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Best AI Graphic Design

Everyone could use a little help from AI. Even graphic designers. Consistently producing creative graphics that meet clients' expectations and needs can be challenging. Especially when you're in a creative slump. In such a case, what can help? AI tools. AI graphic design has gained full ground in the design space. But if you're looking to gain from the trend, what tools can help? This article reviews six popular and effective tools that can help you create the best AI graphic design. Let's begin by considering what exactly AI graphic design is.

AI Graphic Design

What is AI Graphic Design?

As you may guess, AI graphic design means using artificial intelligence to influence and improve your graphic design. How does this work? On one hand, tools may use AI algorithms to automatically generate a design based on user input. Alternatively, data-driven design from AI content generation tools can be used to influence the manual design process.

In general, AI plays a huge role in graphic design, having applications in layout and composition, colour, typography, generative art, image editing, and of course, design automation. AI graphic tools also have use in product design, logo design making, and speech-to-text generation.

6 Best AI Graphic Design Tools

What AI tools can help you create professional-looking graphic designs? Here are some of them –

Let's consider these tools in detail.

1. Adobe Sensei

AI Graphic Design - Adobe

Adobe Sensei came into the scene in 2016 to help businesses work smarter and faster. Sensei uses machine learning and AI to automate and simplify complex design tasks and it works across the Adobe cloud platform. Graphic designers especially find use of Sensei in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects and Premiere Pro.


  • AI image discovery and manipulation

  • Quick form filling

  • Art generation

  • Image to text document capability

  • Content-Aware Fill tool in Adobe After Effects which allows you remove unwanted objects from videos and a similar tool on Photoshop for the same purpose

  • Workflow automation

  • Seamless integration with other Adobe tools


Pricing for Adobe Sensei is available upon request from the vendor. However, Sensei tools are integrated with most Adobe programs, so purchasing Illustrator, Photoshop, or Adobe Creative Cloud will allow you access to Sensei features.


★ High-quality design features and tools

★ Its features are available to most Adobe programs


➢ Design professionals rather than beginners are more likely to benefit from Sensei and other Adobe design tools

2. Jasper

AI Graphic Design - Jasper

Using AI algorithms and deep learning, Jasper creates realistic AI images based on user input. With Jasper Art, designers can make various image styles, such as vector, pop, or abstract art, and so on.


  • AI image generation

  • Comprehensive elements and templates library

  • Filters for keywords, features, mode, medium, style, and artist.

  • Text style customization

  • Free-form mode and template mode


With a Jasper subscription, you get access to Jasper Art. There are three subscription plans to choose from, namely –

  • Creator: The creator plan offers one seat and brand voice, 50 knowledge assets and over 50 templates, as well as the Jasper browser extension. The plan costs $39 monthly.

  • Teams: With $99/month, you get everything on the Creator plan along with 150 knowledge assets, three brand voices, three seats, and an option to create your templates.

  • Business: This package comes with customizable features for organisations. It includes team training, advanced security, and tech support. To get the business package, contact Jasper sales team.


★ Easy to use interface

★ Robust customization options

★ Unlimited generations

★ No watermark

★ Royalty-free commercial use


➢ Generated images are often artificial-looking, leaving room for improvement when it comes to the AI’s photorealistic capabilities

➢ Jasper lacks extensive knowledge of artists and their styles

3. Canva

AI Graphic Design - Canva

Canva is a popular design tool that incorporates AI-driven templates to simplify the design process for users. Even novices to design can create professional graphics with the simple to use UI and comprehensive font and graphics library.


  • Extensive template library

  • Royalty-free elements (graphics, images, and videos)

  • Drag and drop editor

  • Chatbot tool called Canva Assistant that makes navigating the program easier

  • AI features in “Magic Studio”

  • Brand Hub feature with branding assets


Canva has three pricing plans – the free plan at $0, Canva Pro for $19.99, and Canva for Teams which goes at $29.99, all billed monthly. There is a 16% discount for annual purchases. They also have ‘Canva for Education’, ‘Canva for Districts’, and ‘Canva for Nonprofits’ that are offered for free or at a discount, subject to vetting.


