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Syndwire SEO Syndication Tool Tutorials And Reviews

What Is Syndwire Syndication?

Syndwire is a syndication and social posting tool, a widely used social marketing computerization platform. Basically, it is still an automation platform under development. Syndwire has a specific audience which they are targeting, that is people who play their trade in video SEO alongside content syndication tools. Their customers are solopreneur marketers with interest in scaling their businesses through automation.

Web content is growing in demand. Various blogs and information companies are sprouting up with each passing day. Take, for instance, Bloomberg. In this tech-savvy age, the appetite among bloggers and content creators to reach wider audiences surges with the rising tides of content consumption. The curators, therefore, resort to content marketing platforms and tools to maximize the potential of their informative content. Content syndication is one of those valuable means.

Although syndication is not an entirely new subject, the concept by which it is applied has drastically changed. The technology is founded on the basis that a piece of information could be shared across a plethora of platforms without permission from the author. A syndicated blog post will always signal itself to traffic with, perhaps a note like “this article appeared on the…’ Some content syndication tools have also been developed. Syndwire is one of the tools for leveraging content marketing and SEO strategy at a much larger scale. The benefit is a sizeable network encompassing the website, vlogs, blog posts, social networking and video marketing.

syndwire syndication tool

How to use Syndwire

To use Syndwire, first, you will be subjected to a sign-up process. Syndwire does not allow the creation of a trial account. Basically, they want to avoid squandering of resources on free trial accounts. In fact, some of the users might not end up signing up for any member plan. Being a new and developing syndication platform, grave management of resources is of great importance.

Syndwire signing up process is that simple. You will not be subjected to some complicated steps which you ought to follow. However, once you subscribe to any membership plan, there is no money back guarantee. Below are some of the things which Syndwire lacks;

  • No refund

  • No trial period

  • No contact pages

  • No comprehensive explanation on its features

  • There is no official Facebook page where you can address the company support team

Syndwire is web-based and can be accessed via the cloud through a computer device. The software is designed to serve the following needs:

  • Syndicate posts to web 2.0 websites.

  • Boost ranking for video marketing

  • Syndicate posts to social media platforms.

  • Provide linking to private network blogs

  • Automated the syndication process


Do I need to use syndwire to my moneysite?

The answer is a big NO, you cannot point syndwire directly to your moneysite. It's a big NO! but, you can use syndwire as upper tier level or booster tier 2 or tier 3 links. Syndwire has 5 submission campaign which are Status post, Bookmark, Blog post, Video and PDF in the publish tool bar. We will show you a diagram on how to fully use your syndwire syndication with different targeted sites or boost up.

Below are the campaign structure on how to boost up your upper tier level with your syndwire syndication tool: This is proven and tested by us, if you don't know how to use it, then better read and view more tutorials about how it's done.

Boost Up Guest Post Links/Paid Link

syndwire review

Boost Up high quality optimize Web 2.0

syndwire campaign structure

Boost Up Citation link

syndwire campaign

Boost Up Social/Profile

syndwire tutorials

So, those 4 are design on how the links is important and what type of links that you're boosting up. You just have to follow the campaign structure and you should have a good results. But, be sure that you add all the links that you created in syndwire to indexer. You can check how to indexed site backlinks here.

The lack of such essentials raises eyebrows concerning this platform’s legitimacy. However, still, there is much this syndication platform can offer. It is out to ensure video SEO developers to create some amazing works. However, those interested in using this social posting tool need to pay some amount of money during the sign-up process. Below is Syndwire Pricing.

Syndwire Pricing

Pricing is a point of consideration when looking for a tool that will make working on your socials channels easier. Syndwire pricing is a matter of concern in that connection. Users will always be on the lookout on its pricing plan and compare it to its features. Honestly, they will expect a considerable match for them to spend their money on it.

syndwire pricing

Syndwire pricing varies depending on the number of video posts you intend to posts. Remember, the higher the number of posts the higher the price. For instance, you will be required to pay $99 per month for starter plan with 10,000 maximum monthly post. This seems reasonable for a start. However, if you plan to take your business to the next level, you can upgrade. Pro pricing plans cost $199 per month with maximum monthly post to 30,000 and enterprise plans cost $499 per month with top post que priority with maximum monthly post to 75,000. This one will allow you to make unlimited posts. It allows your potential customers to see more of your content, thus increasing the chances of winning your potential customers. Enterprise membership plans allow you to have unlimited posts. However, it does come with more quality features surpassing the other plans. It gives you a top post queue priority for all your posts. This means your videos will have a higher chance of reaching your customers.

