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Wondershare Video Converter Review

Video media files remain one of the most effective engagement tools today as tons of video content are daily uploaded online. Whether you are navigating through social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding exciting videos. Apart from movie sites where you can download your favorite blockbuster movies, you have forums as well to pick up videos. This reveals how often the average internet user comes across video content. Because of the excitement derived from videos, many users love to keep a copy of their favorite content. Sometimes, all they want to do is to share with friends and family or to store in other devices. For instance, an internet user may not want to store his favorite YouTube video in the .flv format as mp4 might be preferred. This is also applicable when the user's device does not support the format of the downloaded video file. Thanks to video converters, such issues can be resolved with ease.

Video Converter

Still, another issue remains. There are many video converters offered on the internet. And the efficiency of these converters differs from each other. This article discusses Wondershare Video Converter which is one of the renowned conversion tools you will find online. Here is all you must know about this converter and why it stands out.

What is Wondershare’s UniConverter?

Wondershare Review

Wondershare UniConverter is a video converting suite that caters to several file conversion needs. Formerly known as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, this converting tool offers support to a wide range of video formats. From basic video file formats to the most recent 4K codecs such as H.265, this video converting tool does a great job of getting videos into their desired file formats. The videos converted by this video tool works on many devices including popular mobile devices and headsets. This converter allows you to edit and trim videos, include hardcoded subtitles as well as apply filters during the conversion process. Every bit of the conversion process takes place within Wondershare UniConverter. And this tool has been streamlined for convenience, to ensure that the conversion process is straightforward and simple even for the most basic user.

How Wondershare UniConverter works

Convert Video

UniConverter, which is one of the several solutions offered by Wondershare caters to more than just video conversions. With a streamlined user interface, this program has 5 major areas. These can be found on its dashboard. These areas oversee conversions, editing, compression, download, and transfer of video files. It also has a toolbox for added features such as the GIF maker, Image Converter, Metadata Fixer, Video Transfer mode, CD Ripper, CD Burner, Image Converter, and VR Converter.

The APEXTRANS technology powers the UniConverter. This exclusive technology stands out in the industry and is responsible for the rapid conversion of video files without any loss of its quality. The latest UniConverter 12 has a better GPU accelerator that helps in speeding up the conversion process. And it allows users to pause the conversion process to continue at a later time. That said, here are the features of the Wondershare UniConverter.

Features of Wondershare’s Video Converter

  • Convert Videos

Video Converter Review

With the Uniconverter, you can convert your video file formats into over 1000 desired videos or audio formats. It also allows for the conversions of video files like the MP4 to MPEG, WEBM to MP4, AVI to MOV, TS to MP4.

This conversion tool constantly adds new video formats to ensure that every conversion need of a user is met. Some of the video formats supported by UniConverter include AVI, WMV, MKV, MP4, Xvid, MOV, DIVX, MPEG-2, YouTube, HEVC Video, Facebook Video, etc. It also gives support to the audio formats including MP3, WMA, OGG, ACC, AC3, FLAC, M4R, AU, APE, MKA, AIFF, etc.

UniConverter is a multiplatform tool. It works on Apple, Android, and some gaming devices including Xbox, Xbox One, Wii, PS4, etc. And the UniConverter 12 lets users convert multiple files at a go.

  • Video Editor

Video Editor

You can trim and transform your videos with the UniConverter 12. This latest version of UniConverter allows users to delete unwanted parts of movies and TV shows, or even split longer videos into bits for sharing purposes. The video editing features do not just stop at these as users can also merge their favorite videos. UniConverter 12 allows for the merging of multiple video files for seamless playback and flawless enjoyment.

Uniconverter’s editor also supports the cropping of video files to one's ideal size. Such cropped videos are useful on social media platforms, small-screen playback, and the removal of the black edges on certain videos.

Audio adjustment is also made possible with the video editor feature. Built-in sounds can be increased, decreased, or completely muted. This is easily done by using the volume slider. Subtitles ensures that videos are enjoyable and bearable to watch. But most videos do not come with subtitles. Using the UniConverter video conversion tool, one can add, edit, and import subtitles into any desired video.

Adjusting the visuals of a video is not common amongst many video converters. But these features are available to UniConverter users. These users can include watermarks and apply filter effects to their videos in one click.

  • Compress Videos

UniConverter allows for the compression of videos using custom settings. The powerful features of the UniConverter 12 allow users to set the size of the file, resolution, format, and bitrate before compressing it. It also supports the compression of over 1000 videos as well as audios for different purposes. You can choose to compress your video for email, playback on mobile devices with limited storage, or for social media use. It also supports batch compressions and the previewing of a video file before it compresses. Other compression features offered by this video converter includes the high-quality compression of HD videos like 8K, 4K, and 1080P. It accurately estimates the sizes of compressed files to let users properly manage their files. The Compression tool also supports DVD compression for playback, sharing, or backup. And users can import files from their external drives or mobile devices for compression. And the UniConverter software scans for video folders once the drive is connected to the computer.

  • Recording Features

Recording Features

UniConverter is useful in recording screen activities. Whether you want to record a gaming session, video call, webcam, custom screen, or microphone use, this video tool meets the mark. The screen recorder allows for the recording of the device's full screen without any loss in quality. Users can also record full screen alongside system audio. And gamers can rest assured that they would not lose any frame rate while recording a gaming session. The custom recorder allows the recording of any part of the user’s screen with the aid of customizable recording frames. Users can also set the quality of the recording as well as the frame rate. And it comes with a scheduler that allows for a prearranged recording session.