★ Beginner friendly and intuitive UI

★ Available in over 130 languages

★ Usable on mobile


➢ Limited variety of export options (PNG, JPG, low resolution and print format PDF, SVG, MP4, PPTX, and GIF) compared to other professional tools

➢ No way to backup projects within Canva, although there is a 30-day grace period after deleting a project


AI Graphic Design - Design AI is an online, AI-powered tool for designers. With it, you can create logos, mockups, banners, and videos in a few minutes. It does these with four major tools – Logomaker, Brandmatcher, Designmaker, and Videomaker.


  • Graphic design tool with lots of templates and icons

  • Scalable vector graphics

  • AI colour matching tool

  • Font pairer


You save 34% with an annual purchase of subscription. Monthly, the Basic plan costs $19, Pro costs $49 and the Enterprise plan is priced at $169.


★ Easy to use interface

★ High-quality designs

★ Compatible with multiple devices and browsers


➢ Limited customisation options

➢ Learning curve with using the platform

5. Auto Draw

AI Graphic Design - Auto Draw

This AI art tool uses machine learning to improve drawings of designers. Auto Draw predicts what the designer is trying to draw and then offers suggestions for the user to include in the image.


  • AI image editor

  • Premium icons

  • Suggestion feature

  • Transparency tool


Auto Draw is completely free.


★ Free and easy to use

★ Impressive suggestion tool


➢ No advanced features

➢ Drawings are not so realistic

6. Khroma

AI Graphic Design - Khroma

Khroma is an AI colour tool that helps graphic designers search for and choose the best colour combinations for their designs. This tool is a good source of inspiration for design projects.


  • Unlimited colour combinations and viewing options

  • Colour search

  • Favourites library

  • Search and filter


You can use Khroma at no cost.


★ Colour search is easy with various filters

★ Clean design and UI

★ Personal algorithm integrated into web browser


➢ Infinite scroll UI, which can be overwhelming

Tips for Creating the Best AI Graphic Design

To create the best AI graphic designs, pay attention to the following tips –

Understand the capabilities and limitations of AI

Knowing what AI can do and where it is limited would help you maximise its capabilities, save time, and avoid being over-reliant.

Choose the best AI graphic design tool for you

Consider the ease of use of the tool, as well as its image and template libraries. Also give thought to the extent of its AI capabilities – design prompts, automation, and optimization. How well it integrates with other tools, its export options, and pricing are also essential factors to bear in mind.

Integrate AI into your workflow

Begin by identifying repetitive tasks in your design process, then research AI tools that can help you automate the process. You may either use AI tools to create your designs from scratch to completion or simply to inspire and inform your design process.

Balance AI with creativity

Rather than rely solely on AI, adding your creative touch sets you apart in the design space.

Keep in touch with AI development

Avoid losing track of advancements in the AI scene. In addition to keeping in touch with recent tools, exploring new styles and AI applications will help you develop your design skills.

Try out new AI tools and features

Closely related to the above, trying out new AI features such as algorithms, styles, settings, etc. would help you discover the tools that best suit you.

Be adaptable

It is important to stay open-minded, ready to adapt your workflows and skills to changes in AI. Doing this will allow you to discover new design possibilities with AI.

Carry out quality control

Take care not to dish out designs straight out of AI generation tools for your clients. While you leverage AI, review and make necessary corrections and creative inputs before delivering or using your design.

Put ethical considerations in mind

Using AI raises ethical considerations such as copyright issues. So, endeavour to follow industry standards and ethical guidelines when using any AI tool.

Conclusion: Should You Use AI Graphic Design?

Both designers seeking creative assistance and design novices looking to come up with inexpensive designs for their brand or personal use can all benefit from AI graphic design. But should you give it a try? There's hardly any reason why not. Only, ensure that the tool you choose to use is safe and secure. By using a reliable AI graphic design tool, you can harness the power of AI in coming up with creative designs that meet your needs or that of your clients’, while having much fun.


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