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Socisynd SEO Tool Review: Is It Worth it?

Are you tired or you don’t have the time of posting your content on social media sites? This is where Socisynd comes in handy.

If you are promoting your business online, there are many things to do before you can even set up everything. Socisynd is the right platform for the new technique “crowd advertising.”

Socisynd combines “syndication” and “social media.” It is a tool that helps businesses in distributing content via social networks. It gives a business the potential to be seen widely.

Any promotion can get wasted if it is not seen by the right people.


Now, let’s see what review sites are saying about the SEO tool:

Review score: 8 out of 10


  • Account creation is limitless. You can create unlimited accounts to increase your postings. You can spin your content in campaigns to syndicate across different social media channels.

  • Promoting RSS feeds is easy. You can promote any link on social media that is an affiliate link.

  • “WebHits” function directs visitors to your site.

  • “G-search” function takes the audience to your site when searching for a particular keyword.

  • It is a great campaign tool because it can distribute content to 25 social media sites using unique social media account.

  • It boosts social signals including Facebook likes and shares, LinkedIn shares, Tumblr reblogs, Pinterest likes and repins, Twitter retweets, and Folkd Up Vote.

  • The interface is easy to use and navigate.

  • You just have to create one campaign and the tool will do the rest of postings on social media channels. You can create a maximum of 8 campaigns.


  • The Lite service provides limited features.

What they think about the tool:

Online marketers searching for software that can improve their search engine result pages (SERPs) ranking and blogs can find Socisynd a very helpful tool. Basically, it is a social marketing software that supports crowd marketing.

Socisynd syndicates content on top 25 social media platforms to generate attention. You can syndicate content from your site, blog or with others with social media accounts. It offers features to create signals for your site and blogs.

What features do Socisynd offer?

  • It boosts search engine rankings.

  • It builds high authority social backlinks from thousands of unique accounts.

  • It generates social signals (Facebook likes and shares, Pinterest repins, and Twitter retweets).

  • It promotes site traffic and exposure.

  • It helps build your followers on social media sites.

  • It provides social features to boost site hits and lower bounce rate.

  • It extends the length of a visit.

  • It is Google Panda and Google Penguin-friendly tool.

  • It builds backlinks to get your social links indexed.

  • It saves much of your time.


Basic Plan - $12/ month

Maximum number of advertising campaigns: 2

The maximum number of posts in each campaign: 2

Social media backlinks and signals per month: 900

Additional social accounts for postings: ×

Create vote campaigns: ×

Ability to use own articles: ×

Promote using RSS Feeds: ×

Google search and click: ×

Bounce rate reducer: ×

Lite Plan - $34/ month

Maximum number of advertising campaigns: 4

The maximum number of posts in each campaign: 4

Social media backlinks and signals per month: 4000

Additional social accounts for postings: √

Create vote campaigns: √

Ability to use own articles: ×

Promote using RSS Feeds: ×

Google search and click: ×

Bounce rate reducer: ×

Pro Plan - $54/ month

Maximum number of advertising campaigns: 8

The maximum number of posts in each campaign: 8

Social media backlinks and signals per month: 8000

Additional social accounts for postings: √

Create vote campaigns: √

Ability to use own articles: √

Promote using RSS Feeds: √

Google search and click: √

Bounce rate reducer: √

Socisynd review

Based on one user who left a testimonial on the site, its daily traffic skyrocketed immediately. From 60 to 80 page views, it blows to more than 1, 000 views per day. The search terms and phrases are diverse. It produces sufficient daily traffic even with search term variations.

Another user said that the tool helped the business improved its AdSense revenue. From 433 in the first month, it became $247 in the second month, and more than $400 in the third month. The revenue keeps on growing.


Socisynd is a software that helps drive more traffic to your site using high authority backlinks from social media sites. It boosts your online presence and traffic immensely. It is cost-effective that it maximizes the potential of your websites.

Furthermore, you only have to spend as low as $12 per month. You don’t have to pay for long-term plans.

What Socisynd promises?

Based on its sales page, content is automatically posted on thousands of sites including social media and authority sites. The tool helps increase the number of traffic to your site. It claims the use of White HAT tactics as it is not penalized by Google Panda or Penguin.

However, you still need additional captcha service to use the tool. You would need an extra tool called the Best Spinner if you plan on using your own articles on the Pro version. The Best Spinner is a tool that would spin your articles fast and easy.

Socisynd supports 30 different social media networks. According to the site, if you are going to create an account for these sites, it’s going to take long.

These are the platform:

socisynd review tool

What do they think about the tool?

When you subscribe, you can start to add social media accounts. You also have access to other social media accounts. For instance, if you added one Facebook account on the software system, you have access to other Facebook accounts in it.

It works when you create an account and then input a program that will operate the tool. A list of generated articles is created. The software ensures that the list is going to work through all your social media accounts.

At the same time, other users do the same thing. They like and share your campaigns. With this function, it gives your content links that boost your site. You also do the same thing with others.

