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How To Use YouTube Premiere For Your Business

What is new on YouTube? Have you heard of YouTube Premiere? Are you yet to implement it in your business strategy? How can you make money from YouTube Premieres? Most persons have various questions regarding YouTube's latest variant of live streams. In this article, we will consider answers to questions regarding this recent development. Questions like 'what do I benefit from using this YouTube feature, how can I start using YouTube Premieres, what would it cost?' and some tips to try.

However, we first need to fully understand YouTube Premiere. And here is what you should know.

What is YouTube Premiere

YouTube Premiere

This new advent, the YouTube Premiere, is a blend of the live stream & conventional YouTube video. It is similar to your everyday YouTube video in that you record the content to be premiered beforehand. And, it is similar to the YouTube live streams in that you play pre-recorded content for your audience live. So what sets this new release aside from YouTube's earlier releases?


Some key features of YT premieres are;

  • A platform for Interaction: Although the live streams also have this feature, YouTube Premieres take audience interaction up a notch. Unlike the former, YouTube Premiere allows both the audience as well as the content creator to chat while the video plays on.

  • Reminders: YouTube Premieres let your audience know when your video will Premiere, and a reminder is sent to their feed before the video's premiere. This gives your audience lots of time for preparation while equally building anticipation. With this feature, the chances of your audience missing a video stream are reduced almost to none.

  • Live Donations: With this feature, you, the creator of the video can receive donations from your live audience.

  • Chat Replay: The chat replay is only available after your video has premiered and has become an upload on your YouTube channel. With this feature, viewers who still want a feel of the Premiere chat can still see them, as long as you do not Turn off chats.

  • Premiere analytics: From the analytics visible on your channel after the premiere, you get to see the performance of your premiere. When the premiere becomes a regular video upload, the number of views is transferred.

  • Rewind: This last feature ensures that viewers do not miss any part of the video. YouTube Premieres allow all viewers to rewind the video on their device to a part that they missed, however, it does not allow anyone to forward the video past what has been displayed live.

Note that there is a two-minute countdown before the premiere begins, however, this countdown is no longer present after the video has premiered.

How to set up YouTube Premiere

How can you create your YouTube Premiere to enjoy these features? You should take the following steps:

  1. Visit on your device.

  2. At your screen’s top right, you would find a button to start the YouTube Premiere process.

  3. Navigate to that section and upload your video. This is the first option available.

  4. Now a page with the “select files” option appears. After selecting a file, you can now go on to give the video a title and leave some description of your video. This description is what shows up on the audience's feed. You get to choose any image to be your video thumbnail. And, you also get to select what age group your target audience belongs in. By clicking on the show more option, you find more options such as language, caption, paid promotions, and many others.

  5. When you are done customizing your video, on the last slide titled visibility, you have the option to either save your video or publish it. If you want your video to premiere immediately, select public from the privacy options under “save/publish”. Now, mark the box tagged “set an instant premiere”. That is all it takes for your video to premiere right after it uploads.

  6. If you do not want to premiere immediately, mark the option "schedule" instead. Now you just have to input the scheduled date & time, and then 'set as premiere'.

  7. After doing all this, click on the Done/Schedule option.

While your video is saved as a draft before the scheduled premiere date, you could always go back to edit the video details. To find the video, click on the menu bar and select 'content'.

NOTE: YouTube Premiere does not upload videos with an output higher than 1080p or 360/vr180.


  • You can premiere your uploaded videos directly from YouTube. To do this, tick the “set as an instant Premiere” box under visibility.

  • Share the URL of your video's watch page with the public. The watch page is automatically created right after you schedule a premiere as it is the page where your video will Premiere on. By sharing the URL, anyone can drop a comment and set a reminder for when your video will Premiere. You should prompt everyone in your audience to do this so they would be notified about 30 minutes prior to the premiering of your video and another notification when the premiere actually begins.

  • Turn on Super chats so your audience can chat (not just comment) on the watch page.

  • Include a video trailer of the video to be premiered on your watch page to build anticipation.

Using YouTube Premieres for Business

We have considered so many features of YouTube Premieres and how to create them while including some tips. As a business owner with a website, does this new YouTube feature mean anything to you? Well, the answer is an outright yes. There are several features of YouTube Premieres that could be a boost for SEO. However, how can you use the Premieres for the benefit of your business? Some ways in which you can adopt YouTube Premieres to benefit your business are;

  1. Using the tag and add card features of YouTube Premieres, you should add highly optimized SEO keywords. Even the description and title of the media you will be premiering should contain long-tail SEO-friendly keywords. This is especially important because after your video premieres it becomes your regular video upload. Also, your video description should be “descriptive’, not overloaded with unnecessary repetitions, and more importantly unique.

  2. The length of your video matters too. SERP bots prioritize the lengths of videos and in the end, crawl up videos with appropriate length.

  3. Your video premieres serve as a platform from which you can direct your viewers to relevant pages. There you have it, organic traffic and potential lead.

  4. With super chats, you have yet another opportunity to interact and connect with viewers on a personal level thereby increasing engagement rates. This equally allows your viewers to connect better with your brand.

  5. If you have a minimum of a hundred thousand YouTube subscribers and are into YouTube's partnership program, you gain from using Premieres. Now, there are other ways to make money from premieres, for example:

- When you set your channel for monetization, automated intromercial can fetch you money.

- On Super chats viewers who want their chats pinned at the top throughout the premiere must pay to get this. There you have it, extra funds.

Your Offline Business Can Benefit from YouTube Premiere

Do you know that you could also use YouTube Premieres for your offline business? Are you wondering how? Some options are;

  • Training- Imagine how great it would be to have all your employees present at an orientation irrespective of their locations. Thanks to the reminder feature of YT premieres, no one has a reason to forget about the meeting.

  • Project launches- This air of anticipation comes with Premieres especially when there is a trailer included on your watch page. You can exploit this feature and the hype it brings so that your product does not meet an empty audience on launch day.

Although YouTube Premieres have a lot of mouthwatering features, you would not really be enjoying all of these if you do not have enough people present as an audience during the premiere.

How much would it cost to integrate YouTube Premieres?

Do YouTube premieres come at a cost? Well, provided you already have a YouTube channel, you do not have to pay before you premiere a video on YouTube.


YouTube remains one of the largest streaming platforms online with millions of users. This video streaming platform is ever on the move, innovating additional features to increase and maintain user engagement. And one of such recent development is YouTube Premiere. In the course of this article, we have seen the features of this YouTube's latest development, how to create a premiere, how you can use premieres for business, and how much it would cost to utilize these premieres. Creating a premiere is indeed an easy process, and it comes at no cost. Why wait when your business can start benefiting from the various features and benefits of YouTube Premieres now? Leveraging on the amount on traffic and user engagement that YouTube offers will set you apart from the competition.

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