Top 5 Ranking Web 2.0 Blog Sites List For SEO And Tutorials [Updated 2022]

Dominate your keywords or brand awareness with our top site web 2.0 blogs. In this blog post, we will focus on building mini-sites with quality. And what does it mean by that? It means they need to be highly optimized, legitimate look, a good looking mini-site, unique and readable content, frequently updated, etc.

Lot's of marketer or SEO are engaging on web 2.0 as part of their daily link building ro2utine. But, sad to say that they are abusing web 2.0 blogs for ranking keywords and branding. This abuse must have a negative effect in the future. And that's why we are here to help you guys avoid the negative effect in the future. You're creating a site or blogs without any optimization, good content, updating, or should we say no traffic at all, what it's going to happen? It's a terrible idea. It's not a worth value if you're creating a web 2.0 without any readers or traffic on it. You're just like creating a huge building without any cement foundation. To make sense, we are going to introduce how positive network can benefit your web 2.0.

Positive Web 2.0 Network

1.) Social Signals - It's vital that your web 2.0 have some social's share of any popular properties such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, etc. Check our example below, and it has 200+ social share in the report. The key here is to develop social sharing as part of the ranking factors.

web 2.0 list

2.) Traffic Popularity - Believe it or not, but we do believe that traffic or what we called CTR is part of the ranking factors. So, if you have a web 2.0 network, you better send them traffic for direct, referral or organic search. You can see the image below as we did some test from our organic traffic service. So, we do have post & pages traffic, referrers, direct, etc.

web 2.0 list and tutorials

3.) Related Niche Or brand - We need to clarify things here if you're building for your brand. Then, you should be using your brand name as your niche or sub-domain names. If you're ranking for specific keywords, then you go with niche related sub-domain which mean you will have to create related to your money site. For example, your niche is about digital marketing, and then you build your network like "seotipscompany" "digitalonlinemarketing" etc. Keep in mind that niche and brand are different. See example below:

  • Brand -

  • Niche Related -

4.) Social fortress - To obtain high authority sites, you should also build a social fortress for each of the web 2.0 that you have. If you think, it will need to take a lot of time and patience when doing this. A small amount of link will do, let's say you can start with 50 social profile links for per each 2.0. Why do we need social properties to link in web 2.0? The answer is simple: to increase your web 2.0 network visibility, more spots in google listed, indexing rate increased. So, overall it will increase your web 2.0 power and referring domain. It should focus more on branding if the web 2.0 that you're targeting is Ex., then the username of the brand name should be "healthnewsblog2017". So you will have, https://twitter/healthnewsblog2017. You can check for starter site links below:

web 2.0 list 2018

  1. Facebook

  2. Twitter

  3. instagram

  4. youtube

  5. vimeo

  6. dailymotion