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What is Kicksta – Latest review

For several reasons including the large traffic volume the platform attracts, Instagram stands among the most used and most effective platforms for social media marketing. Using the platform's resources the right way would yield the marketing results you desire.

However, for most individuals, optimizing captions, hashtags, and uploading posts at the right time on the platform are more difficult than meets the eye. For others, this is not the case. Although these come easily to them, they do not have enough following on the platform.

If you own a small business or need to market a brand and you happen to view Instagram's resources as too difficult to tap into, do not despair. In the course of this article, we will consider a solution to this seemingly difficult task– Kicksta.

What Is Kicksta? Why should anyone give Kicksta a try? What are the pros and cons that might come with using the platform? These questions and others will be duly discussed in the course of this article. But first, what is Kicksta?


What Is Kicksta?

The Kicksta platform was released in 2017 by its developers in San Diego, California. Kicksta is what one could describe as a tool that builds the followers a business directly reaches. In other words, the sole aim of the tool Kicksta is to build a larger following for Instagram accounts. Using its AI technology, the tool organically generates traffic. By doing so, you do not simply gain a load of new followers. Rather, you gain followers that you can market your products to and engage. Why Kicksta?

Features Of Kicksta

A Genuine Audience

Unlike in most cases where IG marketers would have to pay individuals to engage their content, Kicksta organically generates this engagement and following. With paid engagements, you either do not attract the audience you desire to your post, or you host more followers while lacking engagement. With Kicksta driving an organic audience to your IG profile, you receive a genuinely interested and active set of individuals on your page.

Kicksta Filter

While Kicksta features following growth, the filter made available by the platform allows users to regulate who they want to make part of their following. Using the filter, you can screen individuals who make their way to your profile. You can either choose not to allow business profiles, dormant accounts, or private accounts in.

A measure of security

It is no secret that accounts with suspicious activities like spam liking are very likely to be banned on Instagram. Putting money out for individuals to visit your page and do any of this would likely leave your page having irrelevant and improper comments or spam likes. This puts your account at risk of getting banned. With Kicksta, however, your new audience is genuinely interested in what you market. Therefore, comments prove to be meaningful and spam liking is placed out of the picture.


While building the organic traffic to your Instagram account, you can log in to monitor changes through your dashboard on Kicksta. By doing so, you can observe what metrics on your IG profile are experiencing an increase and what strategy your profile is thriving on.

Kicksta Targets

This Kicksta feature selectively attracts individuals in a certain demographic. Either individuals in a certain geographic region, those who actively follow certain hashtags or those who actively follow an account in your niche.

Kicksta Pricing

Although Kicksta previously featured two paid plans, the platform has a new addition to its fold. With no free plans, the three available plans of the platform are the Standard, Premium, and Boost plans.


Formerly going for $99, the standard version now costs $49 monthly. Accounts under this plan experience what one could describe as a moderate growth rate in terms of followers. This plan avails users of 10 Kicksta targets.


The premium plan costs $99 monthly (formerly $149). This package comes with 30 Kicksta targets more than the standard plan. In addition to this, Instagram profiles under this plan experience a maximum follower growth rate. Users also receive the VIP email service and a blacklist that allows them to filter out accounts they do not want on their list of followers. The advanced Kicksta targeting that allows account owners to choose individual regions and hashtags to generate followers from is also available on this plan.


While the other two mentioned plans do not include TSMA services (you would need to pay an additional $119 monthly to include this), the Boost plan offers a combination of TSMA services and services from the premium plan. This plan costs $218 (previously $338). The available TSMA features are –

  • Premium 5 days per week support over text.

  • Over 850 monthly followers are guaranteed.

  • IG-login free services.

  • Audience threshold that contains a diverse audience of influencers from around the globe.

Users under any of the above plans can cancel their subscription at any time and not be in breach of any form of contract. Kicksta also offers a 14-day refund guarantee for each of these plans.

Advantages of Kicksta

  • Kicksta offers you an increased following and potential converts to actual clients at low risk. Rather than pump your profile with traffic from bots and risk attracting penalties from Instagram, Kicksta directs genuine traffic to your profile.

  • Regardless of the plan you subscribe to, Kicksta offers two video courses to users on how to get the most out of the platform.

  • Unlike other platforms that equally serve to increase your Instagram following, Kicksta increases your following with individuals that are relevant to your niche.

  • Signing up for Kicksta is a non-complex process that you can easily kick-off by signing up under any paid plan of choice.

  • Kicksta renders a breakdown of what hashtags are performing well and which ones are not. This lets you know where to better channel your resources.

Disadvantages of Kicksta

  • For starters, Kicksta does not offer any free plans. This may be reasonable considering the type of service the platform provides. However, it makes it not entirely accessible to everyone.

  • Over time, individuals have made complaints regarding being unable to cancel subscriptions at will.

  • The growth process adopted by Kicksta is rather unpredictable. One can not exactly pinpoint when the organic traffic building starts to take effect.

  • Individuals who encounter issues and opt for cancellation of their subscription lose whatever followers they may have gotten if any.

Alternatives To Kicksta

If you would like options to choose from, you could start by taking a look at these 3 –

Unlike Kicksta, Upleap is a platform where individuals can purchase followers for their Instagram accounts. Upleap does not require your Instagram login details to operate. The following accounts are organized into packages of varying cost and capacity. These packages start as little as $3.22 for a hundred followers with guaranteed results between one to three days. Unlike Kicksta, however, these accounts may or may not have any interest in what your brand offers.

Mr. Insta is a platform that, unlike Kicksta, allows users to grow their Instagram following for free. Although Mr. Insta also features paid plans, users can access a free plan with which they can like posts on target accounts. The platform’s paid plans start from fifteen followers a day at $20.

Mr. Insta also has a refill guarantee in place for instances where new followers decide to unfollow your Instagram account. However, Mr. Insta, unlike Kicksta, lacks a dashboard to monitor progress. This must be done using a third-party app. Mr. Insta does not require your login details, however, you would have to log in at least once every two days. Using a paid plan, this mandatory login will not be necessary.

Nitreo is a paid tool with three prominent features to project its Instagram audience growth strategy. First, the platform adapts the follow-for-follow approach. In other words, they target niche-relevant accounts and follow them. In turn, if these accounts take interest in the new follower, they return the following. If however, this is not reciprocated, Nitreo unfollows the account.

Other strategies Nitreo employs are comment liking and story viewing. Both depend on whether the account whose comment you like or whose story you view decides to visit your profile or engage. Like Kicksta, you would need to set up and add hashtags, targets, and blacklist accounts if you please.

Bottom Line

The Kicksta platform cannot completely be ruled as good or bad. This is because while some individuals get desired results, others do not and conclude that the platform is a fraudulent one. Putting Kicksta’s prominent features into perspective and the positive testimonials it has under its belt, reaching a decision might be difficult for most.

However, if you overlook all negative reviews and give it a shot to see that promised organic traffic, Kicksta would be a feasible option in its field. If you would rather not initiate a subscription and have reasons to cancel eventually, you can start up with any of the alternatives to Kicksta. However, it would help to note that none of these platforms are entirely perfect.


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