Despite the pricing not being all that bad, there is a catch; it has a problem connecting with Google, Pinterest, and Facebook. Users will find it difficult connecting to those platforms to post their content. Furthermore, the pricing button is misleading. The option seems to allow users to first try out pricing plans before paying which in the real sense it does not.


Syndwire as a social posting and syndication has some reasonable benefits for users. Right after signing up, you will be in for this benefits;

  • Ability to connect to at least 49 blogging and social networks, for instance, and blogger. You can use Syndwire as the hub for your online activity.

  • Syndwire has a content spinner which will educate on how to create unique and quality content.

  • This platform helps in updating your website with attractive content always. In case you have not created any video for posting, no need to worry. Simply pull the RSS feeds right from your favorite websites and have them posted on your personal social channels. Just use other people’s content to grow your social channels.

  • The minds between this automation platform are always attempting to create new features in order to make it a better syndication tool.

Syndwire Pros For Video Marketing​

  • Embeds and backlinks – Google and many other search engines have a high affinity for ranking videos. Syndwire allows one to embed videos on campaign platforms while providing traffic backlinks. The two are essential for search engine ranking.

  • Social signals – Syndwire is leveraged foe social signals. The scenario is best explained as the video’s collective shares in terms of views, likes, and comments. Syndwire ensures media visibility of the video content thus promising wide consumption.

Syndwire Pros For Content Making

  • RSS Integration – the advantage of an RSS feed is that it allows content consumers to spot new content and updates from one central location. Instead of having to frequently check the different platforms for new content, content notifications are sent to the user.

  • Content Automation – Syndwire automation benefits are simple and widely applicable. For example, if a content creator will not be available for the coming week, he/she can create enough content for the week and auto-schedule different posting dates and periods. The manual process of copy-pasting each and every post to other platforms repetitively is also catered for by syndwire.

#1. Web 2.0 Websites Insertion

A simpler definition to web 2.0 platforms are the sites that allow users to create pages and post with unique URLs. These platforms could be social media networks, web application, video sharing and content aggregation systems, mashup applications, collaborative consumption platforms and gosted services. Web 2.0 is popular as a result of the networking facilities they provide in terms of sharing and grouping.

The first step using syndwire is to ensure an averagely thriving presence in a number of these platforms. Syndwire will provide a grid list of these platforms and the user is asked to insert their user accounts. Some web 2.0 platforms with high authority on Google’s ranking include Facebook pages, profiles and groups, Linkedin profiles and groups, Wordpress sites and Twitter profiles.

The syndwire dashboard will present the platforms into three categories; Status Updates, Blog posts, and Bookmarks. Just click on a site to add or remove a user account.

#2. Creating Syndwire Campaigns

There is a campaign link tab at the top of the syndwire platform. This part allows the syndwire user to create marketing campaigns. An unlimited number of campaigns can be created. During the first login, there will be no campaigns listed on the page, until the creation of one or more.

Campaign creation involves adding a campaign, choosing its preferred name and finally choosing the web 2.0 accounts. The accounts are to be part of the campaign. It is where the content will appear once the go button is pressed for a given campaign.

There are two buttons to the right of a campaign name. Edit or delete. The edit button allows a user to either add a new account to the campaign or remove an existing account.

#3. RSS Feeds

If you have no idea of what an RSS feed, here is a rimmed down explanation. Rich Site Summary (RSS) is a web feed that gives users access to standardized updates of online content. The standard is always in computer readable format. With that said, Syndwire allows users to add RSS feeds to their campaigns.

Clicking the RSS feeds will direct the computer to a page with a list of created campaigns. At the top right you will find a green button for a new RSS feed, Once clicked, you will have a pop-up window where you have to insert the URL of the RSS feed you want to pull from. Finally, select the accounts that the feed will post to and save the process as a new campaign.

Editing and removing an RSS feed are similar to the editing a campaign. Just click on the feed campaign and press either of the edit or delete button.

#4. Status Updates

Hover around the publish button and click status update. Select the campaign and finally the networks where the update should appear. You will find this from the select networks button.

