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Top List Of Firefox Popular Extensions

Firefox extensions are packages that extend the functionality of the browser and are designed for Firefox-related browsers like Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. Firefox extensions come in various forms. These include:

  1. Official extensions

  2. Website integrations such as Google and Wikipedia integrations

  3. Application integrations

  4. Customizations


  6. Download management

  7. Tabs

  8. Language tools

  9. Security & privacy

  10. Feeds

  11. Browser features, and others.

This article will provide a comprehensive list of the top Firefox extensions you need to incorporate into your browser for improved browsing.

List of the Top Firefox Popular Extensions

Firefox Popular Extensions

These are the top popular Firefox extensions in no exact order:

Users- 32,740

Ratings: 4.8/5

List of Firefox Extension

With a score of 4.8 out of 5, this Firefox extension is very impressive. uMatrix is a matrix-based firewall that serves to block certain content from your page. It allows you to decide what you would like on your page and what you would not want while you browse. At its granular levels, it grants more access and blocking functions than the uBlock Origin extension.


  • Its matrix works by using colors to distinguish between allowed and blocked traffic. Using a dark green color, uMatrix lets you know what content is allowed on your page, while it shows blacklisted content in red.

  • It allows you to block scripts, site cookies, CSS, and media to mention a few.

  • uMatrix grants you autonomous control over both whitelists and blacklists.

  • With uMatrix, you can allow or block ads and foreign content with a click.


uMatrix is a free extension of Mozilla Firefox


Users- 5,123,892

Ratings: 4.8/5

Official extensions

The function of this Firefox extension is content filtering. uBlock is a definite go-to blocker because it performs all blocking functions and is not as resource-intensive as other blockers. We would not want to leave out the fact that it does not consume as much memory as other tools that perform the same function.


  • It blocks video ads, banner ads, as well as those attempting to track your activities online.

  • uBlock Origin also performs malware blocking functions

  • With filters such as EasyList and EasyPrivacy, among others, it enforces malware domain.


uBlock Origin is free of any charges, however, you have the option of funding or donating to this extension.


Users- 6,541,202

Ratings: 4.5/5

Popular Firefox Extension

Do you have issues with ads that just pop up on your screen when you need to get something done? Pop-up ads are indeed quite frustrating but Adblock Plus takes care of this problem. This Firefox extension prevents ads from popping up on your screen.


  • It prevents you from opening and entering malicious ads.

  • With Adblock Plus, you have control over what ads to allow on your page and what ads are blocked. Ads that are allowed on your page will have to go through a criterion for eligibility as set by the Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC).

  • Using Adblock Plus EasyList, you can block a certain type of traffic from gaining access to your webpage.


Adblock Plus is a free Firefox extension.


Users- 39,046

Ratings: 4.3/5


Several persons love taking screenshots of content that pique their interest. Are you one of these several persons? If yes, then Lightshot is one extension you would love to have. With Lightshot, you can take screenshots of content and tweak these screenshots up as much as you want.


  • Lightshot allows you to customize screenshots. This means that you could highlight and texts or change the shape of screenshots.

  • With it, you can save, print, or share screenshots over various social media platforms.

  • It can search for images similar to your screenshot online.


Lightshot is yet another free extension of Firefox.


Users- 629,042

Rating- 4.6/5


Is the lighting of that webpage too bright? No worries, Dark Reader can help with that. With this amazing add-on, you can give webpages a darker theme than they originally have.


  • Its site list section gives you control over what sites the darker themes should be applied to.

  • You can adjust the contrast, brightness, greyscale, and sepia to suit your needs or style.

  • It has font customization options and a theme generation mode.


You do not have to pay to enjoy the features of this great extension.


Users- 16,855

Rating- 4.4/5

Adblock Plus

If you often need pieces of text from other websites or emails, Clippings is the extension for you. Clippings stores texts copied from emails or other webpages and produces these texts where needed.


  • It sorts texts in order of importance by saving them in different colors.

  • Clippings grants you the option to designate a shortcut key to individual clips for efficiency.

  • It is multilingual, providing support in languages including Portuguese, German and English.

  • Sync clips and provides placeholders.


This Firefox extension is free


Users- Over 1,220,551

Ratings: 4.3/5


Ghostery is a privacy-enabled extension that operates by restricting HTTP requests that a browser is presently upon. Its interface is intuitive, unique, and easy to understand with a detailed view.


  • With a single click, Ghostery gives you the authority to enable and durable disable tracking by trackers.

  • Performing searches using Ghostery is anonymous. This is because your searches are encrypted and no one can discover what you have searched.

  • It has a mobile data saver and an adapter for font sizes.

  • It comes with an inbuilt adblocker with enhanced privacy settings for Android.


It has the free package and the Ghostery Plus for $2 per month.


Users- 1,231,689



This Firefox extension functions to help eradicate writing errors. This is especially useful if you create a lot of written content for your webpage. It ensures your content is not bland and your delivery is just right. Not leaving out the clarity of your content, Grammarly makes your content as refined as can be.


  • It allows you to restructure sentences

  • Alerts you on the use of the wrong choice of words

  • Spots Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and provides corrections

  • Eliminates redundancies


  • Free- Provides only basic editing functions.

  • Premium- $11.66 monthly annual billing

  • Business- $15 monthly for every member, annually billed.


Users- 344,847

Rating- 4.8/5


Saying we now depend highly on the internet is no overstatement. With the active use of technology, having one's work left unguarded is a high risk. The simple solution to this is Firefox's extension, Bitwarden. Bitwarden protects your online work from the ever-increasing hacks and breaches that take place online.


  • It secures information regarding all your login credentials using an encrypted vault.

  • Content synchronization with the cloud.

  • It automatically fills in saved login credentials where needed.

  • It allows you to share login credentials with fellow users of this extension.

  • Checks for and prevents data breaches.


This extension comes at no cost.


It goes without saying that Firefox extensions make browsing a process with almost no hitches. Each extension has great features, no doubt. And incorporating as many features as you can into your browser would make your browsing experience an enjoyable one. Meanwhile, take caution to avoid making your browser slower.

Still, whether you need to improve your grammar, or you want a slicker feel, or more security to your browsing experience, extensions will make it possible. You can even expand your Wishlist with a reader, download management extension, or a feed bar. And you can benefit from these features as long as you are working with a Firefox-based browser like those mentioned in this article.


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