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SEO Strategies in 2021

Search engine optimization is the magic of the internet. Online competition continuously increases each day, with numerous new websites being launched each day. Every business, blogger, or any other site owner is striving to optimize the search scores and ranks higher in the search engines like Google, Bing, Sogou, Mojeek, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and Gigablast. Who would not like to rank #1 on the search engines? Honestly, web users rarely go beyond the first page.

SEO strategies in 2020

Since every individual is after improving their SERP ranking, search engine results page, each year comes with new SEO strategies, and 2021 is no exception. I know you are wondering what the SEO strategies in 2021. SEO strategies in 2021, after all, they are after improving the web experience for both users and domain owners. Due to the ever-increasing competition, it is prudent to reconsider your approach to online content marketing and invest in website optimization.

To be successful online and rank higher, websites are obligated to meet some precise requirements, thus the need for SEO strategies. The strategies are after helping domain owners improve their SEO so that the search engines can be able to understand the content and index it.

Having your content ranked on Google’s first page is something every digital creator wants. This is especially so since high ranking means increased visibility, more user visits, and an increased conversion rate. To achieve this and gain from other benefits associated with SEO strategies, every digital creator or marketer must be on their toes and keep to the latest strategies.

Here are some top 17 SEO strategies in 2021 that are essential in improving your internet rankings and ensure your marketing effort becomes a success all year round.


1.) Content Production

content production

The SEO strategies in 2021 are under the three major categories, content production, keyword optimization, and multimedia. These categories form an integral part of the SEO. Great content is vital for better SEO scores, through crawling the search engines are able to access the content on your website and assess the data to check if it is unique, understandable and relevant to users if it is not then the website is penalized thus low SERP ranking.

I know you are worried that there are websites with worse content and still ranking better; remember crawling is getting better and better each day, and the day of “reckoning” is fast- approaching for those unscrupulous sites.

To be safer, especially this year, 2021, stay legit with great content and adhere to the content production strategies by producing great content. Google and other search engines are striving each day to reward great and helpful content to users. Informative content is the main way of increasing website popularity in 2021.


2.) Keyword Optimization

keyword optimization

On keyword optimization strategies in 2021, content producers are required to be keen, resourceful, and unique still to rank better. As already highlighted in content production, the website is learning.

Crawling is becoming better, and deceitful websites are being cracked down. The old cheating techniques, for instance, loading keywords on shoddy content to rank better is not going to survive in 2021. Some bloggers, for example, have been using the right keywords on poor quality content that is not useful to users in the sense that they can rank better, and search engines are improving their approaches on cracking such domains. There is also the issue of bouncing, and this knowledge is very in SEO strategies in 2021.

Bouncing is when users open a website, skim through and find it irrelevant and close it, when users don’t stay on a website for long then that is bouncing, and it matters very much in SEO scores. These will make it easier to crack sites that are using the keywords in poor articles since users are not going to stick on them. The search engines will be able to identify them, therefore, through bouncing.


3.) Multimedia


On the multimedia strategies, the search engines will require you to provide quality video descriptions since the web is unable to read video and index it. Businesses are generally increasing video SEO optimization in 2021 since videos are proving to be more effective in marketing. Currently, YouTube is the second largest search engine, and you know the kind of stuff to find on YouTube.

YouTube is increasing popularity and growing each day. Advertisements are being aired on YouTube like never before, and the craziest part is that business people who have a platform on YouTube are selling more compared to those on search engines like google only. YouTube further increases the number of clients who visit websites.

Once potential customers view the videos, they come back to the site and end up buying. Great multimedia, even on the website, is another aspect to watch in 2021 as attractive media attract users this staying on the sites for long.


4.) Snippets Domination


In recent years, Google has improved user search experience through snippets, and 2021 is not going to be an exception. Featured snippets appear on position 0, above the number #1 organic result. To be able to utilize this feature entirely, it is wise you drive more clicks to your website.

The other secret in 2021 is to provide users with clear, precise answers to the commonly asked questions on your domain. Featured snippets is a sure way of driving traffic to your domain without necessarily ranking on number #1.

Featured snippets regularly steal links from the top ranking spots on Google. More so, snippets feature in opportunities to feature them. This requires making use of keywords you rank for, which features a snippet, about 12 percent of the results provided by search engines.

Making the most of snippets involve looking for effectively used to rank for list snippets.A snippet bait added to your page will help improve rank in the snippet spot, The format to support featured snippets of other types.


5.) Secure Websites

secure websites

Outside the SEO docket, secure websites are a must at all times; therefore, your website must be secure in 2021 so as to drive traffic. If users have a feeling that the site is not safe, then they will not visit the website or in once they get the ‘not secure’ notification, thus users not proceeding to the website.

The high bounce rates as a result of website security results in the website ranking low. To curb this, it is wise to enable HTTPS protocol to secure the website


6.) Influencer Leverage

influencer marketing

2019 has already witnessed an increase in influencer marketing, and this is undoubtedly one of the key SEO strategies in 2021. Users tend to appreciate and prefer content produced or conveyed by respected and famous people compared to adverts. Businesses are increasing their investments on influencer celebrities each day to make their products and services popular as influencers result in increased traffic, and this explains how this applies to SEO.

The results of this method have proved to be excellent, and it works 100%. The influencers drive traffic to your website and help create backlinks that, in turn, help improve your SEO scores.


7.) Voice Search Optimization

Google voice search

Statistics confirm that voice search is becoming popular, and voice search usage is expected to increase significantly in 2021. Voice search optimization is, therefore, a rewarding SEO strategy in 2021 to apply to your website and improve your scores. Unlike keywords search, research confirms that voice search differs as people tend to use more syllables when speaking compared to when keying some keyword in the search engine.

