Squid Proxies Review - Is it the fastest IP service?

Most of us use the computer to search for something online and find the results. And many of us don’t care mainly how it works.

These days, there are so many unscrupulous internet users who can just easily breach your security and hack your computer. Worse, they can steal your identity. When you search something on the web, you are using a proxy server.

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server acts as an intermediate between a computer user and the internet. In short, it is the gateway between you and the internet.

It serves some degree of security, functionality, and privacy. When you use a computer and you are using a proxy server, the internet flows through it before reaching the address.

It helps computer users to connect indirectly with other network services. When using, the client computer connects to the proxy server to request resources, such as games, videos, e-books, web pages, or other resources.

After getting these resources, it seeks resources from the cache on the local hard disk. If it is cached previously, the resources will be brought to the client computer.

In case that it is not yet cached, it goes to the relevant servers to request the resources. It caches the resources from the remote servers.

What are the main uses of a proxy server?

Proxy servers are used nowadays to share internet connections on a local area network, access blocked sites, hide the IP address, or use internet access control.

  1. It speeds up internet surfing. It provides quick access to the internet than direct access.

  2. When sharing LAN or internet connection. A family or a small business can use a single connection with many computers through a LAN with a proxy server.

  3. To hide an IP address. For security reasons, it can be used to hide the IP address of the client computer. It avoids unexpected virus attack or unexpected access.

  4. In order to bypass security restrictions and filters on sites. Using proxy servers allow you to access blocked sites.

  5. In order to scan outbound content.

  6. To apply internet access control.

  7. To bypass regional restrictions.

Modern proxy servers can do much more to secure the internet connection and users. It also promotes privacy. One of the most popular proxy servers is Squid. What makes it different among other servers in the market?

What is a Squid Proxy?

squid proxies

Squid proxy is a Unix-based proxy server that caches the content closer to a requester. It caches various types of internet resources including FTP and HTTP.

The squid is installed separately on the web server with the original files. It monitors the use of resources across the network. It works as an intermediary by sending the client’s request on the server and saves a copy of the requested resource.

If one or many clients request similar resources before the cache, it serves the resources quickly. It speeds up the download of the request that saves the bandwidth.