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Serpbook Review: What Are The Main Features

Attracting traffic and enhancing online visibility must be top priorities of online marketers and site owners. One of the most commonly used tools for this is the keywords and search engine rank tracker (SERT).

These tools are very effective in monitoring your page rankings when it comes to specific Google keyword. SerpBook is one type of SERT that provides reports telling how your site is performing on the search engine result pages (SERPs).


About SerpBook:

serpbook review

SerpBook is one of the most popular, most effective, and widely used search engine rank tracker across the world. According to many users, it provides accurate keyword ranking and tracking results.

Users can collect their keyword rankings and share it with their clients. What makes this tool unique and remarkable is that it offers easy to obtain and accurate information that can be accessed in any device.

It can connect several Google Analytics accounts by category and make a comparison of traffic with keyword data. The tools help monitor rankings for other search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. In short, it is a powerful tool to enhance, measure, and assess keyword/ phrase and website ranking results.

Tools like this gather keyword information. SerpBook provides analytics reports in the form of charts and supported with details. It provides users information on how effective keywords are. Knowing the position of your sites on search engines help you make corrective measures to reach the top of the SERPs.

Why you Should use SerpBook?

Users of SerpBook include SEO businesses and SEO professionals who use automated and White Label SEO reports. SerpBook’s dashboard is clean, uncluttered, and simple to use. It is also user-friendly and updated.

  • In a very short span of time, it can deliver remarkable results.

  • Users can access data on its interface through easy-to-interpret codes.

  • The interface is mobile-friendly, accurate, and fast.

  • You get real-time updates.

  • You can obtain a PNG version of the ranking graph.

  • You can view and share categories and local ranking anytime.

  • You can monitor YouTube rankings, Google Maps, and regional/ local key phrases/words.

  • You can update and make notes anytime.

  • It alerts you with emails.

What are the main features of SerpBook?

1.) Rank Tracker

This tool has a unique rank tracking system that allows you to check the rankings of keywords. It is great information, especially for startups that wish to rank in their industry.

What makes it really superb among the rest of all the rank trackers is that you and your clients have access to this tool. You can access data in any device (desktop, laptop, mobile) as long as you have a stable internet connection.

SerpBook addresses issues like repetitive and recurring tasks and the need for urgency. Since it already addresses these things, you can focus on assessing the market and adjust your business model.

2.) Charts and Notes

When you use other SEO tools, it gives you charts that are irrelevant to your site. It is often complicated and has no enough details.

However, SerpBook offers charts and notes that offer users great insights of the industry. You get informed on how your site is performing in the last few days.

Another unique feature of the tool is the ability to add notes. You can simply add notes in your graphs. This makes it easy to create notes and remember significant changes in the rankings.

This feature helps you track SEO methods that work and which doesn’t. You can concentrate on those that work and help your SEO and forget those that don’t help you in boosting your ranking.

3.) Excel reports and PDFs

SerpBook has its White-label Portable Document Files (PDFs) and Excel reports are among the key features of this tool. It provides the following benefits:

  • Organization - Clienteles can be arranged into groups and categories to make it easier to find what you are searching for.

  • Customization - Reports can be customized by adding your own logo, brand name, and watermark.

  • No intervention - Reports are fully automated. You don’t have to worry about how you are going to send it to your clients. SerpBook will be in charge of everything. You save a lot of time and effort.

4.) Free Trial

SerpBook offers free trial accounts. Users can access in full all the features of the platform. If you sign up for the free trial, you can try its Keyword Rank Tracking Tool which is one of its key features.

The free trial lasts only for 14 days which is shorter than the usual 30 days. However, before you fret, you must realize that the platform offers its full features (14 days) while other companies offer only selected features (30 days).

Although the trial period is shorter, you get to experience its full features available in the regular package. It’s enough to get accustomed to the tool and understand the market. It cuts the long period of trials and instead lets you start your campaign early.

5.) Live Notifications

Which keyword rank tracking system can provide you with live notifications? It’s only SerpBook. If you’re used to with other platforms that update you with the position of your keyword across the web on a weekly basis, this platform updates you in real-time.