Finding the best way to optimize voice searches on your website will significantly increase your SEO ranking as they will result in more organic traffic to your website.

Voice search is gathering much momentum on the internet scene and it would not be out of order to optimize your internet contents for voice searches. Given that 20 percent of the entire searches made via mobile are voice searches, it is worth paying attention. Even more, the fact that 14 percent of adults carry out a voice search on a daily basis should compel any smart SEOs to optimize for voice searches.

To get the most of voice searches, you must have contents that rank top on Google- preferably in the top 3. Question and answer contents suit voice searches most and having them puts your site on the radar. Another way of optimizing voice searches is to rank in featured snippets.


8.) Use of other Search Engines

Search engine

Ranking better in other search engines is vital and essential to your website, especially in 2021. Ranking better on other search engines other than Google, for instance, YouTube, Bing and Yahoo as highlighted earlier on, will result in driving more traffic to your website, thus improving your organic SEO scores.

Ranking better on these websites also means increased revenue since they will lead to increased clients to your business, clients who were using other search engines.


9.) Mobile UX Usage

bert optimization

Most people own cellphones compared to other electronic gadgets, with the rise of the smartphones owning a website that does not support mobile phone version is the worst blunder you can do in 2021. Mobile pages are now a trend that is growing each day; more and more people are obtaining smartphones all over the world and are using them for basic internet access. Cell phone towers are also being actively constructed to ensure better internet connectivity. 80% of web users use phones to access the internet.

Having a phone version supported website translates to more traffic, unlike unsupported sites. Mobile device optimized pages will further result in high SEO ratings compared to one that is not optimized.


10.) BERT Optimization

BERT optimization

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, BERT, will enable you as a website owner to train your personal question answering system. This feature impact queries greatly, and sources claim it impacts one in ten queries.

This feature proves to be among the awarding SEO strategies in 2021. Content marketers who use BERT have higher chances of breaking into the first page in Google SERP due to increased traffic.

To be precise, no one can optimize BERT as google uses it in synthesizing of natural language. You can only manage to optimize intent marching as it is crucial for creating successful content.


11.) Changing Local SEO

local SEO

A large portion of the zero-click searches in the search engine are local searches whose results are exhibited. In mobile phones, local packs take a large space equivalent to an entire SERP page. To further achieve this SEO strategy this year, 2021, having a backlink profile is vital, closely observing your competitors and getting similar backlinks is a plus to your website. By tracking your local performance proves to be useful as it helps ensure that you are up to the task of retaining any improving on your ranks. Least change in the location influences user results significantly.


12.) E-A-T is the way forward

authority links

Once upon a time, domain authority was all about links. Today, your website is being evaluated by Google by what is known as Expertise, Authoritative, and Trustworthiness. Even though E-A-T isn’t a new SEO guideline, Google is placing more emphasis on it of late. E-A-T is now even cited as one of the key ranking signals. What this simply means is that the quality of the content you put on your website must be top- notch.

If you are going to be hiring the services of a freelancer, then not just any freelancer will do. Google demands that experts should be behind the production of contents featured online. Also, use citations and your site must relate to a particular topic.


13.) Visual Search is on the rise

visual search

Numbers don’t lie, so they say. More than ever before in the history of searches, visual searches are taking more precedence. Users are making about 600million searches via Pinterest monthly. Even Google lens is already used over a billion times. That says how much users are placing value on visual searches. One reason why this technology catches the attention of many users is that it is insanely great.

It is also easy to use and saves time. That is why 36 percent of the consumers in America have tried this technology at some point and 62 percent of young consumers are needing this technology. This simply means that you must not neglect image SEO. Write alt text and make use of descriptive file names for the images on your site. This is just the first step, but it is one in the right direction.


14.) Video Content keeps making wave

An interesting stat by Cisco suggests that in 2021, 80 percent of every traffic online will contain video content. Users are still not satisfied and want more videos in spite of having more videos out there than ever before. To avoid missing out, you must integrate videos as part of your digital marketing SEO strategies in 2021.

Organizing your content into sections helps google understand what you are trying to convey and enables them to pick distinct clips in a snippet. Tag your videos properly, use descriptive titles, provide transcripts, link to YouTube, and embed videos to your blog posts. Whatever it is that you do to optimize your videos, just know that your SEO will come off better.

video content


15.) Master Search Intent

search intent

When the search intent is not met by the content available, it wont rank. The effort made by Google to Remember that there is an intent behind every keyword used. When you can provide the content that users exactly what they want is even more reason why you should not overlook the search intent of users matches the intent of that keyword, it will rank your site in better ways than you expect.

You simply have to pay more attention to your content. Re-optimizing older content and tweaking further puts you on the radar.


16.) Keep improving On-site User Experience

On-page SEO

A user-friendly website remains integral to SEO. A site with great UX will always win search engines over. This means that you must keep testing your sites and making improvements to give better user experience. It involves optimizing content, reducing loading time and creating a site structure that is easily navigated.


17.) Inform with data

SEO data

Resolving any past SEO would require that you adopt data-driven strategies. You must make efforts to integrate insights from both offline and online data to get a broader perspective of who your customers truly are and their purchasing habits. These insights will inform your SEO strategy, improve the experience of your customers and boost your results.

Do not disregard any data obtained from web analytics, app downloads, newsletter subscription, customer accounts, and satisfaction surveys. Such first-party data is really what informs you on how to keep your visitors on-site.


SEO must remain a long—term strategy. It is only then that it can truly prove to be effective and yield results. So, if you are looking to the different ways to connect, engage and keep your visitors coming back, these SEO strategies in 2021 will be of tremendous help.


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