SEO Optimized Articles

Since the impact of SEO optimized content on a site’s search engine ranking was discovered, experts in the field have studied the strategies leading up to achieving fully optimized content. Why does every website owner strive for optimized content? This is because everyone concerned with digital marketing knows how important a decent SERP ranking is.

If you are wondering, a spot within the first ten ranks on the search engine result page is almost as far as your audience is willing to go. No one enjoys the stress of going through pages and pages of the millions of articles in Google’s index. For this reason, a spot on the landing result page has garnered the competition it currently has.

Although several methods have been invented to give sites better ranks, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains at the top. However, such a thing with immense potential effects does not come easy. How then can you enrich your webpage with SEO-optimized content? As this is the aim of this article, let us get down to detail.

SEO Optimized Articles

What Is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is not a one-stop game-changer that brings about massive changes to what your rank is on search engines. Rather, it is a series of steps you take to organically increase the chances of your articles meeting standards set by the search engine.

What Do SEO-Optimized Articles Mean?

An SEO-Optimized (or SE-optimized article) is web content that is in line with measures of optimization as recognized by search engines. In other words, one could say that an SEO-optimized article is an article that is fully optimized or enhanced for the search engine.

Optimizing your Articles for SEO

For one’s articles to be optimized one must focus on both on & off-site SEO. In terms of on-site SEO, you will be concerned with–

  • Keyword optimization; and

  • Content optimization

However, off-site SEO deals with more technical factors. Some of these SEO boosts are–

  • URLs containing your keyword

  • Persuasive meta-description

  • Image optimization

  • Quality links; and