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Soax Review - Residential And Mobile Proxies

Proxies function as buffers, providing users with an alternative IP address. They are intermediaries charged with the protection of web users from the general traffic.

Soax Review

Critical to improved data collection, facilities like residential proxies even afford users unique privileges. Such as allowing web users to select a specific region from around the world. Then, it lets them surf the internet as users in that area in real-time.

That said, there is an ever-growing demand for residential proxies as seen in the market with tons of residential proxies being flooded in the market by network providers. Making a choice gets difficult as most of these proxies offer similar features. For newbies, this can be daunting.

Soax is one of the many proxy providers in the industry that holds out many promises to its users. Here, we will be reviewing what this proxy provider offers, and if it lives up to its promises. Whether you are an avid residential proxy user or a novice, this review will help you make an informed decision when choosing a residential proxy. Before looking into the features of Soax, let us see how this residential proxy works.

How Soax works

Soax Residential Proxies

Soax, which joined the list of residential proxy providers in 2019 provides web scraping and crawling services. This includes bypassing geo-restrictions. There are over 8.5 million residential IPs under the proxy pool of this back-connect proxy provider. Soax owns the pool of proxies it uses and its residential IPs are for real devices. Such as desktop, mobile devices, and even Wifi systems.

Soax makes use of rotating proxies found in most countries across the globe. Such a wide coverage allows users to carry out any task from anywhere without getting blocked while maintaining anonymity.

Soax never limits the number of IPs being afforded to its users. This simply means each Soax user can utilize any of its many rotated IPs. Users can select between the Wi-fi (residential) and mobile ipv4 proxies. The Wi-Fi proxy provides users with a uniquely-defined IP address belonging to a residential web provider. Meanwhile, a mobile proxy provides users with an IP that links to a 3G/4G/LTE mobile network provider. This means that your device shows as a mobile device when you visit a website. SOAX reveals that mobile proxies are increasingly reliable when compared to Wi-fi proxies. Mobile proxies can attribute the same IPs to tons of mobile users making their access less likely to be restricted. Soax updates its proxy pool regularly for its users with flexible targeting by city, region, country, and provider. Unlike other proxy providers, Soax only provides mobile and residential proxies as we have seen.

Now that we have seen how Soax works, let look at its features.

Features of Soax

Mobile proxies

Soax provides the following features to meet the proxy needs of its users. These includes:

Connection type

Soax only offers two different types of proxies at this time, unlike its competitors. They are:

  • Residential proxies

This proxy provider offers one of the most dependable proxy services from across the world. Its IPv4 proxies are whitelisted and genuine.

  • Mobile proxies

Soax’s mobile proxies give users unrestricted access to websites from around the world.

Both proxies provided by Soax covers a large pool with over 8.5 million proxies. The proxy provider looks set to launch data center proxies at a later date.

Data Center Proxies

Flexible geo-targeting filters

Soax allows its users to target a precise region, city, local mobile operator, or country from their dashboard.

Automatic IP rotation

The IPs offered are rotated by default to reduce downtime. This means that users are automatically transferred to other IPs when their previous proxy goes offline. Meanwhile, users can still select a proxy rotation time on the creation of their account.

Easy-to-use dashboard

IP Proxy Rotation

Soax’s dashboard stands out in the list of residential proxy providers. On the first look, it might seem complex but within a few minutes, there is a realization of how easy this dashboard is to operate. Users can configure proxies, view their traffic usage statistics, and export their proxy lists as a CSV, HTML, personal link, or TXT file. All these can be done with ease. Also, the dashboard allows for the authorization of a user's device IP to prevent asking for a username and password at the sign-in point. Also, it integrates a copy button to make data readily available outside its interface. Developers are not left out as well, as Soax makes a provision for its API.

Quick Access

Proxy Providers

This feature lets users set Soax’s geo-targeting to a preferred set of ports. This allows for the creation of customizable filters and being able to access them from the dashboard. All the user need to do is to assign IPs from specific locations to a preferred port.

Soax Pricing

Soax Rating Review

Soax features several pricing plans for residential and mobile proxies.

Residential Proxies

Starting from $5 per Gb, Soax features four different packages for residential proxies. The Starter Wi-fi plan, which goes for $150 for a given month is measured at $15/Gb and gives users access to 300 ports. The regular Wi-fi plan goes for $700/ month. Users get access to 600 ports using this plan. The Business plan provides users with access to 1000 ports and it goes for a monthly $2500. Users who want to access the Enterprise Wi-fi plan will have to contact Soax sales to get this plan, which starts from $4000/ month.

