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The Best Firefox Themes [Updated 2023]

Mozilla Firefox remains one of the most relevant browsers today with users from different parts of the world. In a world dominated by Google and the likes, the Firefox browser is still favorite and this is because of its outstanding features.

Firefox Themes

The add-ons and best Firefox themes provided by Mozilla endear users to it. Such that, an average Firefox client operates for 5 hours daily across the world. And it is even higher in the US, where it runs for 6 hours on a given day. With over 800 million global users, and above 250 million persons actively using the Firefox browser monthly, this household browser is no joke.

Apart from the features, add-ons, and great themes that make the Firefox outstanding, its strong community increases its popularity. This community allows for the customization and increased control of the browser. Hence, users can tweak their browsers and determine their web surfing experience.

Firefox Browser themes

Themes are part of the customizable features of the Mozilla web browser. You can add, edit, manage, or delete themes for a better browsing experience. For newbies, this can be challenging. Even regular users sometimes need a reminder to find their way around. There is also the issue of identifying what theme to use. Not to worry, under a few minutes, you will be better equipped to enjoy some of the amazing features offered by this web browser. There is even more as this article discusses the best Firefox themes in 2023 and how you can download them. It also highlights how to manage your Firefox themes. But first, what are Firefox themes?

What a Firefox Theme is

Browser themes

A Firefox theme will alter your toolbar and background colors. Some themes do come with logos and images to give increased customizations. Thanks to Firefox’s large and ever-growing community, these themes and skins are never in a short supply. The enthusiastic designers who create them graphically make modifications to popular products, favorite movies, and TV shows, or get their inspirations from abstract materials. One can easily edit, discard, add and switch between saved themes on the Firefox browser in 2023.

The Best Firefox Themes in 2023

  1. Matte Black (Red)

  2. Dynamic Weather theme

  3. Dolan’s Dynamic Theme

  4. Native Dark Theme

  5. Alpenglow

There are thousands of free Firefox themes offered by Mozilla to enhance the feel of your browser. These include both light and dark-colored themes. The appearance of your browser depends on the theme you are using. You can choose from the tons of themes available to the Firefox browser. The best Firefox themes in 2023 would not only change the appearance of your browser but will enhance the quality of your browsing experience.

It is worth mentioning that trying different themes reduces the boredom that comes from using the same browser over-and-over again. Here are the best 5 Firefox themes in 2023. They permit the customization of your appearance alongside personalizing your buttons, address bar, tabs, menus as well as the window frame.

Matte Black (Red)

Firefox matte black red themes

Just as other popular web browsers feature a dark theme, so does the Firefox. The Matte Black (Red) is a modern dark theme having an accent red color. This lightweight Firefox theme has over 64,000 users and works only on Firefox’s desktop version. Still, Matte Black is a fully custom theme that gives users a blend of the dark theme fused with other exciting patterns. The Matte Black (Red) is one of the best themes in 2023 to enhance one's use of the Mozilla browser. Although it may not be considered to be a fully dark theme, Matte Black offers darker options. The Matte Black series, which is part of a series of interesting theme variants, is a creation of Elijah Lopez.

The Matte Black series also have themes that are as dark as the Mozilla’s official dark theme. The darker active tabs of Matte Black and its dark fray color sets it apart from the official version. It offers several combinations to users. The Matte Black (Red) combines the top bar - active tab – which is red in this instance with the theme’s dark tone. Just as this holder features red, you can select other colors using this theme. Pink, violet, and gray are just some of the numerous accent colors you can select from when you choose the Matte Black theme.


Dynamic Weather theme

Firefox Dynamic Weather Theme

The Dynamic Weather Theme is a rather different but plain theme. Instead of working based on the background color or making use of Window's accent color, this theme changes with the weather. You can set the application to automatically figure your location or you can manually input your preferred location to get the most of this theme. Although because of the privacy issues involved, it is recommended that you input your preferred location manually. After installing and enabling this theme, simply input your location and watch as your theme changes with the weather. From animated sunshine, clouds, raining, or snowing, this Dynamic Weather Firefox theme gives it all.

Yahoo Weather API provides the weather forecast that the Dynamic Weather Theme uses. It works like a charm as it is fairly precise. It switches hourly to give you a fair idea of the weather outside as you get to surf the web. This theme is ever-evolving and you can expect more animations in the future.


Dolan’s Dynamic

Firefox Dolan’s Dynamic Themes

This nifty Mozilla Firefox theme is the real deal. It takes the appearance of one’s browser to the next level. You can expect your theme to change to the accent color of the website you are surfing. Also, it places much emphasis on the icons of the visited websites. When you open a website such as Facebook, the theme turns dark blue; it gets reddish on YouTube, and it adopts the blue tweety bird icon when you launch Twitter. So, there is a different color for the tabs and title bars for every site. Isn't that lovely?

Firefox Dolan’s Dynamic Themes 2

Whenever the color of the website is not easily determined by the theme, the Dolan Dynamic Theme opts for its default pattern. This is hardly an issue because the theme picks the site’s color in most cases. The transition of this theme between Tabs is one that will captivate the mind of any theme loving enthusiast.


