Top Website Builder Platform [Updated 2022]

Creating a website is now possible without the rigors of coding. After all, not everyone can code. With website builder platforms, not everyone needs to. Website builders take away the bulk work of website building – the need to code – and let you create full-featured websites. There are a number of defining features that a good website builder should have. These include ease of use, quality and customizable web design templates, blogging tools, and eCommerce solutions, to mention some. Having an SEO tool in the platform and a strong customer support team is also important. This article looks at top website builder platforms in 2022 with these features.

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10 Top Website Builder Platforms in 2022

  1. WIX – overall best website builder

  2. Weebly – easiest website builder

  3. GoDaddy – top website builder for basic sites

  4. Squarespace – best website builder with prepackaged design

  5. Site123 – website builder with the best support

  6. Duda – best website builder for a customized experience

  7. BigCommerce – best website builder for large stores

  8. Shopify – best website builder for basic eCommerce stores

  9. WordPress – best builder for blogging and writers' websites

  10. Gator – best website builder with intuitive commerce tools

Now, let’s dive into the mix.

1.) WIX

Website Builder

With its robust features, Wix is one of the most powerful website builder platforms that there are. Over 100 million websites originate from this platform and it is an obvious favorite of many. This is not surprising as Wix lets you put in the least effort and the most creativity to produce your website.


  • Free account option

  • Online site assets storage

  • Third-party site widget gallery

  • Powerful commerce and blogging features