Mobile Proxies

Soax offers four different packages for users opting for its mobile proxies. The Starter mobile plan provides 300 ports for a monthly fee of $175. The Regular Mobile package provides 600 ports for $600 monthly. The Business Mobile package is priced at $2500 monthly as it provides 1000 ports to its users. Users can enjoy the Enterprise Mobile package by contacting Soax sales. The Enterprise mobile fee starts from $4000 monthly.

Every package offered by Soax consists of the same features. These include 24/7 customer support, full compatibility, Soax proxy dashboard, unlimited concurrent sessions, worldwide coverage, and 99.99% network uptime.

Soax gives a money-back guarantee of 14-days. This is unusual in the industry as most proxy providers offer their services in a monthly package. Soax lets its users purchase a proxy for even a day. This is great for persons with very small web-scraping projects. Such flexibility in prices allures users to its platform. As part of its very flexible pricing, users can choose from several options to create a custom package that meets their needs. By allowing users to select the location and the proxy type, Soax opens the option for users to choose the proxy provider.


Proxy Services 2021

Soax is one of the proxy providers with the largest coverage. It has residential IP addresses in most parts of the world like the US, Turkey, India, Brazil, UAE, UK, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Vietnam, France, and Indonesia. Thanks to its worldwide coverage, users can obtain proxies from anywhere, filtering the IP addresses by the network provider, city, region, or country all from the dashboard.

International Proxies

Use Cases

Soax finds its use in the following:

Soax Cases

  • Price Monitoring

A dependable proxy solution like Soax finds its use in gathering data from the competitor's websites. Soax's extensive IP pool integrated with powerful geo-targeting functionalities allows for the collection and analysis of bulk data while remaining anonymous.

  • Website Availability

Soax lets users check the availability of their personal website or view the website of the competition from a different location. This cost-effective proxy solution allows marketing professionals and SEOs to bypass restrictions placed by automation.

  • Ad Verification

Many fake ads are popping online every day, hence the need for a head start against fraudsters. Soax's whitelisted proxies allow users to remain anonymous and it securely improves the performance of their ads, analyzes the competition's landing page, and detect fraud.

  • SEO Monitoring

A reliable proxy is necessary for business owners or SEOs. Soax supports Search Engine intelligence gathering. Soax high-quality residential and mobile proxies allow for the easy collection and analysis of critical SEO data to give digital markets a lead.

  • Market Research

Knowing what the competition is up to is what set marketing professionals apart from the pack. Soax provides more than enough rotating residential and mobile proxies to aid the monitoring of competitor’s websites. Users can visit these websites from different locations without getting banned.

  • Data Collection

Data scraping has different uses. Whatever you aim at doing, Soax allows you to conceal your identity under a few clicks. You can scrape data from anywhere with the Soax proxy solution without getting banned or blocked.

  • Account Registration

Creating several profiles on a platform is one of the tasks of social media marketers. Soax allows such individuals to bypass restrictions encountered when creating accounts and it allows for the creation of unlimited amounts of profiles without getting blocked.

  • Speed Testing

Great website performance is the key to engaging visitors, hence the need to test. Administrators of websites and SEOs require reliable proxy systems to learn about the performance of their websites in different countries. Soax extensive proxy pool lets users run unlimited speed tests, anywhere in the world.


  • Worldwide coverage

  • Easy to use

  • Flexible pricing

  • 24/7 support

  • Huge Proxy pool

  • API availability for developers

  • Highly detailed geo-targeting

  • Real IPs from real ISPs

  • High reliability and anonymity

  • Worldwide coverage

  • Great value for money


  • It has a short free trial period

  • It is quite expensive and not recommended for casual use.


  • How can I access Soax’s trial package?

  • Please reach out to Soax’s customer support team to access the free trial via email ( or online chat. While requesting access to try Soax, some information will be asked. This will help in setting up the best package for you. Also, you must note that the trial lasts for an hour only.

  • Can I use Soax on my iPad or iPhone?

  • Yes, you can. You can use your iPhone or iPad to access a proxy server after configuring the Wi-Fi network with the IP address.

  • How do I get started?

  • You simply have to fill the registration form to get started. You need to input your email for confirmation.

  • What are IP bindings?

  • IP bindings refer to the computer or server's IP address where you will use the proxy. You need the IP binding to gain access to the proxy found in your package.

Although being relatively new in the industry, Soax has a lot on its plate. Users can rest assured of getting a high-detailed geo-targeting proxy that is reliable to meet their needs. Regardless of one's targeting preferences, Soax provides a fully whitelisted set of IPs that ensure that users remain anonymous without risking being banned.


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