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UkeySoft Apple Music Converter Review: Best Way to Convert Apple Music to MP3

Having a file encryption tool that doubles as Multimedia software is a plus for any internet user. One that provides data security and helps to get the most of multimedia platforms like Apple and Spotify cannot be overlooked. Such tools offer users a freely colorful and digital life.


UkeySoft offers file encryption, mobile, and multimedia solutions. This UkeySoft review contains all you need to know about the several products of UkeySoft. But first, let's briefly talk about the company.

What is UkeySoft?

UkeySoft File Lock

UkeySoft is a software company that focuses on multimedia and encryption services. It offers USB Encryption, File Lock, and CD/DVD Encryption. Its multimedia services include M4V Conversion, Spotify Music Conversion, Apple Music Conversion, DVD Ripping tool, Video/Audio Editing and Conversion, and a Screen Recording tool.

With over a decade-long experience, UkeySoft provides encrypted data services and file data administrators, using permission control systems to restrict the access of unauthorized users. UkeySoft seeks to explore the field of data security in the future.

How does Ukeysoft work?


Data Security Field

UkeySoft prevents data leakages using its several types of encryption tool. These include its data encryption technology, USB encryption software, CD/DVD encryption software, and file encryption software. On using any of these encryption tools, access to the license or any corresponding permission is restricted. Accessing the license will require a password after encryption.


Multimedia content is all around us, especially with the technological advancement we have seen in recent years. We now have tons of social media content and internet streaming services like Apple and Spotify to deal with.

In several instances, users experience issues arising from device incompatibility. They want to access their favorite files but their mobile devices cannot play the specified file format. This can be frustrating and can ruin the mood. Hence the need for solutions like what UkeySoft provides. Also, UkeySoft finds its use in editing, modifying, adjusting digital videos and songs rented or purchased from iTunes Store. These files include M4V and Mp4 files. Users can find a solution to backup iTunes M4V movies, Spotify Music, and Apple Music.

Using UkeySoft

Using UkeySoft software solutions is easy. All a user must do is visit the UkeySoft website and download the preferred software.

UkeySoft Products

UkeySoft has a wide range of tools to ensure users get the best possible media, file encryption, and mobile experience. Here, we will discuss these products in order of their function.


This tool creates encrypted virtual disks and data files. It also finds its use in burning encrypted CD/DVDs. UkeySoft utilizes a military-grade 256-bit AES encryption algorithm to create this encryption tool.


  • It supports ISO image encrypted file creation.

  • Hide and secure folders/files on CD/DVDs

  • Support for virtual disk creation

  • Supports burning of ISO image files to CD/DVD

  • Share files securely

  • Partition disks and protecting a section

  • Opening of encrypted disks

  • Lifetime free update

How the CD DVD Encryption software works

  1. Launch the CD/DVD Encryption tool and insert a blank disk on the PC

  2. Choose the disk and select ‘add files’

  3. Burn your preferred file(s). Clicking burn gives you access to create a password.


UkeySoft offers a one-year subscription plan of $39.95 for its CD/DVD Encryption tool. It also offers a personal and family license that costs $49.95 and $79.95 respectively.

USB Encryption

For locking, encrypting, and protecting thumb drives, USB flash drives, memory sticks, pen drives, and a wide range of portable storage with password security.


  • Password protection for USB flash drives

  • USB partitioning

  • Support for 32- and 64-bits Windows 2000, 2003, Vista, XP, Windows 10/8/7

  • Free Lifetime upgrade

How the USB Encryption software works

  1. Run the USB Encryption software

  2. Insert the USB stick

  3. Select the drive and configure the secure area’s size. Install to create a secure area.

  4. Configure the secure area’s username and password


UkeySoft offers a one-year subscription plan of $39.95 for its USB Encryption tool. Also, it has a personal and family license, which prices at $49.95 and $79.95 respectively.

  • UkeySoft File Lock

UkeySoft File Lock

The File Lock Software has a Mac and Windows variant.

File Lock Windows

UkeySoft's File Locker for Mac finds its use in protecting documents with passwords, and hiding folders and files on Mac computers and devices running the macOS.


