The Benefits & Downside of Google Voice For Business

Have you heard about Google Voice? With the technology getting trickier and costlier, a lot of businesses are looking for cheap or free tools to save as much investment.

One of the VoIP tools that is gaining rounds around among businesses is Google Voice. You can use it for personal and business.

Is it good enough for your business use? Let’s check it out:

What is Google Voice?

Google voice for business

Google Voice is the search engine’s VoIP telecommunications application. It provides a number of features including but not limited to messaging, call-forwarding, voicemail, and voicemail transcription.

It is a secondary phone service that offers a cheap alternative to using your regular mobile phone number. The web-based platform is controlled by a service that is almost the same as Gmail. In order to use it, the first step is to create a Google account. Right after they signed up, they can proceed to

There, you can choose your own phone number which will be your Voice account. The phone numbers have different area codes.

When your Voice number is dialed, it will ring on any device where your Google Voice account is signed in, whether it is a computer, smartphone, or tablet. In order to receive calls, you must remain logged in on a browser.

Google Voice can also be used for outgoing calls. Calls to the United States and Canada are free of charge while calls to other countries vary depending on the rates. Since getting signed in all the time on your browser could be hard, most users forward calls to their other numbers.

Google Voice for Business

Google voice

The call forwarding feature is how businesses use Google Voice. Business owners can include their Google Voice number on their calling cards and then forward all calls to their landline or smartphone numbers.

The Benefits of Using Google Voice for Business:

Free Number

When it all started, Google Voice provides a free virtual number to clients that they can use as a personal or business contact number. It works like other VoIP solutions because all your calls are redirected to your mobile number. You have the option to use this number to any device.

It is an answering service

Answering calls is very important to any business, especially if they make or break your sales. Google Voice can be used as an answering service in these type of businesses like brokage, financial, insurance, and eCommerce.

Most business owners with this kind of business can use the service effectively to answer and return calls from and to their clients. It is so common these days to close a business deal after getting web leads. The moment a client calls about a product or service, there is a service that could quickly answer them or returned the call the soonest possible time.