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Spectrum Speed Test

Have you been faced with a situation where a network-driven app on your device refuses to run? Most individuals who find themselves in such a spot first suspect their network. This is not baseless as one's internet strength might contribute to this issue most times.

You would find that toggling your mobile data off and on or your airplane mode might suffice in some cases. Other times, however, you realize after much effort that the fault stemmed from the app experiencing a crash or a lag. Due to scenarios such as this, individuals or groups have developed software programs that detect server crashes in certain network-dependent apps.

Considering how your network might be the source of the problem in some cases, several means have been created to test how good your internet strength is. Developers of software in this category could either be streaming service companies, tech companies, or individuals. Indeed, streaming requires good internet strength to be enjoyable and hassle-free. It is for this reason that a streaming service company like Netflix has an incorporated network strength test.

However, this article will not be focusing on Netflix's internet strength testing software. Rather, we will discuss the Spectrum Speed test. Let us first clear any confusion regarding what it is. Then we will proceed to outline its features, how it functions, why you should give it a shot, and eventually, discuss some frequently asked questions.

spectrum speed test

What Is the Spectrum Speed Test?

For decent browsing or streaming, your network should run at a minimum of 25Mbps for downloads and 3Mbps for uploads. This makes browsing faster and more exciting, ensuring that you do not lose interest. However, in certain regions, maintaining these standard figures is rare or at least not so constant. This is where the Spectrum Speed Test is of use.

Even while using Spectrum as your network provider, you might experience slow browsing at times. However, the results from the Spectrum speed test notify you when your network signal is poor, which could have resulted in your browsing running slower. Although from the same developers there is the Spectrum network which comes in paid versions, this testing software is free to all, regardless of the network in use. Using the Spectrum test, you can get feedback on your network speed and signal strength.

Features of Spectrum Speed Test

This network speed test is easy to conduct. The following are features of the results of this test:

  • Download test

The report labeled ‘download’ gives an estimated value of the speed at which your device received data from the broadband. Depending on the value of this report, you can decide if your network is too slow for certain activities. Although, some speed test software program render a report summary at the end of the test.

  • Ping & Jitter tests

Both ping and jitter tests are measured in milliseconds. The ping value is an estimate of the period it takes for data to reach its destination. The jitter test also gives an idea of this time interval. For standard network performance, both values should be under 100 milliseconds. Although they both give estimates of similar functions, they will not always carry the same value in the test reports.

  • Upload test

This is an estimated value of the speed at which one can send data to the broadband. Like the download speed, it is measured in MBPS.

How To Conduct A Spectrum Speed Test

In simple steps, one can conduct a Spectrum speed test and get results in record time.

  • First, launch your browser and input the query Spectrum speed test. Clicking on the first result would open Spectrum’s official site. However, if for some reason you find the access denied code, return to the initial SERP and find an alternative site.

Spectrum Speed

All you have to do is wait for the test reports and this does not take time.

How To Conduct A Spectrum Speed Test

What To Do After A Spectrum Speed Test

If you complete the Spectrum speed test and find that your network is in shipshape, you should check if whatever problem caused you to initiate the test stems from the browser/app. If that doesn't fix it, maybe a restart action might. However, this would not be the case if the test shows otherwise. If the Spectrum speed test shows that your network signal is poor, you should try the following –

  • Clear the clog

As you would do when your sink experiences a blockage, clearing up some or most of what is choking up your network would be good. This includes apps that may be running in the background. In the same way, if you are connected via a WiFi-hotspot connection, limit the number of devices using the network.

  • Restart your network

If you did try turning off your mobile data or turning your airplane mode on and then undoing these before you took the test, you could try turning your airplane mode on for a bit longer this time. If you can, you may decide to switch your network-providing SIM off for a while.

  • Switch network modes

For devices that have the option to, one can decide to reduce the bandwidth of the network instead. The change in network mode (for example 5G to 4G) might place your network at a point where it can work more comfortably. If you were connected via WiFi, you can try switching to your mobile network.


1. Is the Spectrum network necessary for the utilization of the Spectrum Speed Test?

Fortunately, there is no restriction to the network you need to use to conduct a Spectrum speed test.

2. Can results from the Spectrum Speed Test be trusted?

The Spectrum speed test is considered accurate, tested, and trusted in fact. However, to ensure that you are getting an accurate estimate of your network performance, you should–

  • Conduct the test at different times in the day considering how network speed experiences adjustment through the day in most cases.

  • If you are using a router, ensure that when conducting the test you are in decent proximity to the router.

  • All downloads and uploads should be complete before you decide to run the test on all devices. This includes all devices connected to the router if you will be testing for it.

Final Thoughts

Considering how you do not need to pay for the Spectrum speed test and how you can take it without a free count limit, it would help to keep your network signal in check with this test. For accuracy, taking the test a couple of times and at different times of the day would help as many factors could be dragging your network down. This may be due to the number of devices and individuals connected to the network or not.

If you find that your network still runs too slow for your comfort, you might want to consider changing your network provider. Spectrum networks would be a good starting point. And although they come in paid plans, you would find that for the browsing and streaming conveniences it presents, it may be worth it.


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