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SerpClix Review

Website owners want increased traffic. And if web users could get paid for the time spent on surfing the web, they'd take it. Pay-to-Click (PTC) platforms like SerpClix seek to provide a win-win service for these two parties – site owner and web surfer. But how does it work? And is SerpClix worth using? We consider the answers in this SerpClix review.

What is SerpClix?


SerpClix is a PTC (Pay-to-Click) service that provides web users with a side hustle in which they get paid for visiting websites. On the part of site owners, SerpClix assists websites to increase their SEO rankings by hiring users to click and open their listing in search engines, thereby driving traffic to the sites. This helps to increase their click-through rate on the SERP and leads to better rankings.

The service improves the organic rankings by applying crowd-sourced click order. It works by hiring only humans and does not require the use of any bot. CTR is among the numerous data points that search engines such as Google utilize to decide search results.

It is a legitimate agency and pays its human employees for clicking on a website that turns up on a search engine list. These employees or users search for some particular keywords, based on what they are looking for and click on links in the search results.

What SerpClix does

What is serpclix

To present the phenomenon of humans organically searching and clicking on a site, SerpClix pays humans to play the roles of non-robotic operation to perform these click functions. Just like many other job opportunities, these human clickers are employed on an impromptu basis.

These Clickers are told to :

  • Input a query into a search engine

  • Enter the SERP

  • Click on the URL of a particular website to increase the click through rate of that site.

  • Browse through the website to increase user metrics.

This is done because a high click through rate will increase the SEO rankings of a website.

How to Join SerpClix

Serpclix 2022

It is very easy to sign up for SerpClix and become a part of the ‘clicker army.’

  • A requirement is that you have either the Firefox or Microsoft Edge web browser operational on your computer system. So, to begin, install either of these browsers. SerpClix does not work on Chrome.

  • After installing the browser, downloading the SerpClix add-on and installing it comes next. The SerpClix add-on or extension is your gateway to operating as a clicker. To see the tasks that are available, select the extension, click on it and begin working.

  • A newly displayed icon is shown in the page toolbar after the extension has been installed. You click on the icon and login using your self-created password and username.

Before you login to the extension, you need to open the dashboard that displays in the SerpClix webpage. There, you’ll find an introduction to the total concept of SerpClix.

  • After you log into that SerpClix extension, you will find a display of the number of orders that are available. Orders are very easy tasks to finish. Just click the icon to find the list and select which order to undertake.

  • In an order, you are given a keyword to search for on Google. You are also given a website address to search for. Copy the keyword given.

After clicking on an order, a new tab opens straight to Google. You will then paste or enter the keyword phrase and scroll through the results displayed. The extension will help to mark the search result you want in red. Select that result, click on it and browse through the page for at least 60 seconds.

  • After your waiting period, the tab is then closed and your reward is collected. Your pay depends on the number of websites you visit and it varies for each month.

Is SerpClix authentic?

CTR manipulation

There have been questions regarding the authenticity of SerpClix over time. SerpClix is not a scam. It is a CTR tool that is well designed to yield positive results according to the rankings. You must have an IP address for you to join the clicker army. This implies that a proxy or VPN would not work on the site. The system will quickly detect any illegal means of registration.

The system detects and assigns a quality score to the IP address given. If the address quality is too low, you would not be allowed to work. You must log in from a Windows device or a MacBook, as smartphones are not optimized for work on the site.

SerpClix takes measures in ensuring that the traffic coming into your sites is real and varied.

What is the SerpClix earning potential?

Serpclix review

One of the issues with SerpClix is that it has an extremely low pay rate, which is very disappointing when you think about the work involved. The entire experience is a turn off and it Is questionable by moral standards.

The two ways to generate revenue while using SerpClix are:

  • Clicks

  • Referrals.

Employees earn from the range of $0.05 to $0.10 for each click. What SerpClix does not say is that it does not pay for dud orders and it is mostly ridden with dud orders. This is discouraging and not equivalent to the energy and time input.

The only method to earn lots while using SerpClix is referrals. One can take up almost six or seven orders just to earn $0.10 and every order looks something like this:

Phrase : Chilli peppers

Obviously, these examples are fictitious. It is a format that matches the pattern of the search phrase against the website link address.

It is fortunate that the extension does the duty of aligning the search phrase with the website link address so you do not need to face the stress of searching for the right URL. You know the right URL to choose from the SERP because the extension already highlights it in Red. All you need to do is look for the highlighted URL and click it.

At times, though, the desired link might not show in the results from the search engine. You might see many other links that seem similar to the desired one but not highlighted by red. When this happens you know it is a dud order.

After clicking on a match, two waiting periods are enforced upon you in order for the payment process to be facilitated. You are first required to spend at least 60 seconds on the desired page. After which the tab is closed by the extension. You then wait for 30 seconds more before you may attempt anything else, like moving on to the next order.

SerpClix agency pays within a range of $0.05 to $0.10 and on a per click basis. Below is the exact breakdown by country –

  • United States – $0.10

  • United Kingdom – $0.07

  • Canada – $0.07

  • Germany – $0.07

  • Australia – $0.07

  • Other Countries – $0.05


The minimum is $5, for a withdrawal request to be made. SerpClix only supports PayPal payouts. This means that if PayPal does not operate in your country, withdrawals will not be possible for you. SerpClix sends the money earned in the past month to you automatically, as it does not feature a withdrawal option.

Should site owners use SerpClix?

Since Pay-to-Click platforms like SerpClix involve paying for traffic to create the impression of organic traffic, they form a Black Hat strategy that site owners should be wary of. Some have qualified SerpClix as a ‘grey hat’ strategy since the negative effects may not be seen immediately. Like every other non-white hat SEO strategy, site owners must be careful of how they use SerpClix, if they do decide to enlist for its services.

It is important to remember that in its quest to serve quality content on the top of its SERPs, Google continues to improve its algorithm and can detect unusual traffic and user behaviours. However, it must be admitted that when compared to direct paid links, the traffic generation method employed by SerpClix is more covert to search engines.

So, is SerpClix any good? Well, the entire SerpClix service, as seen, is based on a black hat form of SEO. This means that it’s a strategy that is designed to fool and manipulate search engines. The general concept is to develop a faux sense of steady traffic and non bot clicks to some select pages for Google. Website owners must consider the risks of having traffic that does not convert or, worse, that attracts a penalty from Google.

Is SerpClix worth your time as a Side Hustle?

For surfers of the web, a discouraging factor about the service is the pay. The earnings are next to nothing and your time may be well spent and utilized on something of more importance.

The earnings potential is quite low. The time committed to every successful order is roughly 180 seconds. Mathematically, this means that 20 orders can be carried out within an hour. The service pays $0.10 for each order which is a $2 income for each hour. This is not putting the several unsuccessful orders, that the service gives, into consideration.

For most, the end line is: it is bad pay for ridiculously bad work.

Wrapping up

No doubt, it was a really creative idea from the developers to design the service in a way to make it seem like organic searches. It carefully dances around any protocol that Google systems might have put in place to discover the existence of such faux activities. Yet, site owners and users alike would do well to weigh in the risks and effort before venturing into its use.


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