What Is Proxifier Proxy?

While the internet may look like a safe space that can do no harm, there exist dangers in it that threaten the privacy and security of users. As such, many have taken the initiative to conceal their IP (Internet Protocol) address for extra safety. And one way they've done that is through proxies.

Proxies have undoubtedly become an essential part of the online community. It offers several functionalities to users aside from privacy and security. With Proxies, you can even bypass IP-based restrictions on the net. Hence, as a company or even an individual, you may have one or two needs for proxies.

For over a decade now, Proxifier Proxy has proven to be one of, if not the best proxy client out there. This article provides a detailed review of this software which includes its features, pricing, and more. But before all that, what exactly is Proxifier Proxy?

To answer that, you must first grasp the meaning of Proxy servers and Clients as well as their differences.

Proxifier Proxies

Proxy Server and Client

A proxy, in English terms, refers to a person acting on behalf of another. Does this apply to Proxy servers? Of course!

Proxy servers, simply known as Proxies, are intermediary servers that act on behalf of users. For instance, when you request the net, your request first goes to the proxy server, which forwards your request to the web address you intended. Afterward, the proxy receives the data from the webserver and sends it to you.

Since Proxies possess their IP address, as mentioned above, they help conceal yours from the web server and any prying eye.

However, as useful as proxies are, not all network application supports them. Unlike VPNs that are done at a system level, proxies settings are done at the application level. Hence, you cannot use proxies if the application in mention, does not provide support for it. And this is where Proxy clients come into play.

Simply put, Proxy clients are applications that allow users to force their web traffic through a proxy server. With that in mind, what is Proxifier?

Proxifier Proxy - What is it?

Proxy Server and Client

Proxifier is a software that allows proxies to work on applications that normally do not allow proxy support. In other words, with Proxifier, you can enable proxies at a system level just like VPNs.

But since there are several other proxy clients out there, one may wonder: "Why should I opt for Proxifier?" Not to worry, as mentioned earlier, this article will discuss everything you need to know about Proxifier Proxy. So without any further delay, here are some of its outstanding features


Proxifier Proxy - What is it