What Is The Key Value Proposition Of Google Search Campaigns?

Among Google channels, key resources, and key partners, Google's value proposition is one of the alluring aspect of its business model. If even just a part of your business relies on online marketing and Search Engine Optimization, Google's key value proposition is one thing you would not want to miss. What is Google's key value proposition and how can you benefit from it? This article will provide answers to these questions and the likes.

What Is A Value Proposition?

Proposition Campaigns

Value proposition, simply put, refers to a promise you make to your clients regarding the value of the service you as a brand will render.

However, what is Google's value propositions? Google as a company strives to create the optimum experience for customers while they engage in advertising, searching, and internet operating systems. This overwhelming proposition stems from Google's motto which centers on managing information around the world, making it equally accessible and useful over the globe.

Proposition Of Google

Now, let us consider some of these value propositions Google has to offer its clients.

  1. Google Search: One of Google's most prominent propositions is its search feature. As a matter of fact, Google is more or less a search engine.

  2. Google Mail: Yet another commonplace feature of Google is its Google mail, also know as G-mail. Google mail serves as a secure email account for you with which you can stay connected with friends and family. In addition to this proposition, Google Mail allows you access to over 2GB worth of space on the cloud to save your mails.

  3. Google Voice: What is there not to love about this service Google has to offer? The ease that comes with Google Voice is just too good an offer to resist. With Google Voice, hands-free operations become highly possible. In sprint phones, Google Voice helps link all contacts into a single phone number thus requiring users to memorize just one number.

  4. Google Sites: With Google sites, you can create several free websites with access to various pre-made templates. You get to do all this on a user-friendly platform that grants you the freedom to customize.

  5. Google Advertisements: This feature happens to be Google's key value proposition. As the area of major focus, Google advertisements have an array of avenues through which advertisement is carried out. They are;

  • Adwords- With this feature, users can display their adverts in the content network provided by Google. When an individual types a query into the search engine, these ads are displayed alongside the results of the search.

  • Adsense-Users can display ads on their sites and receive a part of the revenue the search engine gets every time a link of theirs is clicked.

  • YouTube-YouTube was bought over by Google in the year 2006 and has fast become a major means of advertising whether you are an individual or a brand. The ease of use and accessibility of YouTube makes it a great advertising platform.

In summary, The key value proposition of Google is that it displays your Ads when users of the search engine insert a query relating to your service or brand and as seen above, this can be done using Google Adwords.

What Are Google Search Campaigns?

Proposition Campaigns