  • Prevents visibility, accessibility, and modification of files and folders

  • Password protection for apps, folders, and files

  • USB secure encryption on macOS

  • Read and write prevention

  • Auto Hide support

  • Hide multimedia files

  • Easy to Use and it is completely safe

How File Lock works on Mac

  1. Run the File Lock software for Mac.

  2. Add folders and files using the ‘+’ button or drag and drop files.

  3. Set file/ folder as invisible.

  4. Users can also select the file/ folder on the left column and toggle the invisible button on. Select ‘require password’ if you want to add password security.

This is a variant of UkeySoft’s File Locker for Mac. This tool is for the Windows operating system. It ensures password protection of documents and hiding files and folders on a PC.


  • Folders/Drives/Files lock with password security. Supports PDF, Excel, Powerpoint, TXT, and Word documents.

  • Hide private Folders/Drives/Files. It offers support for PDF, Excel, Powerpoint, TXT, and Word documents.

  • Folder/ File/Drive delete prevention

  • Disk Wiper and File Eraser

  • USB Encryption tool

  • Folder/Disk monitor

  • LAN Locker for shared folders

  • Self-protection mode

  • Lost Password finder

  • Free Updates and 24/7 Support

How UkeySoft File Lock works on Windows

How UkeySoft File Lock works on Windows

  1. Launch the File Lock Software

  2. Select “Locking File.” You can find this under the Local Disk module.

  3. Select any of your preferred option between ‘Lock Folder’, ‘Lock Drive’, and ‘Lock File’.


  • UkeySoft File Lock costs $29.95

Multimedia Tools

Multimedia Tools

UkeySoft’s video editing tool is an easy-to-use editor for cutting, merging, cropping, trimming, and changing the orientation of video files. This tool also allows for the addition of music, effects, subtitles, and watermarks.


  • Allows for the perfect merging of effects on videos

  • Advanced video cutter

  • It supports three cutting modes; Easy, Batch, and Advanced Cutter.

  • Video cropping function

  • Video Speed adjuster

How UkeySoft Video Editor works

  1. Launch the UkeySoft Video Editor

  2. Add the preferred video file to edit and begin editing


  • UkeySoft Video Editor goes for $39.95 for one year. It has a lifetime personal license offer, which costs $49.95, and a lifetime family license that costs $89.95.

  • M4V Converter

M4V Converter

UkeySoft M4V Converter allows the downloading and conversion of iTunes rented or purchased M4V movies, music, video, and TV shows. It supports the conversion of video files into DRM-free MP4 that can be played offline.


  • iTunes media DRM remover

  • Batch converter with 720p HD/ 1080p HD quality

  • Preserves original audio track quality.

  • 30X fast conversion speed

  • Supports multi-device offline playback

  • Easy and safe to use

How it works

  1. Launch UkeySoft M4V converter

  2. Load the iTunes Movie you want to convert

  3. Select the movie and click convert to MP4


  • The M4V converter has two licenses. The personal license goes for $44.95 and its family license is priced at $79.95.

  • Spotify Music Converter

Spotify Music Converter

This tool enables the download of songs from Spotify for offline use. It converts Spotify playlists and songs for use on Mp3 players, iPods, or other music players.


  • Direct burning of Spotify songs to CD

  • Customization of Spotify song quality

  • Spotify music conversion into M4A/MP3/FLAC/WAV

  • Spotify music downloader and DRM remover

  • Batch conversion support

How it works

  1. Load the Spotify Music Downloader

  2. Insert songs and choose the preferred output format

  3. Click on the ‘convert’ button to start.


  • It has a lifetime pricing of $39.95 for 1 PC/Mac. Its family license costs $79.95 for 5 PCs/Macs.

  • Apple Music Converter

Apple Music Converter

UkeySoft’s Apple Music Converter supports the conversions of every Apple music file into file-formats including AC3, converting apple music MP3, and FLAC, . It supports the removal of DRM licenses from Apple songs and MP4 files with DRM.


  • Apple Music DRM remover, which offers supports for M4A, MP3, Audible AA/AAX, and M4B audiobooks.

  • It retains Apple songs after subscription expiry

  • Apple, iTunes music, and Audiobook conversion support

  • Download DRM-free songs from Apple.