UniConverter has added a simultaneous two-screen recording feature, which will be rolled out at a future date. Also, a paint tool while recording as well as a picture-in-picture recording tool will be featured in a future update.

  • Burning Tools

Burning Tools

Users can burn any of their video files with ease into any file format of their choice using the UniConverter. The software features a free DVD template supported by different themes. The burning tool also allows for the inclusion of background audio or an image from a local drive. It also supports the change of DVD title by changing its font, color, size, or other parameters. For playbacks, you can burn your music files on your Walkman, CDs, etc. All these can be done with a few clicks under a short time while you maintain the original quality of the file being burned. UniConverter 12.0 also supports burning multiple DVDs simultaneously.


Video converter tool

Wondershare provides 4 different purchasing options for the UniConverter Pro. You can opt for any individual and business plan or the education plan. The Annual plan, which features in the individual and business category and supports only 1 PC goes for $39.95 per year. The Perpetual plan, which is a lifetime plan is pegged at $55.96 and it supports only a single computer. The Business plan supports more computers. The prices of the business plan vary concerning the number of PCs and the duration of the license being purchased. However, the business annual plan starts at $59.95, while the business perpetual plan starts at $89.95. The business plan can support more purchases of licenses and you will have to contact Wondershare to place a custom order. UniConverter also has a student plan which commences at $7.96. Meanwhile, it gives a trial version that only supports 1/3 of the conversion length and allows only the download and conversion of YouTube files.



Wondershare Uniconverter addresses a wide range of video conversion needs. These are the benefits associated with using this video converter:

  • 30x faster conversions

  • It supports batch conversions

  • Lossless conversion support.

  • 4K, 8K, HEVC and other high-quality conversions without the loss of quality

  • GPU accelerated video conversions for original quality video

  • Simple video editor for the most basic user that ensures that the video stands out.

  • Customizable compression of videos

  • Added screen recorder with customizable recording options

  • Wondershare’s UniConverter can save videos from more than 10,000 websites on the internet.

  • Smooth Blu-ray and DVD experience.

  • Added features like a GIF maker, Image Converter, Metadata Fixer, Video Transfer mode, CD Ripper, CD Burner, Image Converter, and VR Converter.

  • Wondershare’s website is filled with tons of tips and tricks to help almost every user scale any hurdle in their video conversion quest.

  • A new intuitive design that gives the software an elegant feel with a streamlined user interface.


  • The pricing of Wondershare’s Uniconverter is quite high for a single package. Apart from the life support which increases the value of the software, other added features might not justify the pricing. A lot of users may fare better with the cheaper Pro version that allows the conversion of limited file formats.

  • Although the website can address a wide range of user issues, more can be done in addressing user-specific queries.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Wondershare Video Converter

What is UniConverter?

Wondershare Uniconverter is a professional-grade converter that offers support to virtually any video file format in existence at present. Even though it goes to a great length to satisfy the conversion needs of professional videographers, it meets the needs of the most basic users. It only takes under a few moments to master how to use this video conversion suite.

Using Wondershare Uniconverter, you stand to:

  • Convert virtually any video format into a wide range of video files that are supported by many different devices.

  • Edit videos and give them a professional feel

  • Burn video files into DVD and share

  • Transfers videos and other media files into different devices

  • Fix the metadata associated with a video, cast videos to larger screens, record activities on a desktop. All these are possible using the Uniconverter’s video toolbox.

How safe is using Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare Uniconverter is both available to Macs and Windows. And running it is safe on both platforms. The installer file passes checks by Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials before being installed on the device. On installation, the program links directly to the Wondershare server to get Uniconverter’s most recent stable version. And you can rest assured that it would not install any third-party software alongside it.


Is Wondershare Uniconverter free?

Wondershare offers a paid and free version of the Uniconverter. The free Uniconverter version is limited as it will only download YouTube files and offer limited options of output formats. It would not be out of place to regard the free UniConverter version as a YouTube converter. Meanwhile, the Pro version offers limitless support. It is not restrictive, supports non-DRM videos, and allows you to download and convert a wide range of file formats into your desired format.


What is the cost of Uniconverter Pro?

UniConverter’s pricing depends on the plan being sought. It features four different plans such as the annual plan, perpetual plan, business plans, and student plans. The pricing of these various plans starts at $39.95, $55.96, $89.95 (for business perpetual) or $59.95 (for the annual perpetual plans), and $7.96 respectively.

Wrapping Up

The large demand for video content amongst social media users has further highlighted the importance of video converting tools. Such that, one does not have to be a video expert to use videos - even the average social media user uses videos. When such a need arises, one of the effective tools is Wondershare UniConverter. Whether you are seeking to share your video content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or WhatsApp, you can rest assured of getting the right video that fits each profile. Wondershare UniConverter even makes the process more seamless by offering a smooth upload process. If your aim is not targeted towards social media sites and you simply want to convert your video files to burn them into DVDs, Wondershare is a standout video converter that gives you increased control. This comprehensive video converting editor enhances your video conversion and optimizes the output file format for modern device screens.


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