Syndwire also has a capability for scheduling the status update. Just click the date or time when you want Syndwire to automatically post your status update.

#5. Publishing Blog Posts and Bookmarks

From the publish tab button, click Bookmark. The first step is to choose a campaign and the preferred accounts. Choose a great SEO inclined title, in case you will need to use spin syntax check yes and finally submit the bookmark when done. The auto scheduling functionality is similar for both bookmarks, blog posts, and status updates. It is also possible to add an image to the bookmark.

To publish a blog post, hover around the publish tab and click on the Blog Post. The remaining steps are to choose a campaign and the accounts. Writing the post and inserting images where the need arises. Finally scheduling and submitting when done.


Account and Integration tools

Syndwire connects to a total of forty-nine blogging platforms and social networks. The primary accounts necessary to create a syndwire account include Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google Plus. The whole suite of platforms is provided from Syndwire dashboard.

syndwire seo tool

Status updates Accounts:

  • Twitter

  • Skyrock

  • Myspace

  • Plurk

  • Imgur

Bookmarking Accounts:

  • Instapaper


  • Bitly

  • Diigo

  • Folkd

  • Deviantart

  • Linkagogo

  • Stumbleupon

  • Pocket profile

  • Pinterest

  • Pearltrees

  • Ttlink

Blog Post Accounts:

  • Wordpress

  • Self hosted (Wordpress)

  • Blogger

  • Livejournal

  • Tumblr

  • Skyrock

  • Joomla

  • Google site

  • Drupal

  • Typepad

  • Self hoster (Joomla)

  • Jimdo

  • Sosblogs

  • Weebly

  • Evernote

  • Insanejournal

  • Purevollume

  • Kiwibox

Video Accounts:

  • Youtube

  • Dailymotion

  • Veoh

  • Photobucket

  • Flickr

  • Vimeo

PDF Accounts:

  • 4Shared

  • Annotate

  • Box

  • FreePDFhosting

  • Issuu

  • KeepandShare

  • Scribd

Syndwire has integrated some social media accounts to help users with Video marketing. For instance;


It allows easier and efficient posting of videos on your twitter account. These videos are of high quality allowing you to harness a large following which in return generates you more money.


Syndwire ensures you have quality videos and related content to post on your WordPress account. This content will go into generating you more traffic earning you some substantial amount of money.


YouTube marketing has become a lot easier by using this social posting tool. Syndwire allows the user to create quality videos and upload them on the YouTube channels. In fact you upload them by using Syndwire interface. Furthermore, you can have these videos posted n other social media accounts.

What are the result of using Syndwire?

Having a platform that allows you to create remarkable videos and upload them has a lot offer terms of benefits and advantages. Once you sign up for syndwire, with immediate effect you will have positive expectations. To a convincing degree, this syndication tool has much to offer. And these are the results;

syndwire results

Enhanced content marketing

Syndwire does not only concentrate on ensuring you create and upload quality video content. There is much to that, with its ability to connect to at least 32 networks, you will be able to share some of your content there.

Productive social marketing

Carrying out marketing of goods, services, videos and other content become very easy. It ensures great ease while posting content on great social networking websites. From there, you will attract more consumers.

Ease scheduling

Syndwire gets rid of the hard work that comes from creating quality content and uploading it. This tool will ensure you easily schedule your content and spread it out on day weeks and months. It will ensure you deal with them systematically.


Syndwire has made online marketing of video content easier and productive. This is through the way it allows marketers to create quality videos and have them posted with a lot of ease. In case you are an online marketer, signing up for Syndwire is indeed worthwhile.

Content creation and marketing has never been any easy. Syndwire will add fully fledged traffic benefits to user content. If a user aims to increase site ranking on search engines and search queries, if it is to build trust and authority on private blogging networks, syndwire is worth the budget.

Tips and hint!

You can scrape/buy expired web 2.0 accounts for your syndwire, more power authority and high page authority. If you have your own network with high PA, aged links, then you may also import that to your network and it will get you better results. try to get Weebly, Wordpress and Tumblr. Syndwire is also a tool to increase and power up your blogs, but this will take time and effort to do. So, it will really need a lot of patience when growing up there metrics or PA.

More info about syndwire:

Official site:

Key feature: Video marketing, content marketing, social media marketing

Pricing: Starter $99/M | Pro $199/M | Enterprise $499/M

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