If you have a PRO account, the software searches for links and keywords that score well. It ensures that your rankings are on top of the SERPs through the click-throughs. Rankings are also boosted by the likes and social links on different social media accounts.

All the accounts are valid from various IP addresses. The loophole is that your social media accounts could be blocked by the social network.

When this happens, you’ll lose the links under your account because it is a form of content spam on social media. Most probably too, your accounts will not have a lot of followers.

Shared content could be a combination of an empty RSS feed, a URL, or a self-created text. Spinning content can make unique content.

The software is a powerful tool. However, there is a possibility of spamming. The communication created and shared by others could signal the spam radars. If this is the case, there is a huge chance that your account would be banned.

The small number of social media accounts and IP addresses could form a pattern. It could signal Google of unethical practices that could affect the rankings.

According to the site, there are divided opinions about the software. Some online marketers shared how the tool provided great results. On the other hand, negative reviews include no improvement on their SERP rankings.

The member’s area of the software isn’t user-friendly. They could enhance the interface to make it more intuitive.


SociSynd seems to make the impression that each member can just do their part as well as the others to boost rankings. However, this is not the actual happening.

Users are so small that the accounts that provide likes and posts could be flagged as spams. Although its creator Abbas Ravji claimed that it is safe for Google updates, it is not really secure for social media sites.

Social networks flag social media accounts as spam because it notices a pattern. Similar IP addresses like the posts from the same accounts that are questionable.

Overall, the site finds the tool still not ripe as a social media and SEO tool. There are still a lot of improvements to be done, especially when it comes to tactics to avoid Google penalty.

What is SociSynd?

It is s subscription-based marketing software that offers Basic, Pro, and Lite package. It has a web-based platform where you can sign up with your license key and start creating campaigns.

How does it work?

Users need to become a member of the software to start using it. They need to create social media accounts on different social networks. You set up the campaign on your account that would be submitted to other social accounts of other members.

Your social media accounts would be used for publishing the content of other users. For example, if 10 links are posted on your Facebook accounts, you’ll also get 10 posts on your Facebook accounts.

The number of campaigns that you can create differs depending on the plan that you choose. You can create a maximum of 8 campaigns.

What does it offer?

SociSynd offers several features. However, you need to get a Pro package to access these features.

  • You can promote any affiliate link.

  • The social signals originate from user accounts from different IP addresses coming from varied countries.

  • You can add multiple accounts to boost your postings.

  • You can spin your own articles.

  • Promoting RSS feeds is easy.

  • You can get as many likes, shares, retweets, and reposts from different social sites.

Does it help with your rankings?

The tool was created for this purpose. Although many users claimed that it helped improve their rankings on search engines, the site doesn’t see any improvement on their rankings for a month of use. There is no improvement in SERPS and not even site traffic.

Case Study:

The site tested the Pro package to promote a blog post on a specific keyword. It is a low-competitive keyword with less than 300 monthly searches.

After using for a month, there was 1, 000 social signals and backlinks to the blog post. But to their surprise, there was no improvement on their search rankings.

They used different URLs from different domains in the campaigns. There were no changes in the results.

Issues with the tool:

When it comes to buying, it was not easy to get the plan at once. First, there were no credit card payment options.

Only PayPal was the mode of payment. After complaining about it to the creator, it was the only time they accepted the credit card mode of payment.

The interface works good but there seemed to have an issue with it. You’ll not easily see the campaigns once you closed the window. You have to log out and sign in again.

It is kind of frustrating if you need to check your campaigns many times in a day. It is time-consuming and energy-wasting to log in and out of the software.

When it comes to costs, there is some hidden payment when you purchased it. Not all the accounts that you will create is free.

Account creation is free only for the first time. If you want to create more accounts, you need to pay for them.

When you use the Pro plan, you would need The Best Spinner tool. If not, you cannot use your own articles.

Captcha service must be purchased. You need it in order to sign in to different social sites. SociSynd needs to sign in to the accounts of other users to post your articles and links on different social networks. But before that, you need a captcha service.

Positive points about the tool:

SociSynd is a very powerful social crowd marketing tool that offers a 3-day trial period for the cost of only $1. It provides video tutorials and user guides to help you go through the platform.

Social signals are very good and detected by Google Webmasters Tools. Lastly, it works automatically. Users just have to set up their campaigns and the tool will do the rest.

Conclusion: doesn’t recommend SociSynd for online marketers due to the related issues with it. On top of the list is it doesn’t enhance search engine rankings.

The interface isn’t user-friendly. There are certain issues that need to be addressed.

The best feature of this tool is its ability to generate social network “likes.” It expands your online exposure as it can share your campaigns with others.

Crowd advertising has a lot to do with search engine optimization. When more people liked, shared, or clicked your backlinks, the higher your search engine ranking. SEO is inevitable for any business.

Furthermore, crowd advertising promotes visits to your website and promotes social media awareness. With these benefits, there is the likelihood that you’ll have successful campaigns.


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