What Backlinks Strategy Should You Use For a Small Website?

Backlinks go a long way in strengthening a website's online presence. It helps increase organic traffic as well as the site's SERP rank. And as such, generating quality backlinks is a no-brainer in improving your SEO strategy.

To generate more backlinks, several online platforms out there have implemented various strategies. You may have a few of them in mind. However, before proceeding, note that the success of a backlink strategy depends on several factors. One of which includes the size of a website. There is no doubt that larger websites are more likely to receive lots of backlinks.

On the other hand, smaller websites may find it difficult to generate a considerable amount of backlinks. Hence, the question: "What backlinks strategy should you use for a small website?" This article discusses different methods to create backlinks for a smaller website.

backlinks strategy small site

8 backlink strategies for a small website to rank higher

A timely and efficient strategy remains the only way to satisfy the ever-growing need for more backlinks. That said, it proves difficult for many to find that perfect strategy. More so if it is for a small website. Not to worry, here are eight effective ways to generate more backlinks for a small website.

Develop link-worthy contents

Backlinks are links to your webpage from another website. Therefore, no website out there will refer their visitors to your webpage if your content is lacking quality. As a result, creating high-quality content is the first step to securing a considerable amount of backlinks for your site. But how do you go about it?

Note that it is necessary to study the kind of pages that has the most traffic. Then, create content similar to that of those pages. Doing so helps you develop content that appeals to visitors. And what's more, websites will be more than willing to leave a hyperlink to your webpage on their site.

There is no denying that this strategy may prove more time-consuming than others. Still, it will skyrocket your overall backlink when implemented correctly.

Implement Social Fortress

Backlinks of high-quality will get your small website a high rank on SERPs. However, quality is not all that matters, there is a great need for quantity. To generate many backlinks, you need to aim for many websites. Since social media is a common trend today, you need to be able to link from top social media platforms. And Social Fortress is the ideal strategy for this.

Social Fortress will help you build a strong social media account and help you link from them. Hybrid Traffic offers one of the best Social Fortress services out there.

Replacing broken links

Another way of generating backlinks for your site is by replacing broken links. Simply put, broken links refer to those links that are no longer functioning on a site. Broken links arise when the destination site changes its domain or gets closed.

While this leads to a loss for the source website, it creates a perfect chance for you to capture tons of backlinks. What do you need to do? First, identify any broken links on a high-ranking webpage. Next, contact the webmaster of the website reporting the broken links. While doing so, tactfully present your content that is as good or even better than the original link, which serves as a perfect replacement for it.

When pitching in your link, note that your content must be similar to that of the original link. Hence, you need to be ready to create content to perfectly substitute the former link if you don't already have one.