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What is IFTTT Syndication And How Can It Help Your SEO?

As if Search Engine Optimization isn’t complicated and technical enough, now you’re hearing about a little thing called IFTTT syndication. What is it? And can it help your SEO score? These days, we are all clamoring for ways to get that elusive page one ranking on Google. With its ever-changing algorithm and constant updates, it is quite challenging to come up with creative ways to boost your site’s SEO score. In this guide, we’ll dissect what IFTTT is all about and what it can possibly do to make your SEO challenges become lighter. Read ahead for the ultimate and easy guide to IFTTT syndication.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT Syndication

“If this, then that.” IFTTT can mean a different thing to any other niche. However, when it comes to SEO, it is “a defining concept for development of networking software for maximum reachability and networking efficiency.” How does it work? In simple terms, when an event happens in a particular channel, the action automatically triggers an action within another one, creating a chain across all platforms in an effort to make your job easier.

Ultimately, IFTTT is web-based tool that has a host of benefits. It can be used as an effective SEO strategy to increase traffic to a site, followers, shares and everything else. In short, it’s made to make your digital tasks easy as possible. It’s valuable in a sense that you no longer have to spend so much time going over so many softwares and platforms one by one. With IFTTT, you can syndicate your content in one place and be over with it in on time.

Wikipedia’s official definition of IFTTT is ¨ free web-based service that people use to create chains of simple conditional statements called applets. An applet is triggered by changes that occur within other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. An applet may send an e-mail message if the user tweets using a hashtag or copy a photo on Facebook to a user´s archive if someone tags a user in a photo.¨

IFTTT and Syndication


IFTTT features two different types of syndication. These are branded network and persona network.

Branded Network - A more straightforward syndication process that involves the use of one name of a person or a brand on all the network accounts.

Persona Network - This syndication process allows for the use of different keywords to function as the names on the accounts, not using only one uniform name or brand.

IFTTT and Search Engine Optimization

So how exactly does IFTTT play a role in SEO? You’d be glad to know that IFTTT plays a lot of roles and fulfills many benefits for your Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

1. IFTTT allows automatic syndications of posts from one of the social media platform to the other different accounts. You no longer have to spend time on the arduous task of posting in each different platform or network.

2. It gives you greater visibility across the internet.

3. It helps improve brand awareness, audience acquirement, growth, and targeted traffic to your web pages.

4. It ultimately helps boost sales.

5. It helps boost your link building campaign by generating high-quality links from authority websites.

And many more…


IFTTT is a must if you want your digital efforts to become easier. However, like most tools out there, it can only help you so much. In order to get the most out of IFTTT syndication, you have to constantly post high-quality and relevant content to make your audience happy. After all, when it comes to SEO, content is king.

For those who wish that you can have more time without spending loads of money on outsourcing, this is your lucky day. All those little tasks that could be taken cared of without you having to worry about them can now be automated. This is a dream come true for a digital marketer, life just got easier. IFTTT or If This Then That helps you to take most of your daily tasks and automate them completely for FREE. With IFTTT, you can automate parts of your business that would otherwise cost you a lot of time and effort to accomplish. The tool uses Recipes or Applets to connect different apps and tools to create workflows.

IFTTT Syndication

This is like a chain reaction when you take an action in one tool, another happens in the tool that it's linked to. For example, you made active this Recipe, every time you used a particular hashtag on Twitter, like #hybridtraffic, that tweet would directly post to Facebook. This task may only take a few seconds but if you combine 10 to 20 of these tasks in your workload the time savings will come into play. The number of tools that can be combined for different purposes is almost unlimited and applies to all niches and industries. You can come up with Recipes for Google Docs, Gmail, Youtube, Wordpress, ESPN, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to name a few. This means that you never have to repeat a task that you don't want, it's like free outsourcing for the mundane tasks that you wish others could do for you. IFTTT is a useful tool for bloggers who run huge blogs. To remain productive, new and different tasks need to be done to help your blog retain it's standing. These tasks drain your time and energy and may pull you in lots of different directions. IFTTT can manage these tasks for you. IFTTT can be used as a great strategy for SEO and content management. It can increase traffic, followers, and shares to your site. In general, the IFTTT has two different types of syndication: a branded network and a personal one. A branded network would require one to use a name of a person or brand on all network accounts. A personal network, on the other hand, would require one to use a different set of keywords to act as the names of the accounts. To set up an IFTTT, you should create an account on Once you are done with setting up your account, you can now add channels and social media platforms. You then proceed to activate these profiles and give permission to IFTTT to post to them. After doing this, you need to look for your RSS feed. Your RSS feed gets updated every time you upload new content to your profile. This feed can serve as a trigger to get IFTTT operational. The IFTTT Syndication Network can be used for your SEO initiatives. With all the social media platforms available today, having a strong presence on each requires much time and effort. We recommend that once people engage with you, reply to them individually. Having an automated response is impersonal, no one wants to chat with a robot. There are close to 300 channels that you can choose to add to your network on IFTTT. You can also select different actions and triggers that you can customize to your needs and requirements.

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