This feature notifies you each time your keyword goes up or goes down of the SERPs. It is a really a great feature because it alerts you each time your keyword moves around giving you an opportunity to make the right decisions for your site.

6.) Accurate data

SerpBook is known for providing accurate data that are presented in graphs, charts, and other reports. There are no misinterpretations or miscalculations in data. It is very crucial to have exact information and numbers because it can easily impact your ranking on SERPs.

The data provided by SerpBook is the most accurate that can help you better in understanding your site and the industry. You and your clients can access and save the data for free.

Another good thing about this feature is you can share snippets or tidbits of information to your clients although they are not part of SerpBook network. It’s a very effective tool that you can use to have the edge over your competitors.

7.) Google Analytics Intervention

Google is the most popular search engines for users. Each time a user has something to search for, they go to Google most of the time than Yahoo and Bing.

SerpBook has integrated Google Analytics into its platform. Users can include Google Analytics into their reports and View-Key.

8.) New Keywords

Explore Tool informs you of the keywords or topics that most people are searching for on the internet. You will arrive with the most relevant keywords and use it on your website. This helps boost your ranking on the search results. Improving your rankings can lead to more traffic to your site.

If you use this feature, your site will skyrocket in the rankings. You’ll be flooded with visitors to your site and higher sales.

Benefits of Using SerpBook:

1.) It provides easy monitoring.

It permits you to tag and categorize keywords for easier client management and quicker setting up of projects.

  • The tools allow you to track keywords anywhere. You can track by country, zip code, or city.

  • You can track accurately. You get the exact keyword search volumes from Google Keyword Planner.

  • You can track by the client via categories. You can tag and group-specific keywords.

  • You can track confidently with Spyglasss Verification.

2.) Reports can be shared quickly.

You can easily create shareable report links and report keyword performance for your clients and anyone interested in your business.

  • It has Viewkeys that enable you to share data, facts, and information with any interested or trusted parties.

  • You get notified each time your keyword improves or declines its position in the SERPs.

  • It enables you to stay in the loop. SerpBook has a feature that allows permissions to your members for them to view your account.

  • It keeps your data organized. You can share grouped and tagged keyword data with your clients. It comes very handily when presenting.

3.) It provides automated reports.

You don’t have to create your own reports about your keyword performance. You save time in creating it because you can schedule automatic reports that can be exported and sent in your desired date and time.

  • You receive automatic reporting of your updated rankings every 2 hours.

  • You can customize each report with your brand logo. You can place your brand logo in all the PDF and CSV reports with full White-label support.

  • You can integrate SerpBook’s API into your application.

  • You can create automated email reports to send to your clients and other interested parties.

SerpBook provides automated SEO reports that help websites to access the market. It also assists them in adapting to the changes in the industry.

How much does SerpBook cost?

Yearly Plans + 2 months free

SerpBook offers a 14-day money back guarantee. If users aren’t satisfied with the results, the platform can refund the full amount as long as it is within the 14-day period.

At present, SerpBook is one of the best keyword Tracking platforms in the market. The platform is effective and efficient and gives users the opportunity to monitor their ranks accurately.

For experienced users and for companies looking to improve their rankings, SerpBook provides abundant of features that can really help them. It has a fast interface and provides accurate data that can be accessed anywhere. Other features like exporting data in PDF and Excel format, emailing data, sending daily or hourly reports to you or your clients is a big plus.

It allow customization. You can adjust the platform based on tracking specific keywords, tracking specific keywords over time, displaying results based on your locations, and shows movements on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


How to use SErpbook

First thing when you login in the dashboard is to create a category or campaign name and you can name it anything you want it.


Once you're done creating a category; you may simply add your URL and targeted keywords, If you don't know your keywords, then there will be a suggestion box at the right corner and you can just simply add them up. Then, you can select a region and the standard region is You may also select tracking options like desktop or mobile and then click add keywords.

serpbook review

You may also track google maps business sites, just click on the " track google local maps " and enter some keywords. The next tab is tracking about YouTube videos, just simply add the URL and the keywords that you're tracking and all will be set. You can manually update the keywords or the software will automatically do the update like every hour.


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