Serpwatcher Review

Search engines, including and especially Google, are constantly evolving. With their continuous advancement, it becomes necessary for website owners to make use of all possible SEO tools and techniques to stay relevant on the web. These tools ultimately aim at helping sites to rank high on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) that are relevant to their keywords. Among the several important tools of this kind, are rank trackers.

Using rank trackers to analyze and track the ranking data of your keywords has numerous advantages. Besides pointing out both the competence and loopholes of your SEO strategy, it helps with troubleshooting drops in traffic and boosting your revenue, to mention some. All of these make rank-tracking tools appealing. And Mangools' Rank Tracker - SERPWatcher - is one well sought-after software for rank tracking. Thus, this article provides an overview and review of the features, including pricing, and all you should know about SERPWatcher.

Serpwatcher review

About SERPWatcher

The SERPWatcher software, developed by Mangools, appears on the list of favorite tracking tools for several website owners and SEO experts. The reason is not far-fetched once we consider what SERPWatcher is and how it works.

What is SERPWatcher?

Acclaimed one of the best, SERPWatcher is a software for rank tracking. It monitors your keywords in large numbers and lets you in on your rankings on the SERPs. As its name implies, it watches the SERPs. To track your SERP ranking, using a tracking software like SERPWatcher is the way to go. Any attempt to manually achieve the same tracking results without a software would prove to be a futile, time-wasting effort. And time and precision are always of the essence in the SEO world. To this end, SERPWatcher helps you reach your SEO goals by bringing both time-efficiency and effectiveness to fore. How so? Let us see.

How does SERPWatcher work?

The ranking of a site on SERPs determines how much traffic gets to the site and, if it is a business site, how many sales conversions and the profit the business stands to gain. What this means is that if your site ranks low, the number of people who visit your site would, as a result, be low. If that is so and you do nothing to improve your rankings, then it means less traffic to convert to sales. And this translates to all efforts put into your site as being futile. SERPWatcher helps to avoid this by assisting you to check your rankings on Google SERPs. The software offers insight into how your keywords are performing and where they leave you on the result pages. Other insights that it gives you access to are changes in the ranking position of your keywords, as well as the search volume for each of the tracked keywords and all other relevant data. Thus, it lets you keep your progress in track as it provides data to show whether you are ranking for the keywords you seek. That said, how do you get started with making use of this tool?

What does one have to do to start tracking with the SERPWatcher?

The first thing to do is to get an account by selecting which of the three available plans best suits you. More information about Mangools' pricing plan comes up subsequently in this review. Next, you would need to login and then enter the relevant details to start tracking your keywords on SERPs. This includes the domain name, location, as well as the device you wish to use. Most importantly, you would need to add keywords (either manually or by importing from KWFinder, using the 'Add from KWFinder' button). Then, you can start tracking by clicking the 'Start Tracking' button.

Features of SERPWatcher

What makes a software to either be worth the while of its users or a waste of their time is its features. Here are some essential features of the SERPWatcher software that determine its worth.

  • Tracking Features

SERPWatcher efficiently tracks various data that are crucial to managing your website and improving your SEO strategy. These data include hundreds of keywords and unlimited domains.

It also tracks the position of your keywords not only on desktops but also on mobile devices used to search for those keywords on Google. You can choose which search platform - whether mobile or desktop - you want to track. The tool also lets you switch between these platforms with ease.

The tracking of keyword positioning on Google by SERPWatcher is an efficient SEO strategy. Moreso, the tracking tool calculates all data metrics and rankings in minutes.

  • Alerts and Reports