Storm Proxies Review - Is It The Best Residential Rotating Proxy?

What are proxies? You may have heard this through your internet provider but don’t know what it means.

Do you know that each time you visit a site or connect with someone over a social media channel, your internet provider gives your computer address or IP address to the site or the person you’re connecting with? It seems that your safety is at risk, right? This is where proxies can be used.

storm proxies review

Let’s first find out why you were at risk when you used the internet because of your IP address.

  • Your IP address states your location. It can tell even your street name.

  • Your IP address reveals your identification. It can tell your name and address because the internet connection is billed to you or someone.

  • Some sites can block you from accessing their content through your IP address.

Proxy servers

If you are wondering how you can get away with the risks related to public IP, proxy servers, proxy service, or a proxy can help. If you are going to check the dictionary, it’s going to reveal that proxy means “substitute.”

Proxies allow users to surf or go online without revealing the IP address. It can hide your IP address identity.

It acts as a gateway between you and the internet. It divides end users and the sites they browse. Different proxy servers offer different security, functionality, and privacy.

Functions of Proxies:

To control the internet use of employees and children

You can use a proxy if you want to check or track how your employees or your kids use the internet. For example, you want to monitor if your employees are accessing the internet during office hours, you can block them from these sites and redirect them to a page saying they aren’t allowed to do so.

Through a server, they can track how much time you are devoting to cyberloafing and not working. Even they don’t block sites, and they can check all web requests through the tool.

For privacy reasons

As already mentioned, proxies can protect your IP address from others. In this case, you can use the internet without revealing your address. You can browse more privately.

Proxy servers can alter the IP address and other information that can identify the user. When this happens, the destination server wouldn’t know who made the request.

It enhances your security.

Aside from privacy, servers can enhance your security. You can use it to encrypt your web requests to get away from sites or individuals who want to know your transactions. You are also protected from malware sites.

It improves speeds and saves bandwidth.

Good proxies can provide better overall network performance. It caches popular sites to save bandwidth and improve the performance of the network.