Syndwire SEO Syndication Tool Tutorials And Reviews

What Is Syndwire Syndication?

Syndwire is a syndication and social posting tool, a widely used social marketing computerization platform. Basically, it is still an automation platform under development. Syndwire has a specific audience which they are targeting, that is people who play their trade in video SEO alongside content syndication tools. Their customers are solopreneur marketers with interest in scaling their businesses through automation.

Web content is growing in demand. Various blogs and information companies are sprouting up with each passing day. Take, for instance, Bloomberg. In this tech-savvy age, the appetite among bloggers and content creators to reach wider audiences surges with the rising tides of content consumption. The curators, therefore, resort to content marketing platforms and tools to maximize the potential of their informative content. Content syndication is one of those valuable means.

Although syndication is not an entirely new subject, the concept by which it is applied has drastically changed. The technology is founded on the basis that a piece of information could be shared across a plethora of platforms without permission from the author. A syndicated blog post will always signal itself to traffic with, perhaps a note like “this article appeared on the…’ Some content syndication tools have also been developed. Syndwire is one of the tools for leveraging content marketing and SEO strategy at a much larger scale. The benefit is a sizeable network encompassing the website, vlogs, blog posts, social networking and video marketing.

syndwire syndication tool

How to use Syndwire

To use Syndwire, first, you will be subjected to a sign-up process. Syndwire does not allow the creation of a trial account. Basically, they want to avoid squandering of resources on free trial accounts. In fact, some of the users might not end up signing up for any member plan. Being a new and developing syndication platform, grave management of resources is of great importance.

Syndwire signing up process is that simple. You will not be subjected to some complicated steps which you ought to follow. However, once you subscribe to any membership plan, there is no money back guarantee. Below are some of the things which Syndwire lacks;

  • No refund

  • No trial period

  • No contact pages

  • No comprehensive explanation on its features

  • There is no official Facebook page where you can address the company support team

Syndwire is web-based and can be accessed via the cloud through a computer device. The software is designed to serve the following needs:

  • Syndicate posts to web 2.0 websites.

  • Boost ranking for video marketing

  • Syndicate posts to social media platforms.

  • Provide linking to private network blogs

  • Automated the syndication process


Do I need to use syndwire to my moneysite?

The answer is a big NO, you cannot point syndwire directly to your moneysite. It's a big NO! but, you can use syndwire as upper tier level or booster tier 2 or tier 3 links. Syndwire has 5 submission campaign which are Status post, Bookmark, Blog post, Video and PDF in the publish tool bar. We will show you a diagram on how to fully use your syndwire syndication with different targeted sites or boost up.

Below are the campaign structure on how to boost up your upper tier level with your syndwire syndication tool: This is proven and tested by us, if you don't know how to use it, then better read and view more tutorials about how it's done.

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