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Thrive Theme Builder

The massive range of customizations afforded by WordPress is what endears users to it. It supports add-ons, plugins, and themes to help users get their desired look, browsing experience, and security levels. And to make customizations easy, we have theme builders.

Thrive Theme Builder

Theme builders are essential when developing a website. They allow users to customize their site's looks according to their preferences. There are several impressive theme builders out there and they can all help you personalize your website's look. Amongst the top theme builders lies the Thrive Builder. Why is this so, what exactly is Thrive theme Builder? This article discusses the answers to these questions and even more. It mentions core aspects of the Thrive Builder along with its features, pros, and cons. To simply put, this is a Thrive Builder review. That said, here is exactly what you should know.

What The Thrive Builder Theme Is

Features Of The Thrive theme Builder

Thrive Builder is Thrive Themes’ latest product. It is among the best theme builders around. It features an editor that allows drag-and-drop for its users. And this makes it easier for users to design every part of their theme. As a result, it gives you complete control and lets you customize your whole theme from the header down to the footer. And this makes it unique to many WordPress themes that are out there. Additionally, the Thrive Builder is not a plugin. Instead, it is a theme of its own.

If you are looking to use this fantastic theme builder, you surely want to know more about it. Here are some noteworthy Thrive builder features.

Features Of The Thrive theme Builder

What The Thrive Builder Theme Is

As indicated earlier, Thrive Builder is not outside the list of the best themes around. And this is because of the great features it offers to users. Here are 5 outstanding features of Thrive Builder.

1. It offers an impressive site wizard.

Designing a website is no easy feat and can cause stress at times. You may find yourself in a situation whereby you're struggling with a WordPress theme to give your website the desired look. To eliminate this stress, Thrive Builder offers a user-friendly site wizard.

The website wizard allows for the configuring of your website’s layout and structure. It also allows you to configure various settings for your website. The first setting under this wizard is 'Logo.’ Here, you will have to upload your brand's logo. You'll also have to select the basic color for your website. Apart from the 'logo' setting, the site wizard allows you to easily select the template for other aspects of your website.

The following are the settings that are available under Thrive Builder's site wizard.

  • Logo

  • Brand Color

  • Header

  • Homepage

  • Single post

  • Single blog post

  • page

  • footer

You'll have to select a default template for each of these aspects of your website. Also, you can decide to create your very own template. If needed, you can easily restart the website’s wizard under a click. This will take you to the beginning stages, thereby erasing your current progress. Thrive Builder also allows you to come back and change the settings for these parts of your website if you decide to do so in the future.

2. Branding

For customizations to meet brand’s needs, Thrive Builder offers the branding section right under the Site wizard. Here, you can adjust your preferred site's primary color under the Site wizard.

Branding also allows you to upload a light and dark logo version. Thrive Builder will use these logos including the original one in various places of your website thereby enhancing its beauty. Additionally, Branding allows for the uploading of a favicon. A favicon will enable users to see your brand image in the address bars and tabs.

3. Typography

Thrive Builder's 'Typography' setting is yet another of its impressive features. With this option, you can customize your theme's general typography in a place. Typography allows you to edit all headings of your site. You can decide to choose the same color for all heading or separate colors. Whatever you decide, Thrive Builder will fully utilize the details to your satisfaction.

4. Templates

The 'Template' section is right under the Typography section. Thrive Builder offers templates for several aspects of your website. These aspects include blog pages as well as blog posts. Thrive Builder allows you to edit your preferred template for your site. And it allows for template creation too.

5. Site Speed

Thrive Builder offers yet another section right under the Template section. And this section is known as 'Site Speed.' This section is to help users run a fast website. Under this section, there are three options provided by Thrive theme Builder. These three options allow you to preload the settings and plug-ins recommended by Thrive to a site using their very own theme builder.

  • Caching and Minification. To avoid spending hours configuring the caching and minification setting, the Thrive Builder offers an easy setup with famous performance plug-ins. All you need to do is select your plugin. Afterward, tap the optimal caching button.

  • Image Optimization. Here, you'll choose between 2 plugins. These plugins help to serve the images on your website throughout a delivery service and at the correct dimensions. The two third-party plug-ins to choose from are Smush and Optimole.

  • AMP. This stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it is the third site speed option. With Thrive, you can turn on AMP easily without any tricky configuration or setup. As the name implies, AMP will help in serving web pages faster on mobile platforms and devices.

The Benefits Of Using The Thrive Builder

Thrive Theme Builder


The Thrive builder is an excellent theme builder. As such, it has tons of benefits. The following are some of them.

  • It is easy to use. As a result, it saves a lot of time and stress.

  • Its site wizard makes it easy to set up your site.

  • It possesses different templates to choose from and allows for the editing of templates.

  • With Thrive Builder, you have the option to create your very own template.

  • It integrates with important tools as well as apps.


  • Thrive Builder has only 2 companion Themes.


You can get Thrive Builder as a part of Thrive Suites for $19 per month. There are other impressive marketing tools that are available for use in the suite. One of such tool is the Thrive Quiz Builder for lead engagement as well as generation. Also, you can access Thrive Leads to develop your email list.

FAQs On Thrive Builder

This article has discussed a lot about Thrive Builder. Before wrapping up, here are some frequently asked questions on Thrive Builder.

How can I install the Thrive Builder?

Since it is a WordPress theme, simply install it like any other theme. Here is how to install the thrive builder theme:

  • Under 'Appearance', go to 'Themes'.

  • Click on 'Add new'.

  • Install the Thrive Builder by uploading your thrive ZIP file.

Is Thrive Builder a plugin or a theme?

The Thrive Builder is not a plugin. Instead, it is a theme. And this differentiates it from many other WordPress theme builders that are plugins.

Is there any difference between Thrive Architect and Thrive Builder?

While they both use a drag-and-drop visual editor, Thrive Architect allows users to design individual content. On the other hand, Thrive Builder lets users design their theme templates.

Wrapping Up

Many users feel the need to be in the control seat when designing the theme for their website. Thrive Builder is a theme builder that will put you in that seat. It is a tool suitable for everyone as it lacks any complexity and can be used without any code. Because of this, a lot of users have turned to the Thrive Builder theme.

Also, many WordPress themes let you customize your theme using only the built-in options. You may feel limited by this. If so, you'll want to use Thrive Builder which gives you complete control over your website structure. One thing is sure, it puts the branding of your website in your hands as it provides full customizations.


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