  • Supports iTunes M4P Audiobook and M4P conversion

  • Lifetime update and multilingual support

How it works

  1. Launch UkeySoft Apple Music Conversion software and select songs

  2. Select output formats

  3. Convert your Apple music into the preferred file format


  • UkeySoft offers two licenses for its Apple Music Converter. The first is a lifetime personal license for 1 PC/Mac, which costs $39.95. The second plan offers a family lifetime access for 5 PCs/Macs, which costs $79.95.

  • UkeySoft Video Converter

UkeySoft Video Converter

UkeySoft’s Windows Video Converter is a great video conversion tool for Windows devices. It is for the conversion of any video format type into iPad/iPod/iPhone playback videos, Android, Xbox, PSP, Zune, MP4 devices, and a wide range of mobile video players.

The Mac Video Converter is the corresponding video converter software for Mac. UkeySoft Macs video converter allows for the conversion of both video and audio files into any desired file format. Also, it supports video trimming, merging, cropping, and editing of video subtitles.


  • Multi-channel and devices playback support

  • Video editing functions

  • High-quality video conversions

  • Conversion into any audio/video format for all devices

  • Flash SWF, HTML 5, and 4K video conversion support

How UkeySoft video converter works

  1. Load UkeySoft video converter

  2. Add your file and convert


  • UkeySoft Video Converter costs $29.95, a one-year subscription. Its lifetime personal license costs $39.95. And it offers a lifetime Family license for $59.95.

  • Screen Recorder

Screen recorder

UkeySoft Screen Recorder lets you record anything on your device screen including the activities done on your PC's desktop. These include online videos, web meetings, and live streams. Also, users get to edit and insert effects after recording with UkeySoft Screen Recorder.


  • Recording webcam and live streaming events

  • Creation of study material and demonstration video

  • Voice commentary support

  • Excellent Audio and Video capture tool

  • Selection of screen recording area

  • Supports a wide range of output formats like AVI, WMV, FLV, and MP4.

  • Advanced editing function

How it works

  1. Launch UkeySoft screen recording software

  2. Record video

  3. Edit recorded video

  4. Upload or share


  • UkeySoft Screen Recorder software has no free plan. It requires a $59.95 one-time payment.

  • DVD Ripper

DVD Ripper

For Ripping DVD files into audio/video formats, UkeySoft DVD Ripper fits the bill. It covers an extensive list of file formats like MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, M4V, MP3, FLV, AAC, WMA, and M4A. It supports playback on a wide range of devices.


  • Support any audio/video output format

  • Audio extraction support

  • DVD Folder/ISO/Disk conversions

  • Cloning support for DVD and ISO folders

  • Burning tool

How it works

  1. Launch the DVD Ripper

  2. Load the preferred DVD

  3. Choose output format

  4. Begin conversion by using the convert button.


  • UkeySoft DVD Ripper allows for a free trial. It costs a one-time payment of $39.95


Mobile Converter

The UkeySoft FoneFix allows users to fix issues on their iOS devices without data loss. It covers issues like black screen, white Apple logo, boot loop, DFU mode, and recovery mode.


  • Easy to use

  • One-click recovery mode entry

  • Downgrade iOS without jailbreak

  • Repair iOS with no data loss

  • Supports all iOS versions including iPhone 12 and iOS 14.

  • It features a standard, advanced, and an entry/exit recovery mode.

How it works

  1. Select a repair mode

  2. Download its firmware

  3. Repair your device


  • UkeySoft offers a free trial for its FoneFix software. Still, users can purchase its personal-plan license for $49.95 and its family license for $79.95


  • Very easy to use and UkeySoft provides lots of tutorials and guides

  • Quick response and 24/7 support

  • Risk-free and 100% safe service

  • Guaranteed quality and vast experience

  • It has a free trial


  • UkeySoft products require payments.

Wrapping Up

In our information age, data security is key whether you an individual, government agency, not-for-profit, or a business. As incidents of data leakages become frequent, data security is more important than ever. This is especially so concerning the impact and cost of data leakages.

UkeySoft relies on the internet to provide video/audio converting, editing, and data security solution. It has a video editor, video converter, screen recorder, DVD ripper, file security encryption tool, video downloader and converter.

This UkeySoft review looks into the several products offered by this software company. It considers their features, pricing, and how each works to help guide you in making the best decision.

Whether you need to convert and edit a multimedia file, or you have to encrypt a folder or file, or you have to fix your mobile, you can rest assured that UkeySoft has a working solution for you.


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