Thrive Theme Builder

The massive range of customizations afforded by WordPress is what endears users to it. It supports add-ons, plugins, and themes to help users get their desired look, browsing experience, and security levels. And to make customizations easy, we have theme builders.

Thrive Builder

Theme builders are essential when developing a website. They allow users to customize their site's looks according to their preferences. There are several impressive theme builders out there and they can all help you personalize your website's look. Amongst the top theme builders lies the Thrive Builder. Why is this so, what exactly is Thrive theme Builder? This article discusses the answers to these questions and even more. It mentions core aspects of the Thrive Builder along with its features, pros, and cons. To simply put, this is a Thrive Builder review. That said, here is exactly what you should know.

What The Thrive Builder Theme Is

Features Of The Thrive theme Builder

Thrive Builder is Thrive Themes’ latest product. It is among the best theme builders around. It features an editor that allows drag-and-drop for its users. And this makes it easier for users to design every part of their theme. As a result, it gives you complete control and lets you customize your whole theme from the header down to the footer. And this makes it unique to many WordPress themes that are out there. Additionally, the Thrive Builder is not a plugin. Instead, it is a theme of its own.

If you are looking to use this fantastic theme builder, you surely want to know more about it. Here are some noteworthy Thrive builder features.

Features Of The Thrive theme Builder

What The Thrive Builder Theme Is

As indicated earlier, Thrive Builder is not outside the list of the best themes around. And this is because of the great features it offers to users. Here are 5 outstanding features of Thrive Builder.

1. It offers an impressive site wizard.

Designing a website is no easy feat and can cause stress at times. You may find yourself in a situation whereby you're struggling with a WordPress theme to give your website the desired look. To eliminate this stress, Thrive Builder offers a user-friendly site wizard.

The website wizard allows for the configuring of your website’s layout and structure. It also allows you to configure various settings for your website. The first setting under this wizard is 'Logo.’ Here, you will have to upload your brand's logo. You'll also have to select the basic color for your website. Apart from the 'logo' setting, the site wizard allows you to easily select the template for other aspects of your website.

The following are the settings that are available under Thrive Builder's site wizard.

  • Logo

  • Brand Color

  • Header

  • Homepage

  • Single post

  • Single blog post

  • page