of high authority websites that link back to your money website.

Here is a simple diagram that illustrates a PBN:

Individual PBN site is not linked or related to each other. In PBN, sites are not related to each other.

Since they are made of high authority sites, they help your site rank better on search engines. PBNs exist to manipulate the search rankings.

PBNs are made of expired domains. Expired domains are domains that were previously owned by site owners. It has content, traffic, and backlinks.

It happens to get expired for several reasons. Perhaps the site owner failed to renew it or they have issues with the payment. Usually, they can be purchased for $10 to $15.

Acquiring expired domains provides a lot of benefits. For one, getting expired domains still have its former ranking power and SEO value, so you don’t have to work from scratch.

PBNs are powerful because you can alter the content and links within the domain. You can also change the anchor text that links to your website.

Again, expired domains pass a good number of link juice to any site. Link juice is deemed as a ranking power. Thus, expired domains can pass more link juice than a new one.

Why it has more authority?

Expired domains provide more link juice because Google places more value as a site ages. For instance, if there is a site created in 2007, it is more authoritative and provides more link juice than sites created in 2019.

Expired domains have more link juice due to backlink profile. Backlink profiles account for:

  • Total number of back-links

  • Total number of linking domains

  • Total number of linking IP addresses

  • Anchor text of the links

  • Link location on a post or a page

  • The title tag of the link

  • Whether links come from comments

  • Whether links come from images

  • Whether the link is a follow or a no-follow

The structure of PBN is comprehensive. Let’s go through the elements that compose a PBN for better understanding: