Socisynd SEO Tool Review: Is It Worth it?

Are you tired or you don’t have the time of posting your content on social media sites? This is where Socisynd comes in handy.

If you are promoting your business online, there are many things to do before you can even set up everything. Socisynd is the right platform for the new technique “crowd advertising.”

Socisynd combines “syndication” and “social media.” It is a tool that helps businesses in distributing content via social networks. It gives a business the potential to be seen widely.

Any promotion can get wasted if it is not seen by the right people.


Now, let’s see what review sites are saying about the SEO tool:

Review score: 8 out of 10


  • Account creation is limitless. You can create unlimited accounts to increase your postings. You can spin your content in campaigns to syndicate across different social media channels.

  • Promoting RSS feeds is easy. You can promote any link on social media that is an affiliate link.

  • “WebHits” function directs visitors to your site.

  • “G-search” function takes the audience to your site when searching for a particular keyword.

  • It is a great campaign tool because it can distribute content to 25 social media sites using unique social media account.

  • It boosts social signals including Facebook likes and shares, LinkedIn shares, Tumblr reblogs, Pinterest likes and repins, Twitter retweets, and Folkd Up Vote.

  • The interface is easy to use and navigate.

  • You just have to create one campaign and the tool will do the rest of postings on social media channels. You can create a maximum of 8 campaigns.


  • The Lite service provides limited features.

What they think about the tool:

Online marketers searching for software that can improve their search engine result pages (SERPs) ranking and blogs can find Socisynd a very helpful tool. Basically, it is a social marketing software that supports crowd marketing.

Socisynd syndicates content on top 25 social media platforms to generate attention. You can syndicate content from your site, blog or with others with social media accounts. It offers features to create signals for your site and blogs.

What features do Socisynd offer?

  • It boosts search engine rankings.

  • It builds high authority social backlinks from thousands of unique accounts.

  • It generates social signals (Facebook likes and shares, Pinterest repins, and Twitter retweets).

  • It promotes site traffic and exposure.

  • It helps build your followers on social media sites.