Native Dark Theme

Firefox Native dark Theme

The Native Dark theme is another simple but dynamic dark theme for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Although its name suggests a dark theme, this native theme is not necessarily dark. This is because it can mimic the color of your Windows theme. Great, yeah? This minimalistic software changes the colors on your Tabs, Title bars, and Address bars to the accent color of your Windows 10 theme.

The Native Dark Theme is perfectly placed that one would think that it is the official Windows 10 browser. However, these changes are only aesthetic. The Native Dark theme performs so well, especially with darker accents. It also supports several customizations. You can opt for the static mode that has only one color or opt for the option that changes the nuance between other parts of the browser and the address bar.



Firefox Alpenglow Theme

It is no secret that in addition to its default themes, Mozilla features a dark and light theme. If you are a fan of the official theme product of the Firefox browser, then the Alpenglow is worth paying attention to. Designed by Firefox, the Alpenglow features a blend of pink, purple, and black gradient.

Alpenglow is new to Firefox and the excellent color theme features under the ‘Nightly’ theme section. It officially rolls out with Firefox 81 and is available on the Mozilla add-on site for download. For persons using the Firefox Nightly, you can find it by default under the theme sections.

This purposeful theme gives the buttons, menus, and your Firefox window a colorful appearance. It supports the light and dark themes of Windows 10.

Firefox Nighly Browser

For Firefox Nightly users, using the Alpenglow is straightforward. Simply launch the browser and navigate your way through the menu, add-ons, then themes. Enable the Firefox Alpenglow to use this theme.

Firefox Manage Themes

Firefox users must simply visit to install the theme. After installing Alpenglow to the browser, head down to the “themes” section to enable it.

The best Firefox themes in 2023 are so much easy to install. Managing them is also easy. Here is what to do to have an upper hand with your Firefox themes.

How to remove, change, or add a Firefox Theme in 2023

Firefox Theme in 2020

Your Firefox theme can be easily changed by downloading or using any of the default options that are available to you. Whether you are using a PC or Mac and you have Firefox as your default browser, using themes will no doubt personalize your browsing experience.

To manage your existing Firefox theme or add a new one, you only have to get into the "Add-ons" tab found in the Firefox menu. You will find several pre-downloaded options (dark themes, light, and default), and switch between them. You can also search out themes to install. Here are the various ways you can manage your themes.

Adding a new theme to Firefox

  1. The first step to take is to open your Firefox browser on your PC or Mac.

  2. Three lines appear on the upper-right corner of the browser. This will give you access to the menu option.

  3. Select the "Add-ons" button. There is another route to get to the Add-ons section. If you are using a PC, pressing the "SHIFT" + "CONTROL" + "A" command will give you direct access to the Add-ons. On a Mac, use the "SHIFT" + "CMD" + "A".

  4. You will find the “Themes” tab next to a paintbrush icon on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on this tab, which will reveal some pre-downloaded themes. Scrolling down the section will show some recommended themes that are available for download. Use the ‘install’ button to install any theme of your choice.

  5. Searching for a new theme is easy as well. With the search bar, which can be located at the page's top, you can easily punch a phrase or word. Using this bar, you can search out colors, patterns, seasons, travels, cities, and other themes that appeal to you.

  6. Load your search results using the “enter” button. Scroll through the different options that appear on your screen to seek out a theme that will enhance your browsing experience.

  7. This opens the page containing the theme's details. Click on the blue "install theme" button.

  8. This reveals a pop-up at your toolbar’s top that confirms that an add-on will be installed. Click the “Add” button to confirm.

Another pop-up shows up on the right to confirm the successful installation of your Firefox’s theme. Your theme will change automatically to the newly installed one.

Switching between Firefox themes

  1. Find the three menu lines on the Firefox window.

  2. Select “Add-ons". Alternatively, use the “SHIFT”+ “CONTRL” + “A” command on PC. Meanwhile, using the “SHIFT” + “COMMND” + “A” will open the "add-on" menu on a Mac.

  3. Select "themes" on the left hand, besides the paintbrush. The pre-downloaded themes will show up instantly. And on scrolling down, your downloaded themes will appear alphabetically. Enable any of the available themes to change.

Editing and Removing a Firefox theme

  1. After opening Mozilla Firefox, find your way into the menu section.

  2. Open Add-ons using the “SHIFT” + “COMMND” + “A” on a Mac and the “SHIFT” + “CONTROL” + “A” command on a PC.

  3. Select themes on the screen’s left-hand side.

  4. You need to scroll down the list to the section where you find the downloaded themes. This is quite important as you get to only delete manually-installed themes and not pre-downloaded themes.

  5. On clicking on the three dots, select the ‘remove’ button to get rid of any undesired theme.

Wrapping Up

So far, we have seen some of the best Firefox themes in 2023 that will give your browser a facelift. Even though Firefox themes only appear on the browser’s top bar, they are simpler than that of other web browsers like Google’s Chrome. This simply means that your menus and wallpapers are often not affected by the themes downloaded. Despite such supposed limitations, this compilation of the best 5 Firefox themes in 2023 reveals the high level of creativity existing in Firefox’s community. Your browsing experience will come off better with the aid of the increased options